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Synonyms: Canacomyricaceae; Galeaceae

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The Myricaceae are a small family of dicotyledonous shrubs and small trees in the order Fagales. There are three genera in the family, although some botanists separate many species from Myrica into a fourth genus Morella. About 55 species are usually accepted in Myrica, one in Canacomyrica, and one in Comptonia. Well-known members of this family include bayberry and sweetfern. \n* Canacomyrica \n* Comptonia \n* Myrica (includes: Morella)
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Canacomyrica (1)
Carpinicarpus (1)
Comptonia (sweet fern) (2)
Distichostrobus (1)
Morella (bayberry) (46)   (2)   (1)
Myrica (sweetgale) (74)
Myricaephyllum (1)
Myricanthium (1)
Myriciphyllum (1)
Myricipites (1)
Myricoxylon (1)
Pelticutis (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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