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Stephanolepis (Filefish)

Wikipedia Abstract

Stephanolepis is a genus of bony fish in the family Monacanthidae, the filefishes. Members of this genus are unusual-shaped fish and have a very rough skin which gives them their common name. They are laterally flattened and deep bodied with long dorsal and anal fins and a fan-shaped tail. They have a mouth at the tip of the projecting snout and a long spine on the top of the head.
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Stephanolepis auratus (Porky)
Stephanolepis cirrhifer (Thread-sail filefish) (Attributes)
Stephanolepis diaspros (Reticulated leatherjacket)
Stephanolepis hispidus (Triggerfish)
Stephanolepis insignis
Stephanolepis setifer (Speckled filefish)

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