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Prosopium (round whitefishes)

Synonyms: Irillion

Wikipedia Abstract

Prosopium is a genus of freshwater whitefishes found in North America and parts of eastern Russia. It contains three fairly widespread species: the round whitefish, the pygmy whitefish, and the mountain whitefish. The remaining species, the Bonneville cisco, the Bonneville whitefish, and the Bear Lake whitefish are endemic to Bear Lake.
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Prosopium abyssicola (Bear Lake whitefish) (Attributes)
Prosopium coulterii (Brownback whitefish) (Attributes)
Prosopium cylindraceum (Round whitefish) (Attributes)
Prosopium gemmifer (Bonneville cisco) (Attributes)
Prosopium spilonotus (Bonneville whitefish) (Attributes)
Prosopium williamsoni (Williamson's whitefish) (Attributes)

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