Fungi > Ascomycota > Lecanoromycetes > Peltigerales > Nephromataceae > Nephroma > Nephroma arcticum

Nephroma arcticum (arctic kidney lichen)



Structure [1]  Lichen

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Loch Maree Complex 38882 Scotland, United Kingdom
PukehĂ„l 136 Sweden  
Ryda 46 Sweden  
Strathglass Complex 58277 Scotland, United Kingdom
StuverydsbĂ€cken 192 Sweden  



Alaskozetes antarcticus (Mite)[2]
Glaucomys sabrinus (northern flying squirrel)[2]
Lemmus sibiricus (brown lemming)[2]
Rangifer tarandus (caribou)[2]


Attributes / relations provided by
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2Making The Forest And Tundra Wildlife Connection
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