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Tanacetum (tansy)


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Tanacetum is a genus of about 160 species of flowering plants in the aster family, Asteraceae, native to many regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They are known commonly as tansies. The name tansy can refer specifically to Tanacetum vulgare, which may be called the common tansy or garden tansy for clarity. Other familiar species include costmary (T. balsamita) and feverfew (T. parthenium).
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Gymnocline achilleifolia
Gymnocline cedretorum
Pyrethrum alpinum
Pyrethrum aragonense
Pyrethrum argenteum
Pyrethrum arvense
Pyrethrum auriculatum
Pyrethrum balsaminatum
Pyrethrum barrelieri
Pyrethrum baumannii
Pyrethrum bocconi
Pyrethrum bornmuelleri
Pyrethrum buschianum
Pyrethrum chiliophyllum
Pyrethrum chrysanthemifolium
Pyrethrum clusii
Pyrethrum conicum
Pyrethrum crassipes
Pyrethrum czerniakowskae
Pyrethrum daghestanicum
Pyrethrum decaisneanum
Pyrethrum eginense
Pyrethrum filipendulifolium
Pyrethrum fruticulosum
Pyrethrum gaubae
Pyrethrum gilliatii
Pyrethrum gracile
Pyrethrum gracillimum
Pyrethrum grandiflorum
Pyrethrum heldreichianum
Pyrethrum helichrysiflorum
Pyrethrum indicum
Pyrethrum jacobaeiforme
Pyrethrum kaghyzmanicum
Pyrethrum kirilowii
Pyrethrum kovalevskiae
Pyrethrum leptophyllum
Pyrethrum leucanthemum
Pyrethrum leucopilodes
Pyrethrum lilae
Pyrethrum mandianum
Pyrethrum meyerianum
Pyrethrum microcephalum
Pyrethrum olivieri
Pyrethrum pectinatum
Pyrethrum ponticum
Pyrethrum pseudoalpina
Pyrethrum pulchellum
Pyrethrum pulicaria
Pyrethrum pumilum
Pyrethrum pusillum
Pyrethrum roopianum
Pyrethrum sapozhnikowii
Pyrethrum saxatile
Pyrethrum scariosum
Pyrethrum semenowi
Pyrethrum serotinum
Pyrethrum servanense
Pyrethrum setaceum
Pyrethrum setifolium
Pyrethrum shepardi
Pyrethrum tanaceum
Pyrethrum tingitanum
Pyrethrum tomentosum
Pyrethrum turreyanum
Pyrethrum uniflorum
Pyrethrum webbianum
Tanacetum abrotanifolium (Attributes)
Tanacetum abrotanoides (Attributes)
Tanacetum absinthium
Tanacetum achillea
Tanacetum achilleae
Tanacetum achilleaoides <Unverified Name>
Tanacetum achilleifolium (Attributes)
Tanacetum akinfievii
Tanacetum akinfiewii
Tanacetum alatavicum (Attributes)
Tanacetum alaunicum
Tanacetum albanicum (Attributes)
Tanacetum albipannosum
Tanacetum alyssifolium (Attributes)
Tanacetum annuum (Attributes)
Tanacetum archibadii
Tanacetum archibaldii
Tanacetum aresbium
Tanacetum argenteum (Attributes)
Tanacetum argyraeum
Tanacetum armenum (Attributes)
Tanacetum artemisioides (Attributes)
Tanacetum atkinsonii (Attributes)
Tanacetum aucheri (Attributes)
Tanacetum aucherianum (Attributes)
Tanacetum audibertii (Attributes)
Tanacetum aureum (Attributes)
Tanacetum bachtiaricum
Tanacetum balsamita (Costmary) (Attributes)
Tanacetum balsamitoides (Attributes)
Tanacetum baltistanicum
Tanacetum bamianicum (Attributes)
Tanacetum barclayanum (Attributes)
Tanacetum bipinnatum (Lake Huron tansy)
Tanacetum bocconii
Tanacetum boreale
Tanacetum budjnurdense (Attributes)
Tanacetum cadmeum (Attributes)
Tanacetum canescens (Attributes)
Tanacetum capense
Tanacetum cappadocicum (Attributes)
Tanacetum capusi
Tanacetum chamomilloides
Tanacetum changaicum
Tanacetum chitralense
Tanacetum cilicicum
Tanacetum cilicium (Attributes)
Tanacetum cinerariifolium (pyrethrum) (Attributes)
Tanacetum coccineum (pyrethum daisy) (Attributes)
Tanacetum corymbiforme
Tanacetum corymbosum (corymbflower tansy) (Attributes)
Tanacetum crassipes (Attributes)
Tanacetum crispum
Tanacetum czerniakowskae
Tanacetum daghestanicum (Attributes)
Tanacetum densum (Attributes)
Tanacetum depauperatum (Attributes)
Tanacetum discoideum
Tanacetum dumosum (Attributes)
Tanacetum eginense (Attributes)
Tanacetum elbursense
Tanacetum elegans
Tanacetum emodi (Attributes)
Tanacetum erzincanense
Tanacetum falconeri (Attributes)
Tanacetum ferganensis
Tanacetum flabelliforme
Tanacetum fruticosum
Tanacetum fruticulosum
Tanacetum funkii
Tanacetum galae
Tanacetum germanicopolitanum (Attributes)
Tanacetum ghoratense (Attributes)
Tanacetum gilgitii
Tanacetum gilliatii
Tanacetum gossypinum
Tanacetum gracilicaule
Tanacetum gregorjewi
Tanacetum griffithii (Attributes)
Tanacetum grigorjewii
Tanacetum haradjanii (Attributes)
Tanacetum haussknechtii (Attributes)
Tanacetum heterotomum (Attributes)
Tanacetum hissaricum (Attributes)
Tanacetum hololeucum (Attributes)
Tanacetum humile
Tanacetum integrifolium
Tanacetum joharchii
Tanacetum karelinii (Attributes)
Tanacetum kaschgarianum
Tanacetum kelleri (Attributes)
Tanacetum kittaryanum (Attributes)
Tanacetum kotschyi (Attributes)
Tanacetum krylovianum
Tanacetum kulbadica
Tanacetum kuschakewiczi
Tanacetum lanuginosum
Tanacetum larvatum (Attributes)
Tanacetum leptophyllum (Attributes)
Tanacetum leucanthemum
Tanacetum longifolium
Tanacetum macrocephalum
Tanacetum macrophyllum
Tanacetum marginatum
Tanacetum marionii (Attributes)
Tanacetum maymanense (Attributes)
Tanacetum microphyllum
Tanacetum mikeschinii
Tanacetum millefolium (Attributes)
Tanacetum mindshelkense (Attributes)
Tanacetum modestum
Tanacetum morii
Tanacetum mucroniferum
Tanacetum mucronulatum (Attributes)
Tanacetum munzurdaghense
Tanacetum musili
Tanacetum neofruticulosum
Tanacetum newesskyanum
Tanacetum nitens (Attributes)
Tanacetum nivale (Attributes)
Tanacetum niveum (silver tansy) (Attributes)
Tanacetum nubigenum
Tanacetum nubigeum
Tanacetum nuristanicum (Attributes)
Tanacetum odessanum (Attributes)
Tanacetum oltense (Oltuan Tansy) (Attributes)
Tanacetum oxystegium (Sharp-stegium Tansy) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Tanacetum paczoskii (Attributes)
Tanacetum pakistanicum (Attributes)
Tanacetum paleaceum (Attributes)
Tanacetum palmatifidum
Tanacetum palustre
Tanacetum paradoxum (Attributes)
Tanacetum parthenicum
Tanacetum partheniifolium (Attributes)
Tanacetum parthenium (feverfew) (Attributes)
Tanacetum partmiciflorum
Tanacetum pauciflorum
Tanacetum pectiniforme
Tanacetum persica
Tanacetum petrareum
Tanacetum peucedanifolium (Attributes)
Tanacetum pinnatum (Attributes)
Tanacetum polycephalum (Attributes)
Tanacetum porphyrostephanum (Attributes)
Tanacetum poteriifolium (Attributes)
Tanacetum praecox
Tanacetum praeteritum (Attributes)
Tanacetum pulchellum
Tanacetum pulchrum
Tanacetum pullum
Tanacetum punctatum (Attributes)
Tanacetum querifolium
Tanacetum richterioides (Attributes)
Tanacetum robustum (Attributes)
Tanacetum roylei
Tanacetum salsugineum (Attributes)
Tanacetum sanguineum (Attributes)
Tanacetum santolina (Attributes)
Tanacetum saryarkense
Tanacetum saxatile
Tanacetum saxicola (Attributes)
Tanacetum scopulorum (Attributes)
Tanacetum sericeum (Attributes)
Tanacetum shahrudense
Tanacetum sibiricum
Tanacetum silaifolium (Attributes)
Tanacetum silvicola (Attributes)
Tanacetum sinaicum (Attributes)
Tanacetum sipikorense (Attributes)
Tanacetum solerophyllum
Tanacetum sonbolii
Tanacetum songaricum
Tanacetum sorbifolium (Attributes)
Tanacetum stapfianum
Tanacetum stoliczkae (Attributes)
Tanacetum subsimilis
Tanacetum sulphureum
Tanacetum tabrisianum (Attributes)
Tanacetum tadshikorum
Tanacetum tanacetoides (Attributes)
Tanacetum tarighii
Tanacetum tatsienense (Attributes)
Tanacetum tenuifolium
Tanacetum tenuissimum (Attributes)
Tanacetum tirinense (Attributes)
Tanacetum tomentellum (Attributes)
Tanacetum tomentosum
Tanacetum tricholobum (Hairy-lobed Tansy) (Attributes)
Tanacetum tridactylites
Tanacetum trifidum
Tanacetum trifoliolatum (Attributes)
Tanacetum tripinnatindum
Tanacetum ulutavicum (Attributes)
Tanacetum umbelliferarum
Tanacetum uniflorum (Attributes)
Tanacetum vahlii (Attributes)
Tanacetum vestitum
Tanacetum vulgare (Tansy)
Tanacetum vulgaris <Unverified Name>
Tanacetum willkommii
Tanacetum yabrudae (Attributes)
Tanacetum zahlbruckneri (Attributes)
Tanacetum zangezuricum (Zangezurian Tansy) (Attributes)

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Species taxanomy provided by GBIF Secretariat (2019). GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. Checklist dataset accessed via on 2020-03-21; License: CC BY 4.0