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Morpho menelaus (Blue Morpho)

Synonyms: Morpho alexandra; Morpho maxima; Papilio menelaus; Papilio nestor

Wikipedia Abstract

The Menelaus Blue Morpho (Morpho menelaus) is an iridescent tropical butterfly of Central and South America. It has a wing span of 15 cm (5.9 in). The adult drinks juice from rotten fruit with its long proboscis, which is like a sucking tube. The adult males have brighter colours than the females. Morpho menelaus is a very large butterfly, with a wingspan of approximately 138 mm.The forewing is concave at the outer edge. The upperside of wings are metallic blue.The underside is brown with a line of large ocelli at the base of the postdiscal area.
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Prey / Diet

Erythroxylum amplifolium[1]
Gongora quinquenervis (gongora orchid)[2]


Ramphastos toco (Toco Toucan)[2]


Pollinator of 
Gongora quinquenervis (gongora orchid)[2]

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