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Cephenemyia trompe (Bot fly)

Synonyms: Oestrus trompe (homotypic)

Wikipedia Abstract

Cephenemyia trompe, also known as reindeer nose bot fly, is a species of fly first described by Adolph Modéer in 1786. It belongs to the Cephenemyia genus of deer botflies. This fly is parasitic on reindeer. It is one of the two Cephenemyia species found in Scandinavia.
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Prey / Diet

Lepus americanus (Snowshoe Hare)[1]
Lepus othus (Alaskan Hare)[1]
Rangifer tarandus (caribou)[1]


Dolichovespula arenaria (aerial yellowjacket)[1]
Pirata piraticus (Spider)[1]
Poecile hudsonicus (Boreal Chickadee)[1]



Parasitized by 
Rangifer tarandus (caribou)[2]

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