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Juglans (walnut)

Synonyms: Nux; Regia; Wallia

Wikipedia Abstract

Walnut trees are any species of tree in the plant genus Juglans, the type genus of the family Juglandaceae, the seeds of which are referred to as walnuts. All species are deciduous trees, 10–40 metres (33–131 ft) tall, with pinnate leaves 200–900 millimetres (7.9–35.4 in), with 5–25 leaflets; the shoots have chambered pith, a character shared with the wingnuts (Pterocarya), but not the hickories (Carya) in the same family.
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Juglans acuminata
Juglans affinis
Juglans ailanthifolia (Manchurian walnut) (Attributes)
Juglans alkalina
Juglans appressa
Juglans arctica
Juglans australis (Nogal Criollo) (Attributes)
Juglans avellana
Juglans baltica
Juglans bendirei
Juglans berryi
Juglans bixbyi
Juglans boliviana (Bolivian walnut) (Attributes)
Juglans brandonianus
Juglans californica (Southern California walnut) (Attributes)
Juglans cinerea (butternut) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Juglans coloradensis
Juglans crassifolia
Juglans crassipes
Juglans crescentia
Juglans crossii
Juglans cryptata
Juglans dentata
Juglans elongata
Juglans filicifolia
Juglans florissanti
Juglans fruticosa
Juglans glabra
Juglans glabrata
Juglans harwoodensis
Juglans hindsii (northern california walnut) (Attributes)
Juglans hirsuta
Juglans hispanica
Juglans honorei
Juglans hopeiensis
Juglans hybr
Juglans hybrida
Juglans intermedia (intermediate walnut) (Attributes)
Juglans jamaicensis (West Indian walnut) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Juglans laurifolia
Juglans leconteana
Juglans leonis
Juglans magnifica
Juglans major (Arizona walnut) (Attributes)
Juglans mandshurica (Manchurian walnut)
Juglans microcarpa (little walnut) (Attributes)
Juglans minutidens
Juglans missouriensis
Juglans mollis
Juglans neotropica (Andean walnut) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Juglans nigella
Juglans nigra (black walnut) (Attributes)
Juglans notha
Juglans obtusifolia
Juglans occidentalis
Juglans olanchana (Attributes)
Juglans oregoniana
Juglans picroides
Juglans pyriformis (Walnuts) (Endangered)
Juglans regia (English walnut) (Attributes)
Juglans rhamnoides
Juglans rugosa
Juglans ruprestis <Unverified Name>
Juglans saffordiana
Juglans sapindiformis
Juglans sapindoides
Juglans schimperi
Juglans segreziensis
Juglans sepultus
Juglans sigillata (Iron Walnut)
Juglans similis
Juglans soratensis
Juglans steyermarkii (Endangered)
Juglans thermalis
Juglans townsendi
Juglans ungeri
Juglans venezuelensis (Endangered)
Juglans vetusta
Juglans woodiana
Populus debeyana

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