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Bursera (bursera)

Synonyms: Elaphrium; Evrardia; Icicariba; Simaruba (homotypic); Terebinthus

Wikipedia Abstract

Bursera, named after the Danish botanist Joachim Burser (1583-1639), is a genus with about 100 described species of flowering shrubs and trees varying in size up to 25 m (82 ft) high. They are native (often for many species endemic) to the Americas, from the southern United States south through to northern Argentina, in tropical and warm temperate forest habitats. A number of species from tropical Asia were once included in this genus, but are now treated in the genus Protium.
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Bursera altijuga (Endangered)
Bursera angustata
Bursera aptera
Bursera arborea (gumbo limbo) (Attributes)
Bursera arida (Vulnerable)
Bursera ariensis
Bursera aromatica (Vulnerable)
Bursera aspleniifolia (Vulnerable)
Bursera attenuata
Bursera bicolor
Bursera biflora
Bursera bipinnata
Bursera bolivarii (Vulnerable)
Bursera bonetii (Endangered)
Bursera brunea (Endangered)
Bursera cerasiifolia (Vulnerable)
Bursera chemapodicta (Vulnerable)
Bursera cinerea
Bursera citronella (Vulnerable)
Bursera collina (Endangered)
Bursera confusa (Vulnerable)
Bursera copallifera
Bursera coyucensis
Bursera crenata
Bursera cuneata
Bursera denticulata (Vulnerable)
Bursera discolor
Bursera diversifolia
Bursera epinnata
Bursera esparzae (Vulnerable)
Bursera excelsa
Bursera exequielii (Critically Endangered)
Bursera fagaroides (fragrant bursera) (Attributes)
Bursera filicifolia (Vulnerable)
Bursera fragilis
Bursera fragrantissima
Bursera frenningae
Bursera frenningiae (Vulnerable)
Bursera galeottiana
Bursera gibarensis
Bursera glabra
Bursera glabrifolia (Copal)
Bursera glauca
Bursera gracilipes
Bursera grandifolia
Bursera graveolens
Bursera heliae (Endangered)
Bursera heteresthes (Endangered)
Bursera heterophylla
Bursera hindsiana
Bursera hintonii (Vulnerable)
Bursera hollickii (Critically Endangered)
Bursera howelliae
Bursera howellii
Bursera inaguensis
Bursera infernidialis (Vulnerable)
Bursera instabilis (Vulnerable)
Bursera inversa
Bursera isthmica (Endangered)
Bursera itzae (Critically Endangered)
Bursera jerzyi (Critically Endangered)
Bursera karsteniana
Bursera karwinskii
Bursera kerberi
Bursera krusei (Vulnerable)
Bursera lancifolia
Bursera laurihuertae (Vulnerable)
Bursera laxiflora
Bursera leptophloeos
Bursera linanoe (Vulnerable)
Bursera littoralis
Bursera longipes
Bursera lunanii
Bursera macvaughiana (Endangered)
Bursera madrigalii (Critically Endangered)
Bursera martae (Endangered)
Bursera mcvaughiana
Bursera medranoana (Endangered)
Bursera microphylla (littleleaf elephant tree) (Attributes)
Bursera mirandae (Vulnerable)
Bursera morelense
Bursera morelensis
Bursera multifolia (Endangered)
Bursera multijuga
Bursera occulta (Endangered)
Bursera odorata
Bursera oerstedii
Bursera ovalifolia
Bursera ovata
Bursera palaciosii (Endangered)
Bursera palmeri
Bursera paradoxa
Bursera penicillata
Bursera pereirae (Endangered)
Bursera permollis
Bursera pontiveteris (Endangered)
Bursera ribana (Vulnerable)
Bursera roseana
Bursera rupicola
Bursera rzedowskii (Endangered)
Bursera sarcopoda (Endangered)
Bursera sarukhanii (Vulnerable)
Bursera schlechtendalii
Bursera sellowii
Bursera shaferi
Bursera silviae (Endangered)
Bursera simarouba
Bursera simaruba (gumbo-limbo)
Bursera simplex
Bursera spinescens (Vulnerable)
Bursera standleyana (Vulnerable)
Bursera staphyleoides (Endangered)
Bursera stenophylla
Bursera submoniliformis
Bursera subpubiscens
Bursera subtrifoliata
Bursera suntui (Vulnerable)
Bursera tecomaca (sea torchwood) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Bursera toledoana (Endangered)
Bursera tomentosa
Bursera trifoliolata (Vulnerable)
Bursera trimera (Vulnerable)
Bursera vazquezyanesii (Endangered)
Bursera vejar-vasquezii
Bursera vejar-vazquezii (Vulnerable)
Bursera velutina (Endangered)
Bursera xochipalensis (Vulnerable)
Bursera xolocotzii
Bursera yaterensis
Bursera zapoteca (Critically Endangered)

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