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Phaseolus lunatus (French Bean; Butter Bean; Lima Bean; Kidney Bean; Green Bean; sieva bean; Haba; Frijolillo; Pois du Cap; Haricot; Runner Bean; Tapirama; String Bean; Sieva Beans; Rangoon Bean; Potu-bonchi; Pois Souche; Pois Doux; Pois De Sept Ans; Pois d'Archery; Pois d'Achery; Pois Amer; Pois Adam; Pois; Pira De Ano; Lima Beans; Haricot de Sieva; Haricot Commun; Haricot Beans; Haricot Bean; Habichuela; Guaracara; Gros Pois; Garden Bean; Frijol De Raton; Frijol De Monte; Frijol De Media Luna; Frijol De Lima; Frijol; Frash Bean; Dwarf Bean; Common Haricot; Common Bean; Civet Bean; Carolina Bean; Caraota De Ano; Butter Beans; Broad Bean; Bonchi-kai; Bonchi)

Language: French; Hindi; Sinhala

Wikipedia Abstract

Phaseolus lunatus is a legume grown for its edible seeds, or beans.
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Edible [1]  May be edible. See the Plants For A Future link below for details.
Flower Type [1]  Hermaphrodite
Hazards [1]  The raw mature seed is poisonous. The toxic principle is hydrocyanic acid and this is destroyed by thoroughly cooking the seed;
Lifespan [1]  Perennial
Pollinators [1]  Insects, Lepidoptera
Structure [1]  Vine
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Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Guanacaste National Park II 85819 Costa Rica  
Mburucuy√° National Park II   Corrientes, Argentina  
Rinc√≥n de la Vieja National Park II 35068 Costa Rica  



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