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Synonyms: Miozoa

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Myzozoa is a grouping of specific phyla within Alveolata, that either feed through myzocytosis, or were ancestrally capable of feeding through myzocytosis. A large number of protozoan orders group within Myzozoa. It is sometimes described as a phylum, containing the major subphyla Dinozoa and Apicomplexa, plus minor subphyla. The term Myzozoa superseded the previous term "Miozoa", by the same authority, and gave a slightly altered meaning.
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Chonesphaera (1)
Fromea (5)
Hystrichosphaera (2)
Ixoreis (1)
Leiosphaeridia (11)
Lejeunia (1)
Polyplicarium (4)
Solenococcidium (1)
Testeria (2)
Trematosphaeridium (1)
Veryhachium (6)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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