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Parus minor (Japanese Tit)

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The Japanese tit (Parus minor), also known as the Oriental tit, is a passerine bird which replaces the similar great tit in Japan and the Russian Far East beyond the Amur River, including the Kuril Islands. Until recently, this species was classified as a subspecies of great tit (Parus major), but studies indicated that the two species coexist in the Russian Far East without intermingling or frequent hybridization.
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Adult Weight [1]  18.5 grams
Birth Weight [1]  1 grams
Clutch Size [1]  9
Clutches / Year [1]  2
Fledging [1]  17 days
Incubation [1]  14 days
Maximum Longevity [1]  15 years
Female Maturity [1]  1 year
Male Maturity [1]  1 year

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