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Gossypium (cotton)


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Gossypium is the cotton genus. It belongs to the tribe Gossypieae, in the mallow family, Malvaceae, native to the tropical and subtropical regions from both the Old and New World. The genus Gossypium comprises around 50 species, making it the largest in species number in the tribe Gossypieae. New species continue to be discovered. The name of the genus is derived from the Arabic word goz, which refers to a soft substance.
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Gossypium anapoides
Gossypium anomalum
Gossypium arboreum (tree cotton)
Gossypium areysianum
Gossypium aridum (Vulnerable)
Gossypium armourianum (Critically Endangered)
Gossypium baradense
Gossypium barbadense (Creole cotton) (Attributes)
Gossypium bickii
Gossypium bricchettii
Gossypium ceratodenum
Gossypium contextum
Gossypium costulatum
Gossypium cunninghamii
Gossypium darwinii (Darwin's cotton)
Gossypium dicladum
Gossypium enthyle
Gossypium exiguum
Gossypium farbadense
Gossypium frutescens
Gossypium glandulosum
Gossypium gossypioides (Vulnerable)
Gossypium harknessii (Endangered)
Gossypium herbaceaum <Unverified Name>
Gossypium herbaceum (Levant cotton) (Attributes)
Gossypium hirsutum (upland cotton) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Gossypium hybr
Gossypium hypadenum
Gossypium incanum
Gossypium irenaeum
Gossypium klotzschianum
Gossypium lanceaeforme
Gossypium lanceolatum
Gossypium latifolium
Gossypium laxum (Endangered)
Gossypium leucadenum
Gossypium lobatum (Endangered)
Gossypium londonderriense
Gossypium longicalyx (Vulnerable)
Gossypium lysinum
Gossypium marchantii
Gossypium morrilli
Gossypium mustelinum (Endangered)
Gossypium mustelium
Gossypium nelsonii
Gossypium nobile
Gossypium parviflora
Gossypium patens
Gossypium perrieri
Gossypium pilosum
Gossypium populifolium
Gossypium praestantissimum
Gossypium puberulum
Gossypium pulchellum
Gossypium raimondii (Endangered)
Gossypium robinsonii
Gossypium rotundifolium
Gossypium schwendimanii (Endangered)
Gossypium somalense
Gossypium stephensii
Gossypium stocksii
Gossypium sturtianum (Sturt's desert rose) (Attributes)
Gossypium synochrum
Gossypium terraceium
Gossypium thurberi (Thurber's cotton) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Gossypium timorense
Gossypium tomentosum (Hawai'i cotton) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Gossypium trifurcatum
Gossypium trilobum (Endangered)
Gossypium triphyllum
Gossypium turneri (Critically Endangered)
Gossypium uliginosum
Gossypium verticillata
Gossypium vollesenii
Gossypium zaitzevii

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