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Cyrtostachys renda


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Cyrtostachys renda, also known by the common names red sealing wax palm and lipstick palm, is a palm that is native to Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia. It is the only species of the genus Cyrtostachys that can be found to the west of the Wallace Line, the faunal boundary separating the ecozones of Asia and Wallacea. Cyrtostachys renda's name is derived from several words: the Greek prefix κυρτό- (cyrto-) meaning bent or curved, the Greek word σταχυς (stachys) meaning "an ear of grain", and "renda" a Malayan Aboriginal word for palm, which happens to be homonymous to the Portuguese word "renda," meaning income.
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Fruit Conspicuous [1]  No
Leaf Type [2]  Evergreen
Structure [2]  Tree
Height [1]  66 feet (20 m)
Fruit Color [1]  Black


Amathusia phidippus (Palm king butterfly)[3]
Elymnias hypermnestra (Palmfly butterfly)[3]
Faunis canens (Common faun butterfly)[3]
Gangara thyrsis (Giant Redeye)[3]
Pseudococcus cryptus (citriculus mealybug)[4]

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