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Lycopodium clavatum (running clubmoss; common club moss)


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Lycopodium clavatum (stag's-horn clubmoss, running clubmoss, or ground pine) is the most widespread species in the genus Lycopodium in the clubmoss family.
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Allergen Potential [1]  High
Hazards [2]  The plant contains lycopodine, which is poisonous by paralysing the motor nerves; It also contains clavatine which is toxic to many mammals; The spores, however, are not toxic;
Leaf Type [2]  Evergreen
Lifespan [2]  Perennial
Structure [2]  Fern
Usage [2]  The spores are water repellent and can be used as a dusting powder to stop things sticking together; They are also used as a talcum powder and for dressing moulds in iron foundries; They can also be used as explosives in fireworks and for artificial lightning; The plant can be used as a mordant in dyeing; The stems are made into matting;
Height [2]  3.937 inches (0.1 m)
Width [2]  39 inches (1 m)
Light Preference [3]  Mostly Sunny
Soil Acidity [3]  Very Acid
Soil Fertility [3]  Infertile
Soil Moisture [3]  Moist
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Alaskozetes antarcticus (Mite)[4]
Leiosphaerella lycopodina[5]
Phaeosphaeria lycopodina[5]
Bourletiella hortensis (garden springtail)[4]


Shelter for 
Bourletiella hortensis (garden springtail)[4]


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