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Parus (tits)

Synonyms: Parulus; Parvus; Purulus

Wikipedia Abstract

Parus is a genus of Old World birds in the tit family. It was formerly a large genus containing most of the 50 odd species in the family Paridae. The genus was split into several resurrected genera following the publication of a detailed molecular phylogenetic analysis in 2013. The genus name, Parus, is the Latin for "tit". The genus now contains the following species: \n* Great tit, Parus major \n* Japanese tit, Parus minor (split from P. major) \n* Cinereous tit, Parus cinereus (split from P. major) \n* Green-backed tit, Parus monticolus
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Parus afer (Grey Tit) (Attributes)
Parus albiventris (White-bellied Tit) (Attributes)
Parus amabilis (Palawan Tit)
Parus aplonotus (Indian black-lored tit)
Parus barakae
Parus borealis
Parus carpi (Carp's Tit) (Attributes)
Parus cinerascens (Ashy Tit) (Attributes)
Parus cinereus (Cinereous Tit) (Attributes)
Parus commixtus
Parus corsus
Parus dichrous (Grey-crested Tit)
Parus dorsatus
Parus elegans (Elegant Tit)
Parus fasciiventer (Stripe-breasted Tit) (Attributes)
Parus flavipectus
Parus fringillinus (Red-throated Tit) (Attributes)
Parus funereus (Dusky Tit) (Attributes)
Parus griseiventris (Miombo Tit) (Attributes)
Parus guineensis (White-shouldered Black Tit) (Attributes)
Parus hibernicus
Parus holsti (Yellow Tit) (Attributes)
Parus insperatus
Parus leucomelas (White-winged Black Tit) (Attributes)
Parus leuconotus (White-backed Black Tit) (Attributes)
Parus major (Great Tit) (Attributes)
Parus masukuensis
Parus melanolophus
Parus meridionalis
Parus minor (Japanese Tit) (Attributes)
Parus monticolus (Green-backed Tit) (Attributes)
Parus niger (Southern Black Tit) (Attributes)
Parus nigricinereus
Parus nipalensis
Parus novaeseelandiae
Parus nuchalis (White-naped Tit) (Attributes)
Parus obtectus
Parus pallidiventris (Cinnamon-breasted Tit) (Attributes)
Parus pekinensis
Parus rovumae
Parus rubidiventris (Rufous-vented Tit)
Parus rufiventris (Rufous-bellied Tit) (Attributes)
Parus rufonuchalis (Dark-grey Tit)
Parus salicarius
Parus sardus
Parus semilarvatus (White-fronted Tit) (Attributes)
Parus spilonotus (Yellow-cheeked Tit) (Attributes)
Parus stotzneri
Parus superciliosus (White-browed Tit)
Parus thruppi (Acacia Tit) (Attributes)
Parus tschiliensis
Parus weigoldi
Parus wladiwostokensis
Parus xanthogenys (Black-lored Tit) (Attributes)
Parus xanthostomus

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