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Salmonidae (salmons and trouts)

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Salmonidae is a family of ray-finned fish, the only living family currently placed in the order Salmoniformes. It includes salmon, trout, chars, freshwater whitefishes, and graylings, which collectively are known as the salmonids. The Atlantic salmon and trout of the genus Salmo give the family and order their names. All salmonids spawn in fresh water, but in many cases, the fish spend most of their lives at sea, returning to the rivers only to reproduce. This lifecycle is described as anadromous. They are predators, feeding on small crustaceans, aquatic insects, and smaller fish.
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Brachymystax (Lenok) (4)   (1)
Coregonus (whitefishes) (98)   (9)
Eosalmo (1)
Helgolandichthys (1)
Hucho (Taimen) (5)   (2)
Leptichthys (1)
Oncorhynchus (Pacific salmon) (23)   (4)   (1)
Parahucho (1)   (1)
Prosopium (round whitefishes) (7)
Salmo (153)   (10)   (2)
Salmonidarum (1)
Salvelinus (chars) (54)   (6)   (2)
Salvethymus (Char) (1)
Stenodus (inconnus) (2)   (1)
Thymallus (graylings) (21)   (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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