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The Tetraodontiformes are an order of highly derived ray-finned fish, also called the Plectognathi. Sometimes these are classified as a suborder of the order Perciformes. The Tetraodontiformes are represented by 10 families and at least 349 species overall; most are marine and dwell in and around tropical coral reefs, but a few species are found in freshwater streams and estuaries. They have no close relatives, and descend from a line of coral-dwelling species that emerged around 40 million years ago.
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Aracanidae (16)
Avitoplectidae (1)
Balistidae (filefishes and triggerfishes) (117)
Balkariidae (1)
Bolcabalistidae (2)
Cretatriacanthidae (2)
Diodontidae (burrfishes and porcupinefishes) (45)
Eoplectidae (1)
Eotrigonodontidae (5)
Moclaybalistidae (1)
Molidae (headfishes, molas, ocean sunfishes, and trunkfishes) (12)
Monacanthidae (filefishes) (140)
Ostraciidae (boxfishes, cofferfishes, cowfishes, and trunkfishes) (68)
Plectocretacicidae (1)
Protobalistidae (4)
Protriacanthidae (1)
Tetraodontidae (blowfishes, globefishes, puffers, rabbitfishes, swellfishes, and toadfishes) (281)   (8)
Triacanthidae (hornfishes, spikefishes, and triplespines) (11)
Triacanthodidae (Spikefish) (24)
Trigonodontidae (2)
Triodontidae (threetooth puffers) (2)
Zignoichthyidae (1)


Acanthopleurus (1)
Ctenoplectus (1)
Indotrigonodon (1)
Marosichthys (1)
Pisdurodon (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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