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Seriatopora hystrix (Bird nest coral; Bush coral)

Synonyms: Seriatopora angulata; Seriatopora caliendrum var. subtilis

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Seriatopora hystrix is a species of colonial stony coral in the family Pocilloporidae. It forms a bushy clump and is commonly known as thin birdsnest coral. It grows in shallow water on fore-reef slopes or in sheltered lagoons, the type locality being the Red Sea. It is native to East Africa, the Red Sea and the western Indo-Pacific region. It is a common species and the International Union for Conservation of Nature has assessed its conservation status as being of "least concern".
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Diproctacanthus xanthurus (Yellow-tail wrasse)[1]


Parasitized by 
Halofolliculina corallasia <Unverified Name>[2]

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