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Acropora (Staghorn coral)


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Acropora is a genus of small polyp stony coral in the phylum Cnidaria. Some of its species are known as table coral, elkhorn coral, and staghorn coral. Over 149 species are described. Acropora species are some of the major reef corals responsible for building the immense calcium carbonate substructure that supports the thin living skin of a reef.
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Acropora abrolhosensis (Blue-tipped staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora abrotanoides
Acropora acervata
Acropora aculeus (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora acuminata (Blue-tipped staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora aduncata
Acropora alliomorpha
Acropora alvarezi
Acropora amblyclados
Acropora anglica
Acropora anthocercis (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora arabensis
Acropora arafura
Acropora aspera (Coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora austera (Staghorn coral)
Acropora awi (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora bancellsae
Acropora bandensis
Acropora bartonensis
Acropora batunai (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora borneoensis
Acropora botryodes
Acropora branchi
Acropora britannica
Acropora brooki
Acropora bullata
Acropora bushyensis
Acropora cancellata
Acropora capillaris
Acropora cardenae
Acropora carduus
Acropora caroliniana (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora cerealis (Purple-tipped staghorn coral)
Acropora cervicornis (Staghorn coral) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Acropora ceylonica
Acropora chesterfieldensis
Acropora clathrata (Table coral)
Acropora confraga
Acropora cophodactyla
Acropora crassa
Acropora cruciseptata
Acropora cucullata
Acropora cytherea
Acropora darrellae
Acropora deformis
Acropora dendrum (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora derawaensis
Acropora derawanensis (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora desalwii (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora dichotoma
Acropora digitifera (Staghorn coral)
Acropora disticha
Acropora divaricata
Acropora donei (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora downingi
Acropora duncani
Acropora echinata (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora effusa
Acropora eibli
Acropora elegans (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora elegantula
Acropora elenae
Acropora elseyi (Coral)
Acropora emanuelae
Acropora eurystoma (Staghorn coral)
Acropora exigua
Acropora exquisita
Acropora fastigata
Acropora fennemai
Acropora fenneri
Acropora filiformis
Acropora florida (Branch coral)
Acropora forskali
Acropora fraterna
Acropora gemmifera (Cluster acropora)
Acropora glauca
Acropora globiceps (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora glochiclados
Acropora gomezi
Acropora gonagra
Acropora grandis
Acropora granulosa
Acropora haidingeri
Acropora haimei
Acropora halmaherae
Acropora hasibuani
Acropora hemprichii (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora herklotsi
Acropora heteroclados
Acropora hoeksemai (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora horrida (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora humilis (Staghorn coral)
Acropora hyacinthus
Acropora hydra
Acropora indica
Acropora indonesia (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora indurata
Acropora intermedia
Acropora jacquelinae (Staghorn coral)
Acropora jacquelineae (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora japonica
Acropora jeulini
Acropora khayranensis
Acropora kimbeensis (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora kirstyae (Kirstyae staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora kosurini (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora lamarcki
Acropora latistella (Green table coral)
Acropora laurae
Acropora lavandulina
Acropora laxa
Acropora listeri (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora loisetteae (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora lokani (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora longicyathus (Staghorn coral)
Acropora loripes
Acropora lovelli (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora lutkeni (Staghorn coral)
Acropora luzonica
Acropora macrocalyx
Acropora mexicana
Acropora microclados (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora microphthalma
Acropora millepora (Staghorn coral) (Attributes)
Acropora minima
Acropora mirabilis
Acropora monticulosa (Coral)
Acropora mossambica
Acropora multiacuta (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora multiformis
Acropora muricata (Staghorn coral)
Acropora nana (Coral)
Acropora nasuta (Staghorn coral)
Acropora natalensis
Acropora neglecta
Acropora oligocyathus
Acropora ornata
Acropora pachycyathus
Acropora pachymorpha
Acropora palmata (Elkhorn coral) (Critically Endangered)
Acropora palmerae (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora panamensis
Acropora paniculata (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora papillare (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora papillosa
Acropora paragemmifera
Acropora parvistella
Acropora pectinata
Acropora pelewensis
Acropora pharaonis (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora philippinensis
Acropora pichoni
Acropora piedmontensis
Acropora plantaginea
Acropora plumosa (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora pocillifera
Acropora polystoma (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora prolifera (Fused staghorn coral)
Acropora proteacea
Acropora proximalis
Acropora pruinosa
Acropora pulchra (Coral)
Acropora pumila
Acropora ramiculosa
Acropora ramosi
Acropora renemai
Acropora retusa (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora ridzwani
Acropora robusta (Staghorn coral)
Acropora roemeri
Acropora rongelapensis
Acropora rosacea
Acropora roseni (Staghorn coral) (Endangered)
Acropora rousseauii
Acropora rudis (Staghorn coral) (Endangered)
Acropora rufa
Acropora russelli (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora sabulata
Acropora salentina
Acropora saludensis
Acropora salundensis
Acropora samoensis
Acropora sarmentosa (Coral)
Acropora secale (Staghorn coral)
Acropora secaloides
Acropora secunda
Acropora secundella
Acropora selago (Coral)
Acropora seriata
Acropora simplex (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora sirikitiae
Acropora slovenica
Acropora solanderi
Acropora solitaryensis (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora sordiensis
Acropora spathulata
Acropora speciosa (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora spicifera (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora spinosa
Acropora splendida
Acropora squamata
Acropora squarrosa
Acropora stellulata
Acropora stigmataria
Acropora stoddarti
Acropora striata (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora studeri
Acropora subglabra
Acropora subulata
Acropora suharsonoi (Staghorn coral) (Endangered)
Acropora sukarnoi
Acropora suwanneensis
Acropora tampaensis
Acropora tanegashimensis
Acropora tenella (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora tenuis (Staghorn coral)
Acropora teres
Acropora tergestina
Acropora thurstoni
Acropora torihalimeda
Acropora tortuosa (Staghorn coral)
Acropora tuberculosa
Acropora tubicinaria
Acropora tubiformis
Acropora tubigera
Acropora tubulosa
Acropora tumida
Acropora turaki (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora uncinata
Acropora upchurchi
Acropora urceolifera
Acropora valenciennesi (Coral)
Acropora valida (Staghorn coral)
Acropora variolosa
Acropora vastula
Acropora vaughani (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora verweyi (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora walindii (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora willisae (Staghorn coral) (Vulnerable)
Acropora wilsonae
Acropora yongei (Staghorn coral)
Heteropora decurrens
Heteropora echidnaea
Heteropora forskalii
Heteropora imbricata
Heteropora laxa
Heteropora pocillifera
Heteropora tubulosa
Madrepora alliomorpha
Madrepora amblyclados
Madrepora bonellii
Madrepora borealis
Madrepora botryodes
Madrepora bottae
Madrepora bullata
Madrepora cancellata
Madrepora ceylonica
Madrepora confraga
Madrepora dactylophora
Madrepora decurrens
Madrepora dilatata
Madrepora disticha
Madrepora echidnaea
Madrepora effusa
Madrepora elegantula
Madrepora exarata
Madrepora forskali
Madrepora glochiclados
Madrepora haimei
Madrepora hydra
Madrepora imbricata
Madrepora indica
Madrepora laxa
Madrepora mirabilis
Madrepora multiformis
Madrepora oligocyathus
Madrepora orientalis
Madrepora ortmanni
Madrepora plantaginea
Madrepora platycyathus
Madrepora pocillifera
Madrepora pumila
Madrepora rosacea
Madrepora rousseaui
Madrepora secunda
Madrepora studeri
Madrepora thurstoni
Madrepora tubicinaria
Madrepora tubigera

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Species taxanomy provided by GBIF Secretariat (2022). GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. Checklist dataset accessed via on 2023-06-13; License: CC BY 4.0