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Margariscus margarita (Nachtrieb dace; Northern dace; Northern minnow; Northern pearl dace; Pearl dace)

Synonyms: Clinostomus margarita; Leuciscus carletoni; Leuciscus margarita; Semotilus margarita; Semotilus marginata
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Margariscus margarita, the Pearl Dace, is a species of cyprinid fish. It is demersal, freshwater fish, with a dark green back and silvery body. This species is omnivorous, consuming algae, as well as arthropods. M. margarita's range spans southern Canada and the northern United States. While not considered endangered at the federal level in the United States, several states either consider this species endangered or threatened; it faces threats of habitat destruction and invasive species.
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Adult Length [1]  6 inches (16 cm)
Brood Dispersal [1]  In the open
Brood Egg Substrate [1]  Lithophils (gravel-sand)
Brood Guarder [1]  No
Litter Size [1]  4,240
Maximum Longevity [1]  4 years
Diet [2]  Carnivore, Planktivore, Detritivore
Female Maturity [1]  2 years

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Parasitized by 
Cleidodiscus brachus[3]
Gyrodactylus margaritae[3]
Rhabdochona canadensis[3]

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