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Salmo ohridanus (Salmon)

Synonyms: Acantholingua ohridana; Salmothymus ohridanus
Language: Albanian; Danish

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Salmo ohridanus, also known by the local name as the belvica, is a species of freshwater salmonid fish, endemic to Lake Ohrid in Albania and Macedonia. Salmo ohridanus is a relatively small fish, usually shorter than 30 cm and less than 0.5 kg weight. It is a commercially exploited species subject to heavy fishing, and has been bred in fish farms for over 50 years. It has also been intentionally hybridized with another endemic species, the Ohrid trout (Salmo letnica). It is threatened by the hybridization, degradation of water quality and overfishing; but the stock remains abundant.
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Endangered Species

Status: Vulnerable
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Parasitized by 
Cyathocephalus truncatus[1]
Raphidascaris acus[1]
Salmonema ephemeridarum[1]

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