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Coregonus (whitefishes)


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Coregonus is a diverse genus of fish in the salmon family (Salmonidae). The Coregonus species are known as whitefishes. The genus contains at least 68 described extant taxa, but the true number of species is a matter of debate. The type species of the genus is Coregonus lavaretus. Most Coregonus species inhabit lakes and rivers, and several species, including the Arctic cisco (C. autumnalis), the Bering cisco (C. laurettae), and the least cisco (C. sardinella) are anadromous, moving between salt water and fresh water.
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Coregonus albellus (Whitefish)
Coregonus albula (European whitefish) (Attributes)
Coregonus alpenae (Longjaw chub) (Extinct)
Coregonus alpinus (Longjaw cisco)
Coregonus anaulorum
Coregonus arenicolus (Cisco) (Vulnerable)
Coregonus artedi (Lake herring) (Attributes)
Coregonus atterensis (Cisco) (Vulnerable)
Coregonus austriacus
Coregonus autumnalis (Arctic cisco) (Attributes)
Coregonus baerii (Volkhov whitefish)
Coregonus baicalensis (European whitefish)
Coregonus baunti
Coregonus bavaricus (Critically Endangered)
Coregonus bezola (Whitefish) (Extinct)
Coregonus candidus (Vulnerable)
Coregonus chadary (Chadary whitefish)
Coregonus clupeaformis (Common whitefish) (Attributes)
Coregonus clupeoides (Powan) (Vulnerable)
Coregonus confusus (Whitefish) (Vulnerable)
Coregonus danneri (Whitefish) (Vulnerable)
Coregonus duplex (Grundler)
Coregonus exigmas
Coregonus fatioi (Whitefish)
Coregonus fera (Whitefish) (Extinct)
Coregonus fontanae (Stechlin cisco)
Coregonus gutturosus (Whitefish) (Extinct)
Coregonus heglingus (Whitefish)
Coregonus hiemalis (Lake Geneva whitefish) (Extinct)
Coregonus hoferi (Critically Endangered)
Coregonus holsata
Coregonus hoyi (Bloater) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Coregonus huntsmani (Acadian whitefish) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Coregonus johannae (Deepwater cisco) (Extinct)
Coregonus kiletz (Kiletz)
Coregonus kiyi (Kiyi) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Coregonus ladogae
Coregonus laurettae (Bering cisco) (Attributes)
Coregonus lavaretus (Houting) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Coregonus lucidus
Coregonus lucinensis (Whitefish) (Vulnerable)
Coregonus lutokka
Coregonus macrophthalmus (Lake Neuchâtel whitefish)
Coregonus maraena (European whitefish) (Vulnerable)
Coregonus maraenoides
Coregonus maxillaris (Whitefish)
Coregonus megalops (Lacustrine fluvial whitefish)
Coregonus migratorius (Arctic cisco) (Attributes)
Coregonus muksun (Muksun) (Attributes)
Coregonus nasus (Large-bottom pollan) (Attributes)
Coregonus nelsonii (Alaska whitefish) (Attributes)
Coregonus nigripinnis (Blackfin cisco) (Extinct) (Attributes)
Coregonus nilssoni (Cisco)
Coregonus nipigon
Coregonus nobilis (Cisco)
Coregonus omul
Coregonus oxyrinchus (Houting) (Extinct) (Attributes)
Coregonus palaea (Whitefish)
Coregonus pallasii (Whitefish) (Attributes)
Coregonus peled (Big powan) (Attributes)
Coregonus pennantii (Gwyniad) (Critically Endangered)
Coregonus pidschian (Bottom pollan) (Attributes)
Coregonus pollan (Freshwater herring) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Coregonus pravdinellus
Coregonus reighardi (Shortnose cisco) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Coregonus renke (Cisco)
Coregonus restrictus (Cisco) (Extinct)
Coregonus sardinella (Siberian cisco) (Attributes)
Coregonus stigmaticus (Schelly) (Endangered)
Coregonus subautumnalis (Cisco) (Vulnerable)
Coregonus suidteri (Cisco)
Coregonus trybomi (Cisco) (Critically Endangered)
Coregonus tugun (Tugun) (Attributes)
Coregonus tullibee
Coregonus ussuriensis (Amur whitefish) (Attributes)
Coregonus vandesius (Vendace) (Endangered)
Coregonus vessicus (Beloye cisco)
Coregonus wartmanni (Blue whitefish)
Coregonus widegreni (Valaam whitefish)
Coregonus zenithicus (Longjaw cisco) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Coregonus zuerichensis (Swiss cisco)
Coregonus zugensis (Cisco)

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