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Vachellia is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae. It belongs to the subfamily Mimosoideae. Its species were considered members of genus Acacia until 2005.
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Vachellia abyssinica (Flat Top Acacia) (Attributes)
Vachellia acuifera
Vachellia albicorticata (Espinillo Blanco) (Attributes)
Vachellia allenii (Attributes)
Vachellia amythethophylla (Attributes)
Vachellia ancistroclada (Attributes)
Vachellia anegadensis (pokemeboy) (Endangered)
Vachellia antunesii (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Vachellia arenaria (Attributes)
Vachellia aroma (Aromita) (Attributes)
Vachellia astringens (Garabato Negro) (Attributes)
Vachellia azuana
Vachellia baessleri
Vachellia baessleria
Vachellia barahonensis
Vachellia bavazzanoi (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Vachellia belairioides (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Vachellia bellula (Attributes)
Vachellia biaciculata
Vachellia bidwellii
Vachellia bidwillii (Dogwood) (Attributes)
Vachellia bilimekii (Attributes)
Vachellia bolei (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Vachellia borleae (Attributes)
Vachellia brandegeeana
Vachellia bravoensis (Schaffner's wattle) (Attributes)
Vachellia bucheri (Endangered) (Attributes)
Vachellia bullockii (Attributes)
Vachellia burttii (Attributes)
Vachellia bussei (Attributes)
Vachellia californica
Vachellia campbellii (Vulnerable)
Vachellia campeachiana (Attributes)
Vachellia campechiana
Vachellia caurina
Vachellia caven (Roman-cassie) (Attributes)
Vachellia cedilloi
Vachellia cernua
Vachellia chiapensis (Attributes)
Vachellia choriophylla (cinnecord) (Attributes)
Vachellia clarksoniana
Vachellia cochliacantha
Vachellia collinsii (bull horn acacia) (Attributes)
Vachellia constricta (twinthorn acacia (white)) (Attributes)
Vachellia cookii (Attributes)
Vachellia cornigera (bullhorn wattle) (Attributes)
Vachellia cucuyo
Vachellia curvifructa (Churqui) (Attributes)
Vachellia daemon (Erizo) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Vachellia davyi (Attributes)
Vachellia densiflora
Vachellia ditricha (Mamoose Tree) (Attributes)
Vachellia dolichocephala (Attributes)
Vachellia douglasica
Vachellia drepanolobium (Whistling Thorn) (Attributes)
Vachellia dyeri
Vachellia eburnea (Attributes)
Vachellia ebutsiniorum
Vachellia edgeworthii (Attributes)
Vachellia elatior (Attributes)
Vachellia erioloba (camelthorn) (Attributes)
Vachellia erythrophloea (Attributes)
Vachellia etbaica (Attributes)
Vachellia exuvialis (Flaky-bark thorn) (Attributes)
Vachellia farnesiana (Ellington curse) (Attributes)
Vachellia fischeri (Attributes)
Vachellia flava (Salam) (Attributes)
Vachellia flexuosa
Vachellia gentlei (Attributes)
Vachellia gerrardii (Red thorn) (Attributes)
Vachellia gladiata
Vachellia glandulifera
Vachellia globulifera (Attributes)
Vachellia grandicornuta (Attributes)
Vachellia guanacastensis
Vachellia gummifera (Attributes)
Vachellia haematoxylon (Attributes)
Vachellia harala
Vachellia harmandiana (Attributes)
Vachellia hebeclada (Candle-pod acacia) (Attributes)
Vachellia hindsii (Cachito) (Attributes)
Vachellia hockii
Vachellia horrida (Cape Gum) (Attributes)
Vachellia hunteri (Attributes)
Vachellia inopinata (Attributes)
Vachellia insulae-iacobi (Attributes)
Vachellia jacquemontii (Attributes)
Vachellia janzenii (Attributes)
Vachellia johnwoodii
Vachellia karroo (karroothorn) (Attributes)
Vachellia kingii (Attributes)
Vachellia kirkii (Attributes)
Vachellia koltermanii
Vachellia kosiensis
Vachellia lahai (Attributes)
Vachellia lasiopetala
Vachellia latispina (Vulnerable)
Vachellia leucophloea (White Babul) (Attributes)
Vachellia leucospira (Attributes)
Vachellia luederitzii (False Umbrella Thorn) (Attributes)
Vachellia macracantha (long-spine acacia) (Attributes)
Vachellia macrantha
Vachellia malacocephala (Attributes)
Vachellia mayana (Attributes)
Vachellia mbuluensis (Attributes)
Vachellia melanoceras (Attributes)
Vachellia myaingii
Vachellia myrmecophila (Endangered) (Attributes)
Vachellia natalitia
Vachellia nebrownii (Attributes)
Vachellia negrii (Attributes)
Vachellia nilotica (Gum Arabic Tree) (Attributes)
Vachellia oerfota (Attributes)
Vachellia origena (Attributes)
Vachellia ormocarpoides
Vachellia oviedoensis
Vachellia pacensis (Attributes)
Vachellia pachyphloia (Attributes)
Vachellia pallidifolia (Attributes)
Vachellia paolii (Attributes)
Vachellia pennatula (fern-leaf acacia) (Attributes)
Vachellia pennivenia
Vachellia permixta (Hairy Acacia) (Attributes)
Vachellia pilispina (Attributes)
Vachellia planifrons (Umbrella Thorn) (Attributes)
Vachellia polypyrigenes (Attributes)
Vachellia prasinata (Endangered) (Attributes)
Vachellia pringlei (Attributes)
Vachellia pseudofistula (Attributes)
Vachellia qandalensis
Vachellia quintanilhae (Attributes)
Vachellia reficiens (Attributes)
Vachellia rehmanniana (acacia) (Attributes)
Vachellia rigidula (Black Brush) (Attributes)
Vachellia robbertsei
Vachellia robusta (splendid thorn)
Vachellia roigii (Erizo) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Vachellia rorudiana (Attributes)
Vachellia ruddiae (Attributes)
Vachellia ruthvenii
Vachellia schaffneri (Schaffner's wattle) (Attributes)
Vachellia schottii (Schott's wattle) (Attributes)
Vachellia sekhukhuniensis
Vachellia seyal (talh) (Attributes)
Vachellia siamensis (Attributes)
Vachellia sieberiana (Attributes)
Vachellia sphaerocephala (bee wattle) (Attributes)
Vachellia standleyi
Vachellia stuhlmannii (Attributes)
Vachellia suberosa (Mimosa) (Attributes)
Vachellia sutherlandii (Weeping Mimosa) (Attributes)
Vachellia swazica (Attributes)
Vachellia tenuispina (Attributes)
Vachellia tephrophylla
Vachellia theronii
Vachellia tomentosa ('Thoua Keo) (Attributes)
Vachellia torrei (Attributes)
Vachellia tortilis (umbrella thorn) (Attributes)
Vachellia tortuosa (huisachillo) (Attributes)
Vachellia valida (Attributes)
Vachellia vernicosa (viscid acacia)
Vachellia viguieri (Vulnerable)
Vachellia walwalensis (Attributes)
Vachellia xanthophloea (fevertree) (Attributes)
Vachellia yemenensis
Vachellia zanzibarica (Attributes)
Vachellia zapatensis (Endangered) (Attributes)
Vachellia ziggyi

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