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Salvelinus (chars)

Synonyms: Baione; Cristivomer; Cristovomer; Umbla

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Salvelinus is a genus of salmonid fish often called char or charr; some species are called "trout". Salvelinus is a member of the Salmoninae subfamily of the Salmonidae family. The genus has a northern circumpolar distribution, and most of its members are typically cold-water fish that primarily inhabit fresh waters. Many species also migrate to the sea, however. Many members of this genus are popular sport fish, and a few, such as the lake trout (S. namaycush), are the object of commercial fisheries and aquaculture. Occasionally, such fish escape and become invasive species.
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Salvelinus agassizii (Silver Trout) (Extinct)
Salvelinus albus (White char) (Attributes)
Salvelinus alpinus (Arctic charr) (Attributes)
Salvelinus anaktuvukensis (Angayukaksurak Char)
Salvelinus andriashevi (Chukot char)
Salvelinus boganidae (Boganida char)
Salvelinus colii (Cole's charr)
Salvelinus confluentus (Bull Trout) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Salvelinus curilus
Salvelinus czerskii (Cherskii's char)
Salvelinus drjagini (Dryanin's char)
Salvelinus elgyticus (Small-mouth char)
Salvelinus evasus (Ammersee saibling) (Vulnerable)
Salvelinus faroensis (Faroe charr)
Salvelinus fimbriatus (Coomasaharn charr) (Vulnerable)
Salvelinus fontinalis (charr) (Attributes)
Salvelinus gracillimus (Shetland charr) (Vulnerable)
Salvelinus grayi (Gray's charr) (Critically Endangered)
Salvelinus gritzenkoi
Salvelinus inframundus (Orkney charr)
Salvelinus jacuticus (Yakutian char)
Salvelinus japonicus (Kirikuchi Char) (Endangered)
Salvelinus killinensis (Haddy charr) (Vulnerable)
Salvelinus krogiusae
Salvelinus kronocius
Salvelinus kuznetzovi
Salvelinus lepechini
Salvelinus leucomaenis (Whitespotted char) (Attributes)
Salvelinus levanidovi
Salvelinus lonsdalii (Lonsdale's charr) (Critically Endangered)
Salvelinus mallochi (Malloch's charr) (Vulnerable)
Salvelinus malma (dolly varden) (Attributes)
Salvelinus maxillaris (Large-mouthed charr) (Vulnerable)
Salvelinus murta (Trout)
Salvelinus namaycush (American lake char) (Attributes)
Salvelinus neiva
Salvelinus neocomensis (Jaunet) (Extinct)
Salvelinus obtusus (Blunt-nosed Irish charr) (Critically Endangered)
Salvelinus oquassa <Unverified Name>
Salvelinus perisii (Torgoch charr) (Vulnerable)
Salvelinus profundus (Trout) (Extinct)
Salvelinus salvelinoinsularis (Bear Island charr)
Salvelinus schmidti
Salvelinus sp. nov. 'Fjellfrøsvatn' <Unverified Name> (Vulnerable)
Salvelinus struanensis (Struan charr) (Vulnerable)
Salvelinus taimyricus
Salvelinus taranetzi
Salvelinus thingvallensis (Trout)
Salvelinus tolmachoffi (Lake Yesei char) (Endangered)
Salvelinus umbla (Char)
Salvelinus vasiljevae (Sakhalinian char)
Salvelinus willoughbii (Willoughby's charr) (Endangered)
Salvelinus youngeri (Golden charr) (Vulnerable)

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