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Commiphora (myrrh)


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The genus of the myrrhs, Commiphora, is the most species-rich genus of flowering plants in the frankincense and myrrh family, Burseraceae. The genus contains approximately 190 species of shrubs and trees, which are distributed throughout the (sub-) tropical regions of Africa, the western Indian Ocean islands, the Arabian Peninsula, India, and Vietnam. The genus is drought-tolerant and common throughout the xerophytic scrub, seasonally dry tropical forests, and woodlands of these regions.
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Commiphora acuminata (Vulnerable)
Commiphora africana (African myrrh)
Commiphora alata (Vulnerable)
Commiphora alaticaulis (Vulnerable)
Commiphora anacardiifolia
Commiphora andranovoryensis (Endangered)
Commiphora angolensis (Sand Corkwood)
Commiphora angustefoliolata
Commiphora angustifoliolata
Commiphora ankaranensis (Vulnerable)
Commiphora antunesii
Commiphora aprevalii
Commiphora arafy (Vulnerable)
Commiphora arenaria
Commiphora baluensis
Commiphora bardotiae
Commiphora barorum
Commiphora benguelensis
Commiphora berardelli
Commiphora berryi
Commiphora boranensis
Commiphora brevicalyx
Commiphora buruxa (Endangered)
Commiphora caerulea
Commiphora campestris
Commiphora capensis
Commiphora capuronii (Vulnerable)
Commiphora caudata
Commiphora cervifolia
Commiphora chaetocarpa (Vulnerable)
Commiphora chariensis
Commiphora chevalieri
Commiphora chiovendana
Commiphora ciliata
Commiphora coleopsis
Commiphora confusa
Commiphora corrugata
Commiphora coursii
Commiphora crenatoserrata
Commiphora cuneifolia
Commiphora cyclophylla (Vulnerable)
Commiphora dalzielii (Endangered)
Commiphora dinteri
Commiphora discolor
Commiphora drakebrockmanii
Commiphora edulis
Commiphora elliptica (Vulnerable)
Commiphora eminii
Commiphora engleri
Commiphora enneaphylla
Commiphora erlangeriana
Commiphora erosa
Commiphora falcata (Vulnerable)
Commiphora foliacea
Commiphora franciscana
Commiphora fraxinifolia (Endangered)
Commiphora fulvotomentosa (Vulnerable)
Commiphora gardoensis
Commiphora gariepensis
Commiphora giessii
Commiphora gileadensis (Mecca myrrh) (Endangered)
Commiphora glandulosa
Commiphora glaucescens
Commiphora gorinii
Commiphora gracilifrondosa
Commiphora grandifolia
Commiphora granulifera
Commiphora grosswelleri
Commiphora guerichiania
Commiphora guidottii (Vulnerable)
Commiphora guillaumini
Commiphora guillauminii (Vulnerable)
Commiphora gurreh
Commiphora hartmannii
Commiphora harveyi
Commiphora hildebrandtii
Commiphora hodai
Commiphora hornbyi (Vulnerable)
Commiphora horrida
Commiphora humbertii
Commiphora kaokoensis
Commiphora karibensis
Commiphora kataf
Commiphora kerstingii
Commiphora kraeuseliana
Commiphora kua (Abyssinian myrrh)
Commiphora kucharii
Commiphora kuneneana
Commiphora lacerata
Commiphora lamii
Commiphora lasiodisca
Commiphora laxecymigera (Endangered)
Commiphora laxicymigera
Commiphora leandriana
Commiphora lobatospathulata
Commiphora longibracteata
Commiphora mafaidoha (Endangered)
Commiphora mahafaliensis
Commiphora marchandii
Commiphora marlothiae
Commiphora marlothii
Commiphora merkii
Commiphora mildbraedii
Commiphora mollis
Commiphora mombassensis
Commiphora monoica (Critically Endangered)
Commiphora monstruosa
Commiphora morondavensis (Vulnerable)
Commiphora mossambicensis
Commiphora mossamedensis
Commiphora mulelame
Commiphora multifoliolata
Commiphora multijuga
Commiphora murraywatsonii
Commiphora myrrha (Common myrrh)
Commiphora namaensis
Commiphora namibensis
Commiphora neglecta (Sweet-root Corkwood)
Commiphora oblanceolata
Commiphora oblongifolia
Commiphora obovata
Commiphora oddurensis
Commiphora omundomba
Commiphora onilahinensis
Commiphora orbicularis
Commiphora ornifolia
Commiphora otjihipana
Commiphora ovalifolia (Vulnerable)
Commiphora paolii
Commiphora parvifolia
Commiphora pedunculata
Commiphora pervilleana
Commiphora petiolutata
Commiphora planifrons
Commiphora playfairii
Commiphora precaudata
Commiphora pseudopaolii
Commiphora pteleifolia
Commiphora pterocarpa (Vulnerable)
Commiphora pubescens
Commiphora pyracanthoides (Tall firethorn corkwood)
Commiphora quadricincta
Commiphora quercifoliola
Commiphora quidottii
Commiphora ratovosonii
Commiphora razakamalalae (Endangered)
Commiphora rostrata
Commiphora ruspolii
Commiphora sambiranensis
Commiphora samharensis
Commiphora sarandensis
Commiphora saxicola
Commiphora schimperi
Commiphora schlechteri
Commiphora schultzei
Commiphora sennii
Commiphora serrata
Commiphora serrulata
Commiphora setulifera
Commiphora simplicifolia
Commiphora sinuata
Commiphora socotrana
Commiphora spathulata
Commiphora spathulifoliolata
Commiphora spec
Commiphora sphaerocarpa
Commiphora sphaerophylla
Commiphora spinulosa
Commiphora staphyleifolia
Commiphora stellatopubescens
Commiphora stellulata (Endangered)
Commiphora steynii
Commiphora stolonifera
Commiphora sulcata
Commiphora swynnertonii
Commiphora tenuipetiolata
Commiphora tetramera (Vulnerable)
Commiphora truncata
Commiphora tsimanampetsae
Commiphora ugogensis
Commiphora ulugurensis (Critically Endangered)
Commiphora unilobata
Commiphora viminea
Commiphora virgata
Commiphora wightii (Critically Endangered)
Commiphora wildii
Commiphora woodii
Commiphora zanzibarica

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