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Dacryodes (dacryodes)

Synonyms: Curtisina; Hemisantiria; Santiridium

Wikipedia Abstract

Dacryodes is a genus of about 60 species of trees in the family Burseraceae. The generic name is from the Greek dakruon meaning "tear(drop)", referring to how resin droplets form on the bark surface.
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Dacryodes acutipyrena
Dacryodes amplectans
Dacryodes belemensis
Dacryodes breviracemosa (Vulnerable)
Dacryodes canaliculata
Dacryodes caparuensis
Dacryodes chimantensis
Dacryodes colombiana (Endangered)
Dacryodes connata
Dacryodes costanensis
Dacryodes costata
Dacryodes crassipes (Endangered)
Dacryodes cristalinae
Dacryodes cupularis
Dacryodes cuspidata
Dacryodes decidua
Dacryodes dungii
Dacryodes edilsonii (Endangered)
Dacryodes elmeri (Vulnerable)
Dacryodes epimedia
Dacryodes excelsa (candletree) (Attributes)
Dacryodes expansa (Vulnerable)
Dacryodes frangens
Dacryodes froesiana
Dacryodes glabra
Dacryodes granatensis
Dacryodes hopkinsii
Dacryodes huamaniensis
Dacryodes hydriflora (Endangered)
Dacryodes incurvata
Dacryodes kingii
Dacryodes laxa
Dacryodes longifolia
Dacryodes macrocarpa
Dacryodes maguipensis
Dacryodes metallica
Dacryodes microcarpa
Dacryodes multijuga (Vulnerable)
Dacryodes negrensis
Dacryodes nervosa
Dacryodes nitens
Dacryodes oblongifolia
Dacryodes oblongipetala
Dacryodes obovata
Dacryodes occidentalis
Dacryodes olivifera
Dacryodes panamensis
Dacryodes papuana
Dacryodes paraensis
Dacryodes patentinervia
Dacryodes patrona (Vulnerable)
Dacryodes peruviana
Dacryodes puberula (Vulnerable)
Dacryodes ramosa
Dacryodes robusta
Dacryodes roraimensis
Dacryodes rostrata (Attributes)
Dacryodes rubiginosa
Dacryodes rugosa
Dacryodes samanae
Dacryodes sclerophylla
Dacryodes spatulata
Dacryodes steyermarkii
Dacryodes sudyungasensis
Dacryodes talamancensis (Endangered)
Dacryodes transitionis
Dacryodes tumacensis
Dacryodes uruts-kunchae
Dacryodes villosa
Dacryodes yaliensis

External References

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