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Larus (gulls)

Synonyms: Gabianus

Wikipedia Abstract

Larus is a large genus of gulls with worldwide distribution (although by far the greatest species diversity is in the Northern Hemisphere). The genus name is from Ancient Greek laros (λάῥος) or Latin Larus which appears to have referred to a gull or other large seabird. They are in general medium to large birds, typically grey or white, often with black markings on the head or wings. They have stout, longish bills and webbed feet. The taxonomy of the large gulls in the herring and lesser black-backed complex is very complicated, different authorities recognising between two and eight species.
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Larus argentatus (Herring Gull) (Attributes)
Larus armenicus (Armenian Gull) (Attributes)
Larus atlanticus (Olrog's Gull) (Attributes)
Larus atricilla (Laughing Gull) (Attributes)
Larus belcheri (Belcher's Gull) (Attributes)
Larus brachyrhynchus
Larus bridgesii
Larus bulleri (Black-billed Gull) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Larus cachinnans (Yellow-legged Gull) (Attributes)
Larus californicus (California Gull) (Attributes)
Larus canus (Mew Gull) (Attributes)
Larus crassirostris (Black-tailed Gull) (Attributes)
Larus delawarensis (Ring-billed Gull) (Attributes)
Larus dolnicensis
Larus dominicanus (Kelp Gull) (Attributes)
Larus elegans
Larus elmorei
Larus fuscus (Lesser Black-backed Gull) (Attributes)
Larus glaucescens (Glaucous-winged Gull) (Attributes)
Larus glaucodes
Larus glaucoides (Iceland Gull) (Attributes)
Larus graellsi
Larus haematorhynchus
Larus heermanni (Heermann's Gull) (Attributes)
Larus hyperboreus (Glaucous Gull) (Attributes)
Larus icthyaetus
Larus innominatus
Larus kamtschatschensis
Larus lacus
Larus livens (Yellow-footed Gull) (Attributes)
Larus marinus (Great Black-backed Gull) (Attributes)
Larus michahellis (Yellow-legged Gull) (Attributes)
Larus minutus (Little Gull) (Attributes)
Larus niveus
Larus novaehollandiae (Silver Gull) (Attributes)
Larus occidentalis (Western Gull) (Attributes)
Larus oregonus
Larus pacificus (Pacific Gull) (Attributes)
Larus perpetuus
Larus pristinus
Larus robustus
Larus schistisagus (Slaty-backed Gull) (Attributes)
Larus smithsonianus (American Herring Gull) (Attributes)
Larus thayeri (Thayer's Gull) (Attributes)
Larus totanoides
Larus utunui
Larus vegae (Herring Gull) (Attributes)
Larus zonorhynchus

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