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Eucoccidiorida (Eucoccidiorida)

Wikipedia Abstract

The Eucoccidiorida are an order of microscopic, spore-forming, single-celled parasites belonging to the apicomplexan class Conoidasida. Protozoans of this order include parasites of humans, and both domesticated and wild animals including birds. Among these parasites are the Toxoplasma gondii that cause toxoplasmosis and Isospora belli, which results in isosporiasis.
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Adeleidae (4)
Aggregatidae (35)
Calyptosporidae (2)
Caryotrophidae (2)
Cryptosporidiidae (24)
Eimeriidae (131)
Haemogregarinidae (65)
Sarcocystidae (21)
Selenococcidiidae (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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