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Scinax (Tree frog)

Synonyms: Garbeana; Scynax

Wikipedia Abstract

Scinax is a genus of frogs (snouted treefrogs) in the Hylidae family found in eastern and southern Mexico to Argentina and Uruguay, Trinidad and Tobago, and Saint Lucia. These are small to moderate-sized tree frogs, drably colored. Duellman and Wiens resurrected this genus in 1992. The name originates from the Greek word skinos, meaning quick or nimble.
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Scinax acuminatus (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Scinax altae (Attributes)
Scinax alter (Crubixa Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax auratus (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Scinax baumgardneri (Baumgardner's Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax blairi (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Scinax boesemani (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Scinax boulengeri (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Scinax cabralensis (Attributes)
Scinax caldarum (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Scinax camposseabrai (Attributes)
Scinax caprarius
Scinax cardosoi (Attributes)
Scinax castroviejoi (Temperate Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax chiquitanus (Attributes)
Scinax constrictus (Attributes)
Scinax cretatus
Scinax crospedospilus (Attributes)
Scinax cruentomma (Manaus Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax curicica (Lanceback Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax cuspidatus (Coastal Lowland Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax danae (Attributes)
Scinax dolloi
Scinax duartei (Attributes)
Scinax elaeochroa (Sipurio Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax eurydice (Attributes)
Scinax exiguus (Attributes)
Scinax fontanarrosai
Scinax funereus (Moyobamba Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax fuscomarginatus (Brown-bordered Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax fuscovarius (Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax garbei (Eirunepe Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax granulatus (Attributes)
Scinax haddadorum
Scinax hayii (Attributes)
Scinax ictericus (Attributes)
Scinax imbegue
Scinax iquitorum
Scinax jolyi (Attributes)
Scinax juncae
Scinax karenanneae (Vaupes Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax kennedyi (Attributes)
Scinax lindsayi (Lindsay's Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax madeirae
Scinax manriquei
Scinax maracaya (Attributes)
Scinax montivagus
Scinax nasicus (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Scinax nebulosus (Spix's Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax onca
Scinax oreites (Attributes)
Scinax pachycrus (Attributes)
Scinax pedromedinae (Attributes)
Scinax perereca (Attributes)
Scinax proboscideus (Gran Rio Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax quinquefasciatus (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Scinax rogerioi
Scinax rossaferesae
Scinax rostratus (Caracas Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax ruber (Red Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax ruberoculatus
Scinax rupestris
Scinax sateremawe
Scinax similis (Attributes)
Scinax squalirostris (Striped Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax staufferi (Stauffer's Treefrog) (Attributes)
Scinax strussmannae
Scinax sugillatus (Attributes)
Scinax tigrinus
Scinax tropicalia
Scinax tsachila
Scinax tymbamirim
Scinax villasboasi
Scinax wandae (Attributes)
Scinax x-signatus (Venezuela Snouted Treefrog) (Attributes)

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