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Carex (sedge)


Wikipedia Abstract

Carex is a vast genus of almost 2,000 species of grassy plants in the family Cyperaceae, commonly known as sedges. Other members of the Cyperaceae family are also called sedges, however those of genus Carex may be called "true" sedges, and it is the most species-rich genus in the family. The study of Carex is known as caricology.
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Carex abitibiana (Attributes)
Carex aboriginum (Attributes)
Carex abortiva (Attributes)
Carex abrupta (abruptbeak sedge) (Attributes)
Carex abscondita (thicket sedge) (Attributes)
Carex acaulis (Attributes)
Carex accrescens (Attributes)
Carex acicularis (Attributes)
Carex acidicola (Attributes)
Carex acocksii (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex acuminata
Carex acuta (Slender Tufted-sedge) (Attributes)
Carex acutata (Attributes)
Carex acutiformis (lesser pond sedge) (Attributes)
Carex adelostoma (circumpolar sedge) (Attributes)
Carex adrienii (Attributes)
Carex adulterina (Attributes)
Carex adusta (lesser brown sedge) (Attributes)
Carex aematorhyncha
Carex aequialta (Attributes)
Carex aestivaliformis (Attributes)
Carex aestivalis (summer sedge) (Attributes)
Carex aethiopica (Attributes)
Carex agastachys
Carex agglomerata (Attributes)
Carex aggregata (glomerate sedge) (Attributes)
Carex akitaensis (Attributes)
Carex akiyamana (Attributes)
Carex aladagensis
Carex alajica (Attributes)
Carex alascana (northern bog sedge) (Attributes)
Carex alata (broadwing sedge) (Attributes)
Carex alatauensis (Attributes)
Carex alba (Attributes)
Carex albata
Carex albert-smithii
Carex alberti (Attributes)
Carex albicans (whitetinge sedge) (Attributes)
Carex albolutescens (greenwhite sedge) (Attributes)
Carex albomarginata
Carex albonigra (blackandwhite sedge) (Attributes)
Carex albovii
Carex alboviridis (Attributes)
Carex albula (Blonde Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex albursina (white bear sedge) (Attributes)
Carex algida (Attributes)
Carex allanii (Attributes)
Carex allensteiniensis
Carex alligata (Hawai'i sedge) (Attributes)
Carex alliiformis (Attributes)
Carex allivescens (Attributes)
Carex allolepis (Attributes)
Carex alluvialis (Attributes)
Carex alma (sturdy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex almii (Attributes)
Carex alopecoidea (foxtail sedge) (Attributes)
Carex alopecuroides
Carex alpina
Carex alsatica (Attributes)
Carex alsophila (Attributes)
Carex alta
Carex altaica
Carex alticola
Carex amgunensis (Attributes)
Carex amicta (Attributes)
Carex amphibola (eastern narrowleaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex amplectens (claspbract sedge) (Attributes)
Carex amplifolia (bigleaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex andalusica
Carex andersonii (Attributes)
Carex andina (Attributes)
Carex andoiniana
Carex andringitrensis (Attributes)
Carex angustata (widefruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex angustifolia
Carex angustilepis
Carex angustinowiczii
Carex angustispica (Attributes)
Carex angustisquama (Attributes)
Carex angustiutricula (Attributes)
Carex aniaiensis (Attributes)
Carex anisoneura (Attributes)
Carex anisostachys (Attributes)
Carex annectens (yellowfruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex anomala
Carex anomoea (Attributes)
Carex anselmi
Carex anthoxanthea (grassyslope arctic sedge) (Attributes)
Carex anthoxanthera
Carex antoniensis (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex aperta (Columbian sedge) (Attributes)
Carex aphanolepis (Attributes)
Carex aphylla (Attributes)
Carex aphyllopus (Attributes)
Carex apiahyensis (Attributes)
Carex apoiensis (Attributes)
Carex appalachica (Appalachian sedge) (Attributes)
Carex appendiculata
Carex applanata
Carex appressa (Attributes)
Carex appropinquata (Fibrous Tussock-sedge) (Attributes)
Carex approximata
Carex aquatilis (water sedge) (Attributes)
Carex arakanei (Attributes)
Carex arapahoensis (Arapaho sedge) (Attributes)
Carex arcatica
Carex archeri (Attributes)
Carex arcta (northern cluster sedge) (Attributes)
Carex arctata (drooping woodland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex arctica
Carex arctiformis (polar sedge) (Attributes)
Carex arctogena (capitate sedge) (Attributes)
Carex arctophila (Attributes)
Carex ardoinoana
Carex arenaria (sand sedge) (Attributes)
Carex arenicola (Attributes)
Carex argentina (Attributes)
Carex argunensis (Attributes)
Carex argyi (Attributes)
Carex argyrantha (hay sedge) (Attributes)
Carex argyrolepis (Attributes)
Carex aridula (Attributes)
Carex arisanensis (Attributes)
Carex aristata
Carex aristatisquamata (Attributes)
Carex aristulifera (Attributes)
Carex arizonica
Carex arkansana (Arkansas sedge) (Attributes)
Carex arnellii (Attributes)
Carex arnottiana (Attributes)
Carex arsenei (Attributes)
Carex arthuriana (Attributes)
Carex aschersonii (Attributes)
Carex ascotreta (Attributes)
Carex aspericaulis
Carex asperifructus (Attributes)
Carex asraoi (Attributes)
Carex assiniboinensis (Assiniboia sedge) (Attributes)
Carex astricta
Carex asturica (Attributes)
Carex asynchrona (Attributes)
Carex aterrima (Attributes)
Carex atherodes (wheat sedge) (Attributes)
Carex athrostachya (slenderbeak sedge) (Attributes)
Carex atlantica (prickly bog sedge) (Attributes)
Carex atlasica (Attributes)
Carex atractodes (Attributes)
Carex atrata (black-spike sedge) (Attributes)
Carex atratiformis (scrabrous black sedge) (Attributes)
Carex atrivaginata (Attributes)
Carex atrofusca (darkbrown sedge) (Attributes)
Carex atrofuscoides (Attributes)
Carex atropicta (Attributes)
Carex atrosquama (lesser blackscale sedge) (Attributes)
Carex atroviridis (Attributes)
Carex auceps
Carex aucklandica (Attributes)
Carex augustinowiczii (Attributes)
Carex aulocystis
Carex aurea (golden sedge) (Attributes)
Carex aureolensis (Attributes)
Carex auriculata (Attributes)
Carex auroniensis (Attributes)
Carex austrina (southern sedge) (Attributes)
Carex austro-occidentalis (Attributes)
Carex austroalpina (Attributes)
Carex austroamericana (Attributes)
Carex austrocaroliniana (tarheel sedge) (Attributes)
Carex austrocompacta (Attributes)
Carex austrodeflexa
Carex austroflaccida (Attributes)
Carex austrojacutensis
Carex austrolucorum (Blue Ridge sedge) (Attributes)
Carex austromexicana (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex austrosinensis (Attributes)
Carex austrosulcata
Carex austrotenella (Attributes)
Carex austrozhejiangensis (Attributes)
Carex autumnalis (Attributes)
Carex axillaris
Carex ayako-maedae
Carex aztecica (Attributes)
Carex baccans (Crimson Seeded Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex backii (Back's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex badilloi
Carex baeuerlenii
Carex baileyi (Bailey's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex baimaensis (Attributes)
Carex baiposhanensis (Attributes)
Carex bajacalifornica
Carex bakkeriana (Attributes)
Carex baksztensis
Carex balansae (Attributes)
Carex balbi
Carex baldensis (Attributes)
Carex balfourii (Attributes)
Carex ballsii (Attributes)
Carex baltzellii (Baltzell's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex bamaensis
Carex bambusetorum (Attributes)
Carex banksiana (Attributes)
Carex banksii (Attributes)
Carex baohuashanica (Attributes)
Carex barbarae (Santa Barbara sedge) (Attributes)
Carex barbata (Attributes)
Carex barbayaki
Carex baronii (Attributes)
Carex barrattii (Barratt's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex basiantha (Willdenow's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex basiflora (Attributes)
Carex basutorum
Carex bathiei (Attributes)
Carex bavicola (Attributes)
Carex bebbii (Bebb's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex beckii (Attributes)
Carex beckmanniana (Attributes)
Carex beckmannii (Attributes)
Carex behurica
Carex bella (southwestern showy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex bengalensis
Carex bengyana (Attributes)
Carex benkei (Attributes)
Carex bequaertii (Attributes)
Carex berggrenii (Attributes)
Carex bermudiana (Bermuda Sedge) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex berteroana
Carex berteroniana (Attributes)
Carex berthoudi
Carex bhutanensis (Attributes)
Carex bichenoviana (Attributes)
Carex bicknellii (Bicknell's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex bicolor (twocolor sedge) (Attributes)
Carex biconvexis
Carex biegensis (Attributes)
Carex bigelowii (Bigelow's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex biharica (Attributes)
Carex bijiangensis (Attributes)
Carex bilateralis (Attributes)
Carex biltmoreana (stiff sedge) (Attributes)
Carex binderi (Attributes)
Carex binerviformis
Carex binervis (Attributes)
Carex bistaminata
Carex bitchuensis (Attributes)
Carex biwensis
Carex blakei (Attributes)
Carex blanda (eastern woodland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex blepharicarpa (Attributes)
Carex blinii (Attributes)
Carex bodinieri (Attributes)
Carex boecheriana (Attributes)
Carex boelckeiana (Attributes)
Carex boenninghausiana (Attributes)
Carex bogstadensis (Attributes)
Carex bohemica (Attributes)
Carex bolanderi (Bolander's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex bolina (Attributes)
Carex boliviensis (Attributes)
Carex bonanzensis (Yukon sedge) (Attributes)
Carex bonariensis (Attributes)
Carex bonatiana
Carex bonplandii (Attributes)
Carex borbonica (Attributes)
Carex borealihinganica (Attributes)
Carex borealipolaris (Siberian bog sedge) (Attributes)
Carex borii (Attributes)
Carex boryana (Attributes)
Carex bosoensis
Carex bostrychostigma (Attributes)
Carex bouvieri
Carex brachyanthera (Attributes)
Carex brachyantherum
Carex brachycalama (Attributes)
Carex brachylepis
Carex brachystachys (Attributes)
Carex bracteosa (Attributes)
Carex bradei (Attributes)
Carex brainerdii (Brainerd's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex brandisii
Carex brasiliensis (Attributes)
Carex brehmeri (Attributes)
Carex breviaristata (Attributes)
Carex brevibracteata
Carex brevicaulis (shortstem sedge) (Attributes)
Carex brevicollis (Attributes)
Carex breviculmis (Attributes)
Carex brevicuspis (Attributes)
Carex breviglumis
Carex brevihispida
Carex brevior (shortbeak sedge) (Attributes)
Carex brevipes
Carex breviprophylla
Carex breviscapa (Attributes)
Carex brevispicula
Carex breweri (Brewer's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex brisoides
Carex brizoides (quaking-grass sedge) (Attributes)
Carex bromoides (brome-like sedge) (Attributes)
Carex brongniartii (Attributes)
Carex brownii (Attributes)
Carex bruceana
Carex brunnea (greater brown sedge) (Attributes)
Carex brunnescens (Alaska brownish sedge) (Attributes)
Carex brunnipes (Attributes)
Carex brysonii (Bryson's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex buchananii (Attributes)
Carex bucharica (Attributes)
Carex buchtienii
Carex buekii (Attributes)
Carex bufonia
Carex bulbostylis (false hair sedge) (Attributes)
Carex bullata (button sedge) (Attributes)
Carex burangensis
Carex burchelliana (Attributes)
Carex burkei
Carex burrardiana
Carex burttii (Attributes)
Carex buschiorum
Carex bushii (Bush's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex buxbaumii (Buxbaum's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex caduca (Attributes)
Carex caeligena (Attributes)
Carex caesariensis (Attributes)
Carex caespititia (Attributes)
Carex caespitosa
Carex calcicola (Attributes)
Carex calcifugens (Attributes)
Carex calcis (Attributes)
Carex californica (California sedge) (Attributes)
Carex caligena
Carex callista (Attributes)
Carex callitrichos (Attributes)
Carex cambodiensis (Attributes)
Carex campestris
Carex camposii (Attributes)
Carex camptoglochin
Carex canariensis (Attributes)
Carex candrianii (Attributes)
Carex canescens (silvery sedge) (Attributes)
Carex canina (Attributes)
Carex capensis
Carex capillacea (Attributes)
Carex capillaris (hair-like sedge) (Attributes)
Carex capilliculmis (Attributes)
Carex capillifolia (Attributes)
Carex capilliformis (Attributes)
Carex capitata (capitate sedge)
Carex capitellata (Attributes)
Carex capricornis (Attributes)
Carex cardiolepis (Attributes)
Carex careyana (Carey's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex caricis
Carex cariei (Attributes)
Carex caroliniana (Carolina sedge) (Attributes)
Carex carsei (Attributes)
Carex caryophyllea (vernal sedge) (Attributes)
Carex castanea (chestnut sedge) (Attributes)
Carex castaneostachya
Carex castanostachya (Attributes)
Carex castroviejoi
Carex catamarcensis (Attributes)
Carex cataphyllodes (Attributes)
Carex cataractae (Attributes)
Carex catharinensis
Carex caucasica
Carex caudata (Attributes)
Carex caudispicata (Attributes)
Carex caxinensis
Carex cayouettei
Carex celebica (Attributes)
Carex cenantha (Attributes)
Carex cephaloidea (thinleaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex cephalophora (oval-leaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex cephalotes (Attributes)
Carex cercidascus (Attributes)
Carex cercostachys
Carex cespitosa (Attributes)
Carex cetica (Attributes)
Carex ceylanica (Attributes)
Carex chaffanjonii (Attributes)
Carex chalciolepis (Attributes)
Carex chapmanii (Chapman's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex chatenieri
Carex chathamica (Attributes)
Carex cheesemanniana
Carex cheniana (Attributes)
Carex chermezonii
Carex cherokeensis (Cherokee sedge) (Attributes)
Carex chiapensis (Attributes)
Carex chichijimensis (Attributes)
Carex chihuahuensis (Chihuahuan sedge) (Attributes)
Carex chikungana (Attributes)
Carex chilensis
Carex chillanensis (Attributes)
Carex chinensis (Attributes)
Carex chinganensis
Carex chinoi (Attributes)
Carex chiovendae (Attributes)
Carex chiwuana (Attributes)
Carex chlorantha (Attributes)
Carex chlorocephalula (Attributes)
Carex chlorosaccus (Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex chlorostachys (Tioga Pass sedge) (Attributes)
Carex chordalis
Carex chordorrhiza (creeping sedge) (Attributes)
Carex chosenica (Attributes)
Carex chrysolepis (Attributes)
Carex chuiana
Carex chuii (Attributes)
Carex chungii (Attributes)
Carex cilicica (Attributes)
Carex cinerascens (Attributes)
Carex circinata (coiled sedge)
Carex cirrhosa (Attributes)
Carex cirrhulosa (Attributes)
Carex clairei
Carex clarkii
Carex clausa (Attributes)
Carex clavaeformis
Carex clavata (Attributes)
Carex clavispica
Carex clivorum (Attributes)
Carex cochinchinensis (Attributes)
Carex cochranei (Attributes)
Carex cockayneana
Carex cockayniana (Attributes)
Carex cognata (Attributes)
Carex colchaguensis
Carex colchica (Attributes)
Carex colensoi (Attributes)
Carex collimitanea (Attributes)
Carex collinsae
Carex collinsii (Collins' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex collumanthus (Attributes)
Carex comans (Attributes)
Carex commixta (Attributes)
Carex communis (Dixie sedge) (Attributes)
Carex comosa (longhair sedge) (Attributes)
Carex complanata (hirsute sedge) (Attributes)
Carex complexa
Carex composita (Attributes)
Carex concava
Carex concinna (low northern sedge) (Attributes)
Carex concinnoides (northwestern sedge) (Attributes)
Carex condensata (Attributes)
Carex conferta (Attributes)
Carex congdonii (Congdon's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex congestiflora (Attributes)
Carex conglomerata
Carex conica (Attributes)
Carex coninux (Attributes)
Carex conjuncta (soft fox sedge) (Attributes)
Carex connectens (Attributes)
Carex conoidea (openfield sedge) (Attributes)
Carex consanguinea
Carex conspecta (Attributes)
Carex conspissata (Attributes)
Carex constanceana (Contance's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex continua (Attributes)
Carex contracta (Attributes)
Carex corbieri
Carex cordillerana (Cordilleran sedge) (Attributes)
Carex cordouei (Attributes)
Carex coriacea (Attributes)
Carex coriogyne (Attributes)
Carex coriophora (Attributes)
Carex corrugata (prune-fruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex corstorphinei (Attributes)
Carex cortesii (Attributes)
Carex corynoidea (Attributes)
Carex costae
Carex costei (Attributes)
Carex costellata
Carex cotigua <Unverified Name>
Carex coulteri (Attributes)
Carex courtallensis
Carex coxiana (Attributes)
Carex cranaocarpa (Attributes)
Carex craspedotricha
Carex crassibasis (Attributes)
Carex crassiflora (Attributes)
Carex crassipes
Carex crawei (Crawe's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex crawfordii (Crawford's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex crebra (Attributes)
Carex crebriflora (coastal plain sedge) (Attributes)
Carex cremnicola (Attributes)
Carex cremostachys (Attributes)
Carex crepinii (Attributes)
Carex cretica (Crete Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex crinalis
Carex crinita (fringed sedge) (Attributes)
Carex crinitoides (Attributes)
Carex crispa
Carex cristatella (crested sedge) (Attributes)
Carex cruciata (Attributes)
Carex cruenta (Attributes)
Carex crus-corvi (ravenfoot sedge) (Attributes)
Carex cryptochlaena (Attributes)
Carex cryptolepis (northeastern sedge) (Attributes)
Carex cryptosperma
Carex cryptostachys (Attributes)
Carex cseteii
Carex csomadensis (Attributes)
Carex cuatrecasasii
Carex cubensis (Attributes)
Carex cuchumatanensis (Attributes)
Carex culmenicola (Attributes)
Carex cumberlandensis (Cumberland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex cumulata (clustered sedge) (Attributes)
Carex curaica (Attributes)
Carex curatorium
Carex curatorum (Kaibab sedge) (Attributes)
Carex curticeps
Carex curvata
Carex curvicollis (Attributes)
Carex curviculmis (Attributes)
Carex curvula (Attributes)
Carex cusickii (Cusick's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex cuspidata
Carex cuspidosa (Attributes)
Carex cyanea
Carex cylindrica
Carex cylindricus
Carex cylindrostachys
Carex cyouensis
Carex cyprica (Attributes)
Carex cyrtostachya
Carex dabieensis (Attributes)
Carex dacica
Carex dahurica (Attributes)
Carex dailingensis (Attributes)
Carex daisenensis (Attributes)
Carex dallii (Attributes)
Carex daltoni
Carex damiaoshanensis (Attributes)
Carex danielis (Attributes)
Carex dapanshanica
Carex darwinii (Attributes)
Carex dasycarpa (sandywoods sedge) (Attributes)
Carex davalliana (Attributes)
Carex david-smithii (Attributes)
Carex davidii (Attributes)
Carex davisiae
Carex davisii (Davis' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex davyi (Davy's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex dawsonii
Carex daxinensis
Carex dayuongensis (Attributes)
Carex deamii (Attributes)
Carex deasyi
Carex debeauxii (Attributes)
Carex debilior
Carex debilis (white edge sedge) (Attributes)
Carex decidua
Carex deciduisquama (Attributes)
Carex declinata (Attributes)
Carex decolorans (Attributes)
Carex decomposita (cypressknee sedge) (Attributes)
Carex decora (Attributes)
Carex decurtata (Attributes)
Carex deflexa (northern sedge) (Attributes)
Carex deinbolliana (Attributes)
Carex delacosta
Carex delavayi (Attributes)
Carex delicata (Attributes)
Carex demissa (Attributes)
Carex densa (dense sedge) (Attributes)
Carex densicaespitosa (Attributes)
Carex densifimbriata (Attributes)
Carex densinervosa
Carex densipilosa (Attributes)
Carex depauperata (Attributes)
Carex depressa (Attributes)
Carex deqinensis (Attributes)
Carex derelicta (Attributes)
Carex descendens (Attributes)
Carex deserta (Attributes)
Carex desponsa (Attributes)
Carex devia (Attributes)
Carex deweyana (roundfruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex dianae (Diana's Peak Grass) (Attributes)
Carex diandra (lesser panicled sedge) (Attributes)
Carex diaoluoshanica
Carex diastena (Attributes)
Carex dichroa
Carex dickinsii (Attributes)
Carex dielsiana (Attributes)
Carex diffusus
Carex digitalis (slender woodland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex digitata (Attributes)
Carex dikei
Carex dilatata
Carex diluta (Attributes)
Carex diminuta (Attributes)
Carex dimorpholepis (Attributes)
Carex dioica (dioecious sedge) (Attributes)
Carex diplodon (Attributes)
Carex dipsacea (Attributes)
Carex dispalata (Attributes)
Carex disperma (softleaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex displata <Unverified Name>
Carex displodens
Carex dissita (Attributes)
Carex dissitiflora (Attributes)
Carex distachya (Attributes)
Carex distans (distant sedge) (Attributes)
Carex distenta
Carex distentiformis (Attributes)
Carex disticha (tworank sedge) (Attributes)
Carex distincta
Carex distracta (Attributes)
Carex divisa (separated sedge) (Attributes)
Carex divulsa (grassland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex doenitzii (Attributes)
Carex doistepensis
Carex doisutepensis (Attributes)
Carex dolichogyne (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Carex dolichophylla
Carex dolichostachya (Attributes)
Carex dolicophylla
Carex dolomitica (Mount Burnett Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex doniana
Carex donnell-smithii (Attributes)
Carex douglasii (Douglas' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex drepanorhyncha (Attributes)
Carex druceana (Attributes)
Carex drucei
Carex drukyulensis
Carex drymophila (Attributes)
Carex dubia
Carex dubitata
Carex ducellieri (Attributes)
Carex duereriana (Attributes)
Carex dufftii (Attributes)
Carex dumanii (Attributes)
Carex durangensis (Attributes)
Carex durieui (Attributes)
Carex duriscula <Unverified Name>
Carex duriuscula (needleleaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex dusenii (Attributes)
Carex duvaliana (Attributes)
Carex earistata (Attributes)
Carex ebenea (ebony sedge) (Attributes)
Carex eburnea (bristleleaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex echinata (star sedge) (Attributes)
Carex echinochloe (Attributes)
Carex echinodes (Attributes)
Carex echinus (Attributes)
Carex ecklonii (Attributes)
Carex ecostata (Attributes)
Carex ecuadorensis (Vulnerable)
Carex ecuadorica (Attributes)
Carex edgariae (Attributes)
Carex edgarii
Carex edura
Carex edwardsiana (Edwards Plateau sedge) (Attributes)
Carex egglestonii (Eggleston's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex egmontiana (Attributes)
Carex egorovae (Attributes)
Carex ekmanii (Attributes)
Carex elanescens (Attributes)
Carex elata (Tufted Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex elatior (Attributes)
Carex elegantissima <Unverified Name>
Carex eleusinoides (goosegrass sedge) (Attributes)
Carex elgonensis
Carex elingamita (Attributes)
Carex elisabeth
Carex elisabethae (Attributes)
Carex elliottii (Elliott's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex elongata (elongated sedge) (Attributes)
Carex eluta (Attributes)
Carex elynoides (blackroot sedge) (Attributes)
Carex elytroides (Attributes)
Carex eminens (Attributes)
Carex emmae (Attributes)
Carex emoryi (Emory's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex enanderi (Attributes)
Carex endlichii (Attributes)
Carex enervis (Attributes)
Carex engelmannii (Engelmann's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex enneastachya (Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex enokii (Attributes)
Carex enontekiensis
Carex enysii (Attributes)
Carex erawinensis (Attributes)
Carex erebus (Attributes)
Carex erecta
Carex ereica (Attributes)
Carex eremitica
Carex eremopyroides (Attributes)
Carex eremostachya (Attributes)
Carex ericetorum (Attributes)
Carex erinacea
Carex eriocarpa (Attributes)
Carex eriophora
Carex erythrobasis (Attributes)
Carex erythrorrhiza (Attributes)
Carex erythrostachys
Carex erythrovaginata
Carex esbirajbhandarii
Carex esenbeckii
Carex esquiroliana (Attributes)
Carex esquirolii (Attributes)
Carex euprepes (Attributes)
Carex euxina
Carex evadens (Attributes)
Carex evoluta (Attributes)
Carex excelsa (Attributes)
Carex exerta
Carex exilis (coastal sedge) (Attributes)
Carex exsalina (Attributes)
Carex exsiccata (western inflated sedge) (Attributes)
Carex extensa (longbract sedge) (Attributes)
Carex faberiana (Attributes)
Carex fangiana
Carex fargesii (shortleaved sedge) (Attributes)
Carex fascicularis
Carex fasciculata
Carex fastigiata (Attributes)
Carex favratii (Attributes)
Carex feani
Carex fecunda (Attributes)
Carex feddeana (Attributes)
Carex fedia (Attributes)
Carex felixii (Attributes)
Carex fenghuangshanica (Attributes)
Carex ferax
Carex ferdinandi-sauteri (Attributes)
Carex fernandesiana
Carex fernandezensis (Attributes)
Carex ferruginea (Attributes)
Carex ferruspiculata
Carex festivelloides (Attributes)
Carex festucacea (fescue sedge) (Attributes)
Carex feta (greensheath sedge) (Attributes)
Carex figertii (Attributes)
Carex filamentosa (Attributes)
Carex filicina (Attributes)
Carex filifolia (threadleaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex filiformis
Carex filipedunculata (Attributes)
Carex filipes (Attributes)
Carex filispica
Carex filkukae (Attributes)
Carex fimbriata (Attributes)
Carex finitima (Attributes)
Carex firma (Attributes)
Carex firmicaulis (Attributes)
Carex firmior (Attributes)
Carex firmula
Carex fischeri (Attributes)
Carex fissa (hammock sedge) (Attributes)
Carex fissiglumis
Carex fissilis
Carex fissirostris (Carex diluta subspecies fissirostris) (Endangered)
Carex fissuricola (cleft sedge) (Attributes)
Carex flabellata (Attributes)
Carex flacca (heath sedge) (Attributes)
Carex flaccosperma (thinfruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex flagellifera (Attributes)
Carex flava (yellow sedge) (Attributes)
Carex flavicans (Attributes)
Carex flaviformis (Attributes)
Carex flavocuspis (Attributes)
Carex flexirostris (Attributes)
Carex flexuosa
Carex floridana (Florida sedge) (Attributes)
Carex fluviatilis (Attributes)
Carex foenea (Attributes)
Carex foetida (Attributes)
Carex fokienensis (Attributes)
Carex foliosissima (Attributes)
Carex folliculata (northern long sedge) (Attributes)
Carex foraminata (Attributes)
Carex foraminatiformis (Attributes)
Carex forficula (Attributes)
Carex formosa (handsome sedge) (Attributes)
Carex forrestii (Attributes)
Carex forsteri (Attributes)
Carex fossa (Attributes)
Carex fracta (fragile sheath sedge) (Attributes)
Carex fragilis (Attributes)
Carex fragosoana (Attributes)
Carex frankii (Frank's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex fraseriana (Fraser's cymophyllus) (Attributes)
Carex fretalis (Attributes)
Carex fridtzii (Attributes)
Carex friesii (Attributes)
Carex frigida (Attributes)
Carex fritschii (Attributes)
Carex fructus (Attributes)
Carex fucata (Attributes)
Carex fuegiana
Carex fujidae
Carex fuliginosa
Carex fulta (Attributes)
Carex fulva (Attributes)
Carex fulvorubescens (Attributes)
Carex fumosa
Carex fumosimontana
Carex furva (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex fusanensis (Attributes)
Carex fuscescens
Carex fuscolutea (Attributes)
Carex fuscula (Attributes)
Carex fusiformis (Attributes)
Carex fussii (Attributes)
Carex gammiei
Carex gandakiensis (Attributes)
Carex gaoligongshanensis
Carex garberi (elk sedge) (Attributes)
Carex gaudichaudeana
Carex gaudichaudiana (Attributes)
Carex gaudiniana (Attributes)
Carex gayana (Attributes)
Carex geantha (Attributes)
Carex gemella (Attributes)
Carex geminata (Attributes)
Carex geniculata
Carex genkaiensis (Attributes)
Carex gentilis
Carex geographica
Carex geophila (White Mountain sedge) (Attributes)
Carex georgiana
Carex gerhardtii (Attributes)
Carex geyeri (Geyer's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex gholsonii (Attributes)
Carex gibba (Attributes)
Carex gibbsiae (Attributes)
Carex gibertii (Attributes)
Carex gifuensis (Attributes)
Carex gigantea (giant sedge) (Attributes)
Carex ginsiensis (Attributes)
Carex giraldiana (Attributes)
Carex giraudiasii (Attributes)
Carex glabella
Carex glabrescens (Attributes)
Carex glacialis (glacial sedge) (Attributes)
Carex glareosa (lesser saltmarsh sedge) (Attributes)
Carex glaucescens (southern waxy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex glauciformis (Attributes)
Carex glaucodea (blue sedge) (Attributes)
Carex globistylosa (Attributes)
Carex globosa (roundfruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex globularis (Attributes)
Carex globulosa (Attributes)
Carex glomerata (Attributes)
Carex glossostigma (Attributes)
Carex gmelinii (Gmelin's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex godfreyi (Godfrey's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex goetghebeurii (Vulnerable)
Carex gogelana
Carex goligongshanensis (Attributes)
Carex gonggaensis (Attributes)
Carex gongshanensis (Attributes)
Carex gotoi (Attributes)
Carex goyenii (Attributes)
Carex gracei
Carex gracilenta (Attributes)
Carex graciliflora (Attributes)
Carex gracilior (slender sedge) (Attributes)
Carex gracillima (graceful sedge) (Attributes)
Carex graeffeana (Attributes)
Carex grahamii (Attributes)
Carex grallatoria (Attributes)
Carex graminiculmis (Attributes)
Carex graminifolia (Attributes)
Carex grandiligulata (Attributes)
Carex grantii (Grant's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex granularis (limestone meadow sedge) (Attributes)
Carex grasmanniana
Carex gravida (heavy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex grayi (Gray's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex greenwayi (Attributes)
Carex gremlichiana
Carex grioletii (Attributes)
Carex grisea (inflated narrow-leaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex groenlandica
Carex grossii (Attributes)
Carex guatemalensis (Attributes)
Carex guffroyi (Attributes)
Carex gunniana (Attributes)
Carex gynandra (nodding sedge) (Attributes)
Carex gynocrates (Hepburn's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex gynodynama (Olney's hairy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex gypsophila
Carex hachijoensis (Attributes)
Carex haematolepis (Attributes)
Carex haematopus
Carex haematosaccus (Attributes)
Carex haematostoma (Attributes)
Carex hageri (Attributes)
Carex hakkodensis (Attributes)
Carex hakonemontana (Attributes)
Carex hakonensis (Attributes)
Carex halei
Carex halleriana (Attributes)
Carex halliana (Hall's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hallii (deer sedge) (Attributes)
Carex halophila (Attributes)
Carex hamata (birdcatching sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hamlinii
Carex hanamninhensis (Attributes)
Carex hanasakensis
Carex hancockiana (Attributes)
Carex handel-mazzettii
Carex handelii
Carex hanensis (Attributes)
Carex hangtongensis (Attributes)
Carex hanseniana (Attributes)
Carex harae
Carex harfordii (Harford's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex harlandii (Attributes)
Carex harrysmithii (Attributes)
Carex hartii (Attributes)
Carex hartmaniorum (Attributes)
Carex hashimotoi (Attributes)
Carex hassei (salt sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hattoriana (Attributes)
Carex hatuyenensis (Attributes)
Carex hausmannii
Carex haydeniana (cloud sedge) (Attributes)
Carex haydenii (Hayden's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex healyi (Attributes)
Carex hebecarpa (Attributes)
Carex hebes (Dry Land Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hebetata (Attributes)
Carex hectori (Attributes)
Carex heleonastes (Hudson Bay sedge) (Attributes)
Carex helferi (Attributes)
Carex helingeeriensis
Carex helleri (Heller's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex helodes (Attributes)
Carex helvola (Attributes)
Carex hemineuros (Attributes)
Carex hendersonii (Henderson's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex henryi
Carex heptastachys
Carex herbacoeli
Carex hermanniae
Carex hermannii (Attributes)
Carex herteri (Attributes)
Carex heshuonensis (Attributes)
Carex heterodoxa (Attributes)
Carex heterolepis (Attributes)
Carex heteroneura (different-nerve sedge) (Attributes)
Carex heterophylla
Carex heterophyta (Attributes)
Carex heterostachya (different-spike sedge) (Attributes)
Carex heudesii (Attributes)
Carex hezhouensis (Attributes)
Carex hibernica (Attributes)
Carex hilairei (Attributes)
Carex hilaireioides (Attributes)
Carex hildebrandtiana (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Carex himalaica (Attributes)
Carex hinnulea (Attributes)
Carex hirsutella (fuzzy wuzzy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hirta (hammer sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hirtelloides (Attributes)
Carex hirticaulis (Attributes)
Carex hirtifolia (pubescent sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hirtigluma (Attributes)
Carex hirtissima (fuzzy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hirtiutriculata (Attributes)
Carex hispida (Attributes)
Carex hitchcockiana (Hitchcock's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hoatiensis (Attributes)
Carex hochstetteriana (Attributes)
Carex hohenackeriana
Carex hohxilensis
Carex hokarsarensis
Carex holmgreniorum
Carex holostoma (arctic marsh sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hondoensis (Attributes)
Carex honglinii
Carex hongnoensis (Attributes)
Carex hongyuanensis (Attributes)
Carex hoodii (Hood's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hookerana
Carex hookeri (Attributes)
Carex hookeriana (Hooker's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hoozanensis (Attributes)
Carex hopeiensis (Attributes)
Carex hordeistichos (Attributes)
Carex horizontalis
Carex hormathodes (marsh straw sedge) (Attributes)
Carex horsfieldii (Attributes)
Carex hosoii
Carex hostiana (host sedge) (Attributes)
Carex houghtoniana (Houghton's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex houstonii
Carex hovarum (Attributes)
Carex huangshanica
Carex huanjiangensis
Carex huashanica (Attributes)
Carex hubbardii (Attributes)
Carex huehueteca (Attributes)
Carex hughii
Carex hultenii (Attributes)
Carex humahuacaensis (Attributes)
Carex humbertiana (Attributes)
Carex humbertii (Attributes)
Carex humboldtiana (Attributes)
Carex humida (Attributes)
Carex humilis (Attributes)
Carex humpatensis (Attributes)
Carex huolushanensis (Attributes)
Carex husnotiana (Attributes)
Carex hwangii (Attributes)
Carex hyalina (tissue sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hyalinolepis (shoreline sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hylaca
Carex hymenodon (Attributes)
Carex hymenolepis (Attributes)
Carex hypandra (Attributes)
Carex hypaneura (Attributes)
Carex hypoblephara (Attributes)
Carex hypochlora
Carex hypoleucos (Attributes)
Carex hypolytroides (Attributes)
Carex hypsipedos (Attributes)
Carex hypsobates (Attributes)
Carex hystericina (bottlebrush sedge) (Attributes)
Carex hystricina
Carex ichimurae
Carex idaea
Carex idahoa (Idaho sedge) (Attributes)
Carex idzuroei (Attributes)
Carex ignota
Carex iljinii (Attributes)
Carex illegitima (Attributes)
Carex illota (sheep sedge) (Attributes)
Carex ilseana (Attributes)
Carex imandrensis (Attributes)
Carex imbecilla (Attributes)
Carex impexa (Attributes)
Carex impressinervia (ravine sedge) (Attributes)
Carex inaequalis
Carex inagawaensis
Carex inamii (Attributes)
Carex inanis (Attributes)
Carex incisa (Attributes)
Carex inclinis (Attributes)
Carex incomitata (Attributes)
Carex incurviformis (coastal sand sedge) (Attributes)
Carex indica (Attributes)
Carex indiciformis (Attributes)
Carex indistincta (Attributes)
Carex indosinica (Attributes)
Carex infirminervia (Attributes)
Carex infuscata (Attributes)
Carex inopinata (Attributes)
Carex inops (sun sedge) (Attributes)
Carex inornata
Carex insaniae (Attributes)
Carex insignis (Attributes)
Carex insularis (Attributes)
Carex integra (smoothbeak sedge) (Attributes)
Carex integrata <Unverified Name>
Carex interior (inland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex interjecta (Attributes)
Carex interrupta (greenfruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex intumescens (greater bladder sedge) (Attributes)
Carex inversa (knob sedge) (Attributes)
Carex inversonervosa (Attributes)
Carex involuta (Attributes)
Carex iraqensis (Attributes)
Carex ischnogyne (Attributes)
Carex ischnostachya (Attributes)
Carex ishimaensis
Carex isomadensis
Carex ivanoviae (Attributes)
Carex ixtapalucensis (Attributes)
Carex iynx (Attributes)
Carex jacens (Attributes)
Carex jackiana (Attributes)
Carex jacutica (Attributes)
Carex jaegeri (Attributes)
Carex jaluensis (Attributes)
Carex jamesii (James' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex jamesonii (Attributes)
Carex jankowskii (Attributes)
Carex japonalpina
Carex japonica (Attributes)
Carex jeanpertii (Attributes)
Carex jianfengensis
Carex jiaodongensis (Attributes)
Carex jinfoshanensis (Attributes)
Carex jiuhuaensis
Carex jizhuangensis (Attributes)
Carex johnstonii (Attributes)
Carex jonesii (Jones' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex joorii (cypress swamp sedge) (Attributes)
Carex josephi-schmittii (Attributes)
Carex jubozanensis (Attributes)
Carex juniperorum (juniper sedge) (Attributes)
Carex justi-schmidtii (Attributes)
Carex juvenilis (Attributes)
Carex kabanovii (Attributes)
Carex kagoshimensis (Attributes)
Carex kaloides (Attributes)
Carex kanaii
Carex kangdingensis
Carex kansuensis (Attributes)
Carex kaoi (Attributes)
Carex karlongensis (Attributes)
Carex karoi (Attributes)
Carex kashmirensis (Attributes)
Carex kattaeana (Attributes)
Carex kattegatensis
Carex kauaiensis (Kauai sedge) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex kelloggii (Attributes)
Carex kenaica (Attributes)
Carex kermadecensis (Attributes)
Carex ketonensis (Attributes)
Carex kiangsuensis (Attributes)
Carex killickii (Attributes)
Carex kimurae (Attributes)
Carex kingii (Attributes)
Carex kiotensis (Attributes)
Carex kirganica (Attributes)
Carex kirilowii
Carex kirinensis (Attributes)
Carex kirkii (Attributes)
Carex kitaibeliana (Attributes)
Carex klamathensis (Klamath sedge) (Attributes)
Carex klaphakei (Attributes)
Carex kneuckeri
Carex knieskernii (Attributes)
Carex knorringiae (Attributes)
Carex kobomugi (Japanese sedge) (Attributes)
Carex kobresioidea
Carex koestlinii
Carex kohtsii (Attributes)
Carex kokanica (Attributes)
Carex korkischkoae (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Carex korshinskyi (Attributes)
Carex koshewnikowii (Attributes)
Carex kotagirica
Carex koyaensis (Attributes)
Carex krajinae (Attributes)
Carex kraliana (Attributes)
Carex krascheninnikovii (Attributes)
Carex krausei (Krause's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex kreczetoviczii (Attributes)
Carex kuchunensis (Attributes)
Carex kucyniakii (Attributes)
Carex kuekenthaliana (Attributes)
Carex kuekenthalii (Attributes)
Carex kujuzana (Attributes)
Carex kukkoneniana
Carex kulingana (Attributes)
Carex kumaonensis (Attributes)
Carex kunlunsanensis
Carex kurdica (Attributes)
Carex kurilensis (Attributes)
Carex kwangsiensis (Attributes)
Carex kwangtoushanica (Attributes)
Carex kyyhkynenii (Attributes)
Carex labbei
Carex lachenalii (twotipped sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lachnosperma
Carex lacistoma (Attributes)
Carex lackowitziana (Attributes)
Carex lacustris (hairy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex laegaardii
Carex laeta (Attributes)
Carex laevicaulis
Carex laeviconica (smoothcone sedge) (Attributes)
Carex laeviculmis (smoothstem sedge) (Attributes)
Carex laevigata (smooth-stalked sedge) (Attributes)
Carex laevissima (Attributes)
Carex laevivaginata (smoothsheath sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lageniformis (Attributes)
Carex laggeri (Attributes)
Carex lagopodioides
Carex lagunensis (Attributes)
Carex lainzii (Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex lambertiana (Attributes)
Carex lamprocarpa (Attributes)
Carex lamprochlamys (Attributes)
Carex lancangensis (Attributes)
Carex lancea
Carex lanceisquama
Carex lanceolata (Attributes)
Carex lancifolia (Attributes)
Carex lancisquamata (Attributes)
Carex lanescens
Carex langeana (Lange's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex langii (Attributes)
Carex lankana (Attributes)
Carex lanosa
Carex laosensis (Attributes)
Carex lapazensis (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex lapponica (Lapland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex larensis (Attributes)
Carex laricetorum (Attributes)
Carex lasiocarpa (American woollyfruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lasiolepis (Attributes)
Carex latebracteata (Waterfall's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lateriflora (Attributes)
Carex latibracteata
Carex latisquamea (Attributes)
Carex lativena (broadvein sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lausii (Attributes)
Carex laxa (weak sedge) (Attributes)
Carex laxiculmis (spreading sedge) (Attributes)
Carex laxiflora (broad looseflower sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lazarei
Carex lazica
Carex leavenworthii (Leavenworth's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lechleriana
Carex lectissima (Attributes)
Carex ledebouriana (Attributes)
Carex leerseana
Carex leersii (Attributes)
Carex legrandiana
Carex lehmannii (Attributes)
Carex leiorhyncha (Attributes)
Carex lemanniana (Attributes)
Carex lemmonii (Lemmon's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lenta (Attributes)
Carex lenticularis (Enander's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lepida (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex lepidocarpa (long-stalked yellow-sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lepidochlamys
Carex leporina
Carex leporinella (Sierra hare sedge) (Attributes)
Carex leptalea (Harper's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex leptoblasta (Attributes)
Carex leptogyna
Carex leptonervia (nerveless woodland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex leptopoda (taperfruit shortscale sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lessoniana (Attributes)
Carex leucantha (Attributes)
Carex leutzii
Carex leveillei
Carex liangiana
Carex liangshanensis
Carex libera (Attributes)
Carex lidii (Attributes)
Carex ligata (Attributes)
Carex ligniciensis (Attributes)
Carex ligulata (ligulate sedge) (Attributes)
Carex limnicola (Attributes)
Carex limnogena (Attributes)
Carex limosa (mud sedge) (Attributes)
Carex limprichtiana (Attributes)
Carex limula (Attributes)
Carex lindleyana (Attributes)
Carex lingii (Attributes)
Carex liouana (Attributes)
Carex liparocarpos (Attributes)
Carex lithophila (Attributes)
Carex litorhyncha (Attributes)
Carex litorosa (Attributes)
Carex littledalei (Attributes)
Carex littoralis
Carex litvinovii (Attributes)
Carex litwinovii
Carex liui
Carex livida (livid sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lixtalea
Carex lobata
Carex lobolepis (Attributes)
Carex lobulirostris (Attributes)
Carex loliacea (ryegrass sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lonchicarpa
Carex lonchocarpa (southern long sedge) (Attributes)
Carex loncholepis
Carex longebrachiata (Australian sedge)
Carex longepedicellata
Carex longerostrata (Attributes)
Carex longhiensis (Attributes)
Carex longibrachiata (Attributes)
Carex longibracteata
Carex longicaulis (Attributes)
Carex longicolla
Carex longicruris (Attributes)
Carex longiculmis (Attributes)
Carex longicuspis (Attributes)
Carex longifructus
Carex longii (Long's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex longiligula (Attributes)
Carex longipes (Attributes)
Carex longipetiolata
Carex longirostrata
Carex longirostris
Carex longispiculata (Attributes)
Carex longissima (Attributes)
Carex longpanlaensis (Attributes)
Carex longshengensis (Attributes)
Carex longxishanensis
Carex lophocarpa (Attributes)
Carex loretii (Attributes)
Carex louisianica (Louisiana sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lowei (Attributes)
Carex lucennoiberica (Vulnerable)
Carex lucida
Carex lucorum (Blue Ridge sedge) (Attributes)
Carex luctuosa (Attributes)
Carex ludibunda (Attributes)
Carex ludwigii
Carex lupuliformis (false hop sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lupulina (hop sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lurida (shallow sedge) (Attributes)
Carex luridiformis (Attributes)
Carex lushanensis (Attributes)
Carex lusitanica
Carex lutea (sulphur sedge) (Attributes)
Carex luteola (Attributes)
Carex luzulifolia (littleleaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex luzulina (woodrush sedge) (Attributes)
Carex lycurus
Carex lyngbyei (Lyngbye's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex maackii (Attributes)
Carex mabilliana
Carex macilenta (Attributes)
Carex mackenziana (Attributes)
Carex mackenziei (Mackenzie's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex macloviana (thickhead sedge) (Attributes)
Carex macloviformis
Carex macounii (Attributes)
Carex macrandrolepsis
Carex macrocephala (largehead sedge) (Attributes)
Carex macrochaeta (longawn sedge) (Attributes)
Carex macrogyna
Carex macrolepis (Attributes)
Carex macrophyllidion (Attributes)
Carex macroprophylla
Carex macrorrhiza (Attributes)
Carex macrosandra (Attributes)
Carex macrosolen (Attributes)
Carex macrostachys (largespike sedge) (Attributes)
Carex macrostigmatica (Attributes)
Carex macrostyla
Carex macrostylos
Carex macrotrichoides
Carex maculata (Attributes)
Carex madagascariensis (Attributes)
Carex madida (Endangered)
Carex madrensis (Attributes)
Carex magacis (Attributes)
Carex magellanica (boreal bog sedge) (Attributes)
Carex magnifica
Carex magnoutriculata (Attributes)
Carex mahinoensis
Carex mainensis
Carex mairei (Attributes)
Carex makinoensis (Attributes)
Carex makuensis (Attributes)
Carex malaccensis (Attributes)
Carex malanshanensis
Carex malipoensis
Carex mallae
Carex malmei (Attributes)
Carex malyschevii (Attributes)
Carex manca (Attributes)
Carex manciformis (Attributes)
Carex mandoniana (Attributes)
Carex mandshurica (Attributes)
Carex manginii (Attributes)
Carex manhartii (Manhart's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex mannii (Attributes)
Carex maolanensis
Carex maorica (Maori Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex maorshanica (Attributes)
Carex maquensis (Attributes)
Carex marahuacana (Attributes)
Carex marcida
Carex marginata
Carex marianensis (Attributes)
Carex marina (sea sedge) (Attributes)
Carex mariposana (Mariposa sedge) (Attributes)
Carex maritima (curved sedge) (Attributes)
Carex markgrafii (Attributes)
Carex marshallii
Carex martynenkoi (Attributes)
Carex massonii (Attributes)
Carex matsumurae (Attributes)
Carex maubertiana
Carex maximowiczii
Carex mayebarana (Attributes)
Carex mckittrickensis (Guadalupe Mountain sedge) (Attributes)
Carex mcvaughii (Attributes)
Carex meadii (Mead's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex media (Attributes)
Carex meeboldiana (Attributes)
Carex megalepis
Carex meihsienica (Attributes)
Carex meiocarpa (Attributes)
Carex melanantha (Attributes)
Carex melananthiformis (Attributes)
Carex melanocarpa (Attributes)
Carex melanocephala (Attributes)
Carex melanorrhyncha (Astragal Radde) (Attributes)
Carex melanosperma
Carex melanostachya (Great Plains sedge) (Attributes)
Carex melinacra (Attributes)
Carex mellett <Unverified Name>
Carex membranacea (fragile sedge) (Attributes)
Carex mendica (Attributes)
Carex mendocinensis (Mendocino sedge) (Attributes)
Carex mercieri
Carex meridensis
Carex meridiana
Carex meridionalis
Carex merritt-fernaldii (Fernald's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex mertensii (Mertens' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex merxmuelleri (Attributes)
Carex mesochorea (midland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex mesophila
Carex metallica (Attributes)
Carex meyenii (Meyen's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex meyeriana (Attributes)
Carex michauxiana (Michaux's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex michelii (Attributes)
Carex michoacana (Attributes)
Carex micrantha
Carex microcarpa (Attributes)
Carex microchaeta (smallawned sedge) (Attributes)
Carex microdonta (littletooth sedge) (Attributes)
Carex microdontos
Carex microglochin (fewseeded bog sedge) (Attributes)
Carex micropoda (Attributes)
Carex microptera (smallwing sedge) (Attributes)
Carex microrhyncha (littlesnout sedge) (Attributes)
Carex microstachya (Attributes)
Carex microstyla (Attributes)
Carex middendorffii (Attributes)
Carex mildbraediana
Carex miliacea
Carex miliaris
Carex millsii (Attributes)
Carex mingrelica (Attributes)
Carex minor (Attributes)
Carex minquinensis
Carex minutiscabra (Attributes)
Carex minutissima (Attributes)
Carex minxianensis (Attributes)
Carex minxianica (Attributes)
Carex mira (Attributes)
Carex mirabilis
Carex miser
Carex misera (wretched sedge) (Attributes)
Carex missouriensis (Missouri sedge) (Attributes)
Carex mitchelliana (Mitchell's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex mithala (Attributes)
Carex mitrata (Attributes)
Carex miyabei (Attributes)
Carex mochomuensis (Attributes)
Carex modesti
Carex moesta (Attributes)
Carex molesta (troublesome sedge) (Attributes)
Carex molestiformis (frightful sedge) (Attributes)
Carex molinae (Attributes)
Carex molleri
Carex mollicula (Attributes)
Carex mollissima (Attributes)
Carex monile
Carex monodynama (Attributes)
Carex monosperma
Carex monostachya (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Carex monotropa (Attributes)
Carex montana (Attributes)
Carex montanoaltaica (Attributes)
Carex montanorum
Carex montis-eeka (Molokai sedge) (Attributes)
Carex montis-everestii
Carex montis-wutaii (Attributes)
Carex montivaga
Carex moorcroftii (Attributes)
Carex moorei (Attributes)
Carex moravica
Carex morii (Attributes)
Carex moriyoshiensis (Attributes)
Carex morrowii (Attributes)
Carex mosognensis
Carex mosoynensis
Carex motuoensis (Attributes)
Carex moupinensis (Attributes)
Carex mucronata (Attributes)
Carex mucronatiformis (Attributes)
Carex mucronulata (Attributes)
Carex muehlenbergii (Muhlenberg's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex muelleri (Attributes)
Carex muelleriana (Attributes)
Carex mukdensis
Carex muliensis (Attributes)
Carex multicaulis (manystem sedge) (Attributes)
Carex multicostata (manyrib sedge) (Attributes)
Carex multifaria
Carex multiflora
Carex multinervis
Carex multispicata
Carex multispiculata
Carex munda (Attributes)
Carex munipoorensis (Attributes)
Carex munroi (Attributes)
Carex muricata (rough sedge) (Attributes)
Carex muriculata (Schiede's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex murrii
Carex musartiana
Carex musashiensis (Attributes)
Carex musei (Attributes)
Carex muskingumensis (Muskingum sedge) (Attributes)
Carex myosuroides (Bellardi bog sedge) (Attributes)
Carex myosurus
Carex nachiana (Attributes)
Carex nairii (Attributes)
Carex nakaoana
Carex nakasimae (Attributes)
Carex nanchuanensis (Attributes)
Carex nandadeviensis (Attributes)
Carex nangtciangensis (Attributes)
Carex nanpingensis
Carex nardifollia
Carex nardina (spike sedge)
Carex nealiae
Carex nearctica
Carex neblinensis (Attributes)
Carex nebrascensis (Nebraska sedge)
Carex nebraskensis (Attributes)
Carex nebularum (Attributes)
Carex neesiana (Attributes)
Carex negeri
Carex negrii (Attributes)
Carex nelmesiana (Attributes)
Carex nelsonii (Nelson's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex nematostachya
Carex nemoralis
Carex nemorosa
Carex nemostachys (Attributes)
Carex nemurensis (Attributes)
Carex neobigelowii (Attributes)
Carex neochevalieri (Attributes)
Carex neodigyna (Attributes)
Carex neofilipendula (Attributes)
Carex neoguinensis (Attributes)
Carex neohebridensis (Attributes)
Carex neomiliaris (Attributes)
Carex neopetelotii (Attributes)
Carex neopolycephala (Attributes)
Carex neorigida (Attributes)
Carex nervata (Attributes)
Carex nervina (Sierra sedge) (Attributes)
Carex neurocarpa (Attributes)
Carex neurophora (alpine nerve sedge) (Attributes)
Carex nexa
Carex nicoloffii (Attributes)
Carex niederleiniana (Attributes)
Carex nigerrima (Attributes)
Carex nigra (smooth black sedge) (Attributes)
Carex nigricans (black alpine sedge) (Attributes)
Carex nigromarginata (black edge sedge) (Attributes)
Carex nikaii
Carex nikolskensis (Attributes)
Carex nitida
Carex nitidiutriculata (Attributes)
Carex nivalis (Attributes)
Carex nodaeana (Attributes)
Carex nodiflora (Attributes)
Carex nodosa
Carex noguchii
Carex noltiei
Carex nordica (Attributes)
Carex normalis (greater straw sedge) (Attributes)
Carex norvegica (closedhead sedge) (Attributes)
Carex notha (Attributes)
Carex notholimosioides (Attributes)
Carex notholimosoides
Carex nova (black sedge) (Attributes)
Carex novae-angliae (New England sedge) (Attributes)
Carex novae-zealandiae
Carex novogaliciana (Attributes)
Carex nubigena (Attributes)
Carex nudata (naked sedge) (Attributes)
Carex nudicarpa (Attributes)
Carex nugata
Carex nuriae
Carex nutans
Carex nuttallii
Carex oberrodensis (Attributes)
Carex obispoensis (San Luis Obispo sedge) (Attributes)
Carex oblanceolata (Attributes)
Carex oblata
Carex obliquicarpa (Attributes)
Carex obliquitruncata (Attributes)
Carex obnupta (slough sedge) (Attributes)
Carex obovatosquamata (Attributes)
Carex obscura (Attributes)
Carex obscuriceps (Attributes)
Carex obtusata (obtuse sedge) (Attributes)
Carex obtusifolia
Carex occidentalis (western sedge) (Attributes)
Carex ochrochlamys (Attributes)
Carex ochrosaccus (Attributes)
Carex oederi (common & small-fruited yellow-sedge)
Carex oedipostyla (Attributes)
Carex oenensis (Attributes)
Carex ogawai
Carex ohmuelleriana (Attributes)
Carex ohuboi
Carex okamotoi (Attributes)
Carex oklahomensis (Oklahoma sedge) (Attributes)
Carex olbiensis (Attributes)
Carex oligantha (Attributes)
Carex oligocarpa (richwoods sedge) (Attributes)
Carex oligocarya (Attributes)
Carex oligosperma (fewseed sedge) (Attributes)
Carex oligostachya (Attributes)
Carex olivacea (Attributes)
Carex olivieri (Attributes)
Carex olneyi (Attributes)
Carex omeiensis (Attributes)
Carex omeyica (Attributes)
Carex omiana (Attributes)
Carex omurae (Attributes)
Carex oneillii (Attributes)
Carex onoei (Attributes)
Carex opaca (Bicknell's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex ophiolithica (Attributes)
Carex orbicularinucis (Attributes)
Carex orbicularis (Attributes)
Carex oregonensis
Carex oreocharis (grassyslope sedge) (Attributes)
Carex oreophila (Attributes)
Carex orestera
Carex orizabae (Attributes)
Carex ormostachya (necklace spike sedge) (Attributes)
Carex ornithopoda (Attributes)
Carex oronensis (Orono sedge) (Attributes)
Carex orthostemon (Attributes)
Carex oshimensis (Attributes)
Carex otaruensis (Attributes)
Carex otayae
Carex otayai
Carex otomana (Attributes)
Carex otrubae (Attributes)
Carex ouachitana (Ouachita Mountain sedge) (Attributes)
Carex ovatispiculata (Attributes)
Carex ovoideoconica
Carex ovoidispica
Carex ovoidoconica (Attributes)
Carex ownbeyi (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex oxyandra (Attributes)
Carex oxylepis (sharpscale sedge) (Attributes)
Carex oxyphylla (Attributes)
Carex ozarkana (Ozark sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pachamamae
Carex pachygyna (Attributes)
Carex pachyneura (Attributes)
Carex pachystachya (chamisso sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pachystylis (Attributes)
Carex paczoskii (Attributes)
Carex paeninsulae (Attributes)
Carex pairae (Attributes)
Carex palawanensis (Attributes)
Carex paleacea (chaffy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pallescens (pale sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pallidula (Attributes)
Carex paludivagans (Attributes)
Carex palustris
Carex pamirensis (Attributes)
Carex pandanophylla (Attributes)
Carex panduranganii
Carex paneroi
Carex panginata
Carex panicea (grass-like sedge) (Attributes)
Carex paniculata (Greater Tussock-sedge) (Attributes)
Carex panormitana (Attributes)
Carex pansa (sanddune sedge) (Attributes)
Carex papillosissima (Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex paponii (Attributes)
Carex papualpina
Carex papulosa (Attributes)
Carex paracheniana
Carex paracuraica (Attributes)
Carex paraguayensis
Carex parallela (parallel sedge) (Attributes)
Carex paramjitii
Carex pararadicalis
Carex paratatsiensis
Carex parishii
Carex parryana (Parry's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex parva (Attributes)
Carex parviflora (Attributes)
Carex parvigluma (Attributes)
Carex parvirufa
Carex parvispica
Carex parvula (Attributes)
Carex patagonica (Attributes)
Carex patuensis (Attributes)
Carex pauciflora (fewflower sedge) (Attributes)
Carex paui
Carex pauliana
Carex paulii (Attributes)
Carex paulo-vargasii (Attributes)
Carex paxii (Attributes)
Carex payettei
Carex paysonis (Payson's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex peckii (Peck's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pediformis
Carex pedunculata (longstalk sedge) (Attributes)
Carex peichuniana
Carex peiktusani
Carex peliosanthifolia (Attributes)
Carex pellita (woolly sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pelocarpa (duskyseed sedge) (Attributes)
Carex penalpina
Carex pendula (hanging sedge) (Attributes)
Carex penduliformis (Attributes)
Carex pengii
Carex peninsulae
Carex pensylvanica (Pennsylvania sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pentastachys
Carex perakensis (Attributes)
Carex percostata (Attributes)
Carex perdensa
Carex perdentata (sand sedge) (Attributes)
Carex peregrina (Attributes)
Carex perennis
Carex perglobosa (globe sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pergracilis (Attributes)
Carex perlonga (Attributes)
Carex perplexa
Carex perprava (Attributes)
Carex perraudiereana
Carex perraudieriana (Attributes)
Carex persalina (Attributes)
Carex pertenuis (Attributes)
Carex peruviana (Attributes)
Carex petasata (Liddon sedge) (Attributes)
Carex petelotii (Attributes)
Carex petitiana
Carex petricosa (rock-dwelling sedge) (Attributes)
Carex petriei (Attributes)
Carex peucophila (Attributes)
Carex phacodes
Carex phacota (Lakeshore sedge) (Attributes)
Carex phaecostachya
Carex phaenocarpa (Attributes)
Carex phaeocephala (dunhead sedge) (Attributes)
Carex phaeodon (Attributes)
Carex phaeothrix (Attributes)
Carex phalarioides
Carex phalaroides (Attributes)
Carex phankei (Attributes)
Carex phleoides (Attributes)
Carex phoenicis (Attributes)
Carex phoenocarpa
Carex phragmitoides (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Carex phyllocaula (Attributes)
Carex phyllocephala (Attributes)
Carex phyllopoda
Carex phylloscirpoides (Critically Endangered)
Carex phyllostachys (Attributes)
Carex physocarpioides
Carex physocarpoides (Attributes)
Carex physochynchia
Carex physodes (Attributes)
Carex pichinchensis (Attributes)
Carex picta (Boott's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pigra (Tarheel sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pilosa (Attributes)
Carex pilosiuscula (Attributes)
Carex pilulifera (Pill Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pinophila (Attributes)
Carex piperi
Carex pisanoi (Attributes)
Carex pisiformis (thread sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pityophila (loving sedge) (Attributes)
Carex planata (Attributes)
Carex planiculmis (Attributes)
Carex planilomina
Carex planiscapa (Attributes)
Carex planispicata (flat-spiked sedge) (Attributes)
Carex planostachys (cedar sedge) (Attributes)
Carex plantaginea (plantainleaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex platyphylla (broadleaf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex platysperma (Attributes)
Carex plectobasis (Attributes)
Carex plectocarpa (Enander's sedge)
Carex pleioneura (Attributes)
Carex pleiostachys (Attributes)
Carex plesiostachys
Carex pleurocaula (Attributes)
Carex plocarnostyla
Carex ploegii
Carex ploettneriana (Attributes)
Carex pluriflora (manyflower sedge) (Attributes)
Carex plurinervata
Carex poculisquama (Attributes)
Carex podocarpa (shortstalk sedge) (Attributes)
Carex podogyna (Attributes)
Carex poeppigii (Attributes)
Carex poilanei (Attributes)
Carex polyantha (Attributes)
Carex polycephala (Attributes)
Carex polygamata
Carex polymascula (Attributes)
Carex polymorpha (variable sedge) (Attributes)
Carex polyschoenoides (Attributes)
Carex polystachya (Caribbean sedge) (Attributes)
Carex polysticha (Attributes)
Carex polytrichoides
Carex pontica (Attributes)
Carex popovii (Attributes)
Carex porrecta (Attributes)
Carex potens
Carex potosina (Attributes)
Carex praeceptorium
Carex praeceptorum (early sedge) (Attributes)
Carex praeclara (Attributes)
Carex praecox (early sedge) (Attributes)
Carex praegracilis (clustered field sedge) (Attributes)
Carex praelonga
Carex prahliana (Attributes)
Carex prainii
Carex prairea (prairie sedge) (Attributes)
Carex prasina (drooping sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pratericola
Carex praticola (meadow sedge) (Attributes)
Carex preissii (Attributes)
Carex prescottiana
Carex preslii (Presl's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pringlei (Attributes)
Carex procumbens
Carex projecta (necklace sedge) (Attributes)
Carex prolixa (Attributes)
Carex prolongata (Attributes)
Carex proposita (Great Smoky Mountain sedge) (Attributes)
Carex prostii
Carex provotii (Attributes)
Carex proxima (Attributes)
Carex pruinosa (Attributes)
Carex przewalskii (Attributes)
Carex pseudoaperta (Attributes)
Carex pseudoaxillaris (Attributes)
Carex pseudobicolor (Attributes)
Carex pseudobrizoides (Attributes)
Carex pseudochinensis (Attributes)
Carex pseudocuraica (Attributes)
Carex pseudocyperus (cypress-like sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pseudodahurica (Attributes)
Carex pseudodispalata (Attributes)
Carex pseudofoetida (Attributes)
Carex pseudogammiei
Carex pseudohelvola (Attributes)
Carex pseudohumilis (Attributes)
Carex pseudohypochlora (Attributes)
Carex pseudolaticeps (Attributes)
Carex pseudolaxa
Carex pseudoligulata (Attributes)
Carex pseudololiacea (Attributes)
Carex pseudomacloviana (Attributes)
Carex pseudomairei (Attributes)
Carex pseudomitrata
Carex pseudonutans
Carex pseudophyllocephala (Attributes)
Carex pseudorufa
Carex pseudosadoensis (Attributes)
Carex pseudospachiana (Attributes)
Carex pseudosupina (Attributes)
Carex pseudotristachya (Attributes)
Carex pseudovulpina (Attributes)
Carex pseuduncinoides (Attributes)
Carex psilocarpa
Carex psychrophila (Attributes)
Carex psyllophora
Carex pterocarpa (Attributes)
Carex pterocaulos (Attributes)
Carex puberuliutriculata
Carex pubescens
Carex pubicarpa
Carex pubigluma (Attributes)
Carex pudica (Attributes)
Carex pulchra (Attributes)
Carex pulchrifolia (Attributes)
Carex pulicaris (Attributes)
Carex pumila (dwarf sedge) (Attributes)
Carex punctata (dotted sedge) (Attributes)
Carex punicea
Carex punicola
Carex purdiei (Attributes)
Carex purpleovaginalis
Carex purpurata
Carex purpureosquamata (Attributes)
Carex purpureovagina (Attributes)
Carex purpureovaginata (Attributes)
Carex purpurifera (purple sedge) (Attributes)
Carex putjatini (Attributes)
Carex pycnostachya (Attributes)
Carex pycnostachys
Carex pygmaea (Attributes)
Carex pyramidalis (Attributes)
Carex pyrenaica (Pyrenean sedge) (Attributes)
Carex pyriformis
Carex qinghaiensis (Attributes)
Carex qingliangensis (Attributes)
Carex qingyangensis (Attributes)
Carex qiyunensis (Attributes)
Carex quadriflora (Attributes)
Carex quasibergrothii
Carex quebecensis (Quebec sedge) (Attributes)
Carex queretarensis (Attributes)
Carex quichensis (Attributes)
Carex quinata
Carex quinquin
Carex quirponensis (Attributes)
Carex raciborskii (Attributes)
Carex raddei (Attributes)
Carex radfordii (Radford's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex radiata (eastern star sedge) (Attributes)
Carex radicalis (Attributes)
Carex radiciflora (Attributes)
Carex radicina (Attributes)
Carex rafflesiana
Carex ragnoldsii
Carex rahuiensis
Carex rainbowii (Vulnerable)
Carex raleighii (Attributes)
Carex ramenskii (Ramensk's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex ramentaceofructus (Attributes)
Carex ramosa (Attributes)
Carex ramosii (Attributes)
Carex randalpina (Attributes)
Carex raoulii (Attributes)
Carex rapaensis
Carex raphidocarpa (Attributes)
Carex rara (Attributes)
Carex rariflora (looseflower alpine sedge) (Attributes)
Carex rasulii
Carex ratongensis (Attributes)
Carex raynoldsii (Raynolds' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex rcsrivastavae
Carex recta (estuary sedge) (Attributes)
Carex reducta (Attributes)
Carex regeliana (Attributes)
Carex regnelliana
Carex reichei (Attributes)
Carex reichenbachii
Carex reinii (Attributes)
Carex relaxa (Attributes)
Carex remota (Remote Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex remotistachya
Carex remotiuscula (Attributes)
Carex renauldii (Attributes)
Carex reniformis (kidneyshape sedge) (Attributes)
Carex renschiana (Attributes)
Carex repanda (Attributes)
Carex repens (Attributes)
Carex reptabunda (Attributes)
Carex resectans (Attributes)
Carex retroflexa (reflexed sedge) (Attributes)
Carex retrofracta (Attributes)
Carex retrorsa (knotsheath sedge) (Attributes)
Carex reuteriana
Carex reznicekii (Attributes)
Carex rhizina (Attributes)
Carex rhizopoda
Carex rhodesiaca (Attributes)
Carex rhomalea
Carex rhombifructus (Attributes)
Carex rhynchachaenium
Carex rhynchoperigynium (Attributes)
Carex rhynchophora
Carex rhyncophora
Carex richardsonii (Richardson's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex ridongensis (Attributes)
Carex rieseana (Attributes)
Carex rigidioides (Attributes)
Carex rikucbiuensis
Carex rikuchiuensis (Attributes)
Carex riloensis (Attributes)
Carex riparia (Great Pond Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex ripariaeformis
Carex rivalis
Carex rivularis
Carex rivulorum (Attributes)
Carex roalsoniana
Carex roanensis (Roan Mountain sedge) (Attributes)
Carex rochebrunei
Carex rodriguesii
Carex roraimensis (Attributes)
Carex rorulenta (Attributes)
Carex rosea (rosy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex rossiana (Attributes)
Carex rossii (Ross' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex rostellifera (Attributes)
Carex rostrata (beaked sedge) (Attributes)
Carex rotae (Attributes)
Carex rotrata
Carex rotundata (round sedge) (Attributes)
Carex rubicunda (Attributes)
Carex rubrobrunnea
Carex rubrovaginata
Carex ruedtii
Carex rufina (snowbed sedge) (Attributes)
Carex rufulistolon (Attributes)
Carex rugata (Attributes)
Carex rugulosa (Attributes)
Carex ruidana
Carex runssoroensis (Attributes)
Carex rupestris (Drummond's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex rupicola (Attributes)
Carex ruralis (Attributes)
Carex rutenbergiana (Attributes)
Carex ruthiae
Carex ruthii (Ruth's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex ruthsatzae
Carex ruthsatziae
Carex rzedowskii (Attributes)
Carex saamica
Carex sabulosa (Baikal sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sacerdotis (Attributes)
Carex sacrosancta (Attributes)
Carex sadoensis (Attributes)
Carex sagaensis (Attributes)
Carex sagei (Attributes)
Carex sahnii (Attributes)
Carex sajanensis (Attributes)
Carex sakaguchii (Attributes)
Carex salina (Attributes)
Carex salisiana (Attributes)
Carex saltaensis (Attributes)
Carex saltensis
Carex salticola
Carex sambiranensis (Attributes)
Carex sampsonii (Attributes)
Carex sanctae-marthae (Attributes)
Carex sanguinea
Carex sanionis (Attributes)
Carex sanjappae
Carex sarawaketensis (Attributes)
Carex sardloqensis (Attributes)
Carex sardloquensis
Carex sargentiana (Attributes)
Carex sartwelliana (Yosemite sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sartwellii (Sartwell's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex saskatschawana
Carex satakeana
Carex satsumensis (Attributes)
Carex satzumensis
Carex savaiiensis (Attributes)
Carex saxatilis (rock sedge) (Attributes)
Carex saxenii (Saxen's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex saxicola (Attributes)
Carex saxilittoralis
Carex saximontana (Rocky Mountain sedge) (Attributes)
Carex scabrata (eastern rough sedge) (Attributes)
Carex scabrella (Attributes)
Carex scabrida
Carex scabrifolia (Attributes)
Carex scabripes (Attributes)
Carex scabrirostris (Attributes)
Carex scabrisacca (Attributes)
Carex scabriuscula (Siskiyou sedge) (Attributes)
Carex scaposa (Attributes)
Carex schaffneri (Attributes)
Carex schalkertii
Carex schallertii (Attributes)
Carex schatzii
Carex scheuchzeri
Carex schiedeana (Attributes)
Carex schimperiana
Carex schliebenii (Attributes)
Carex schmidtii (Attributes)
Carex schneideri (Attributes)
Carex schottii (Schott's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex schuetzeana (Attributes)
Carex schweickerdtii
Carex schweinitzii (Schweinitz's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex scirpoidea (western singlespike sedge) (Attributes)
Carex scirpoides
Carex scita (Attributes)
Carex scitiformis (Attributes)
Carex scitula (Attributes)
Carex sclerocarpa (Attributes)
Carex sclerophylla
Carex scolopendriformis (Attributes)
Carex scoparia (broom sedge) (Attributes)
Carex scopulorum (mountain sedge) (Attributes)
Carex scopulus
Carex scrabrata
Carex secalina (Attributes)
Carex secta (Attributes)
Carex sectoides (Attributes)
Carex sedakowii (Attributes)
Carex sellowiana (Attributes)
Carex semihyalofructa (Attributes)
Carex sempervirens (Attributes)
Carex senanensis
Carex senayana (Attributes)
Carex sendaica
Carex sendtneriana (Attributes)
Carex senta (swamp carex) (Attributes)
Carex seorsa (weak stellate sedge) (Attributes)
Carex seposita (Attributes)
Carex sequeirae
Carex serpenticola (serpentine sedge) (Attributes)
Carex serratodens (twotooth sedge) (Attributes)
Carex serravalensis (Attributes)
Carex serreana (Attributes)
Carex servata
Carex seticulmis (Attributes)
Carex setifolia (Attributes)
Carex setigera (Attributes)
Carex setigluma (Attributes)
Carex setosa (Attributes)
Carex setschwanensis
Carex shaanxiensis (Attributes)
Carex shakushizawaensis (Attributes)
Carex shandanica (Attributes)
Carex shanensis (Attributes)
Carex shangchengensis (Attributes)
Carex shanghangensis (Attributes)
Carex sharensis
Carex sheldonii (Sheldon's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex shimadai
Carex shimidzensis (Attributes)
Carex shinanoana (Attributes)
Carex shinnersii (Shinner's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex shiriyajirensis (Attributes)
Carex shortiana (Short's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex shuangbaiensis (Attributes)
Carex shuchengensis (Attributes)
Carex siamensis
Carex siccata (dryspike sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sichouensis (Attributes)
Carex siderosticta (Attributes)
Carex silicea (beach sedge) (Attributes)
Carex silvestrii (Attributes)
Carex silvestris
Carex simensis (Attributes)
Carex simpliciuscula (simple bog sedge) (Attributes)
Carex simulans (Attributes)
Carex simulata (analogue sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sinclairii (Attributes)
Carex sinoaristata (Attributes)
Carex sinodissitiflora (Attributes)
Carex sinosupina
Carex siroumensis (Attributes)
Carex sitchensis
Carex skottsbergiana (Attributes)
Carex smithii
Carex socialis (low woodland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sociata (Attributes)
Carex socotrana
Carex soczavaeana (Attributes)
Carex sodiroi (Attributes)
Carex soerensenii (Soerensen's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex solandri (Attributes)
Carex songarica
Carex songorica
Carex sooi (Attributes)
Carex sordida (Attributes)
Carex sorianoi (Attributes)
Carex sororia (Attributes)
Carex souliei
Carex sozusensis (Attributes)
Carex spachiana (Attributes)
Carex sparganioides (bur-reed sedge) (Attributes)
Carex spartea
Carex spathulata
Carex specicola
Carex specifica (narrowfruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex specifixa
Carex speciosa (Attributes)
Carex spectabilis (showy sedge) (Attributes)
Carex specuicola (Navajo sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sphaerogyna (Attributes)
Carex sphaerogyne
Carex spicata (prickly sedge) (Attributes)
Carex spicatopaniculata (Attributes)
Carex spicigera (Attributes)
Carex spiculosa (Attributes)
Carex spilocarpa (Attributes)
Carex spinirostris (Attributes)
Carex spissa (San Diego sedge) (Attributes)
Carex splendentissima
Carex sprengelii (Sprengel's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex squamiformis
Carex squamigera (Attributes)
Carex squarrosa (squarrose sedge) (Attributes)
Carex standleyana (Attributes)
Carex stenantha (Attributes)
Carex stenocarpa (Attributes)
Carex stenophylla (Attributes)
Carex stenoptila (riverbank sedge) (Attributes)
Carex stenostachys (Attributes)
Carex sterilis (dioecious sedge) (Attributes)
Carex steudneri (Attributes)
Carex stevenii (Attributes)
Carex steyermarkii (Attributes)
Carex stichensis
Carex stipata (stalkgrain sedge) (Attributes)
Carex stiphrogyne (Attributes)
Carex stipitinux
Carex stipitiutriculata (Attributes)
Carex stokesii (Attributes)
Carex stracheyi (Attributes)
Carex stramentitia (Attributes)
Carex straminea (eastern straw sedge) (Attributes)
Carex straminiformis (Shasta sedge) (Attributes)
Carex stramintita
Carex streptorrhampha (Attributes)
Carex striata (Walter's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex striatula (lined sedge) (Attributes)
Carex stricta (upright sedge) (Attributes)
Carex stricticulmis (Attributes)
Carex strictifolia
Carex strictiformis (Attributes)
Carex strictissima
Carex strigosa (thin-spiked wood-sedge) (Attributes)
Carex strigosula (Attributes)
Carex stuessyi (Attributes)
Carex stygia (Attributes)
Carex styloflexa (bent sedge) (Attributes)
Carex stylosa (variegated sedge) (Attributes)
Carex subandrogyna (Attributes)
Carex subantarctica (Attributes)
Carex subbracteata (smallbract sedge) (Attributes)
Carex subcapitata (Attributes)
Carex subcernua (Attributes)
Carex subcostata (Attributes)
Carex subdivulsa (Attributes)
Carex subdola (Attributes)
Carex subebracteata (Attributes)
Carex suberecta (prairie straw sedge) (Attributes)
Carex subfilicinoides (Attributes)
Carex subfuegiana (Attributes)
Carex subfusca (brown sedge) (Attributes)
Carex subglabra
Carex subimpressa (Attributes)
Carex subinclinata (Attributes)
Carex subinflata (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Carex submollicula (Attributes)
Carex subnigricans (nearlyblack sedge) (Attributes)
Carex subpaleacea (Attributes)
Carex subpatula (Attributes)
Carex subperakensis (Attributes)
Carex subphysodes (Attributes)
Carex subphysoides
Carex subpumila (Attributes)
Carex subrecta (Attributes)
Carex subreducta
Carex subsacculata (Vulnerable)
Carex subscabrella (Attributes)
Carex subspathacea (Hoppner's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex subtilis
Carex subtransversa
Carex subtrigona
Carex subtumida
Carex subulata
Carex subumbellata (Attributes)
Carex subviridis (Attributes)
Carex subviridula
Carex suifunensis (narrow-scale sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sullivantii (Attributes)
Carex sumikawaensis (Attributes)
Carex superata (Willdenow's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex supina (weak arctic sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sutchuensis (Attributes)
Carex suziella (Attributes)
Carex swanii (Swan's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sychnocephala (manyhead sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sylvatica (European woodland sedge) (Attributes)
Carex sylvenii (Attributes)
Carex tabatae
Carex tachirensis (Attributes)
Carex tahitensis (Attributes)
Carex tahoensis (Tahoe sedge) (Attributes)
Carex taihuensis (Attributes)
Carex takesimensis
Carex takoensis (Attributes)
Carex taldycola
Carex tamana (Attributes)
Carex tangiana (Attributes)
Carex tangii (Attributes)
Carex tangulashanensis (Attributes)
Carex tapintzensis (Attributes)
Carex tapinzensis
Carex taprobanensis (Attributes)
Carex tarumensis (Attributes)
Carex tashiroana (Attributes)
Carex tasmanica (Curly Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tatarica
Carex tatjanae (Attributes)
Carex tato
Carex tatsiensis (Attributes)
Carex tavoyensis (Attributes)
Carex tegulata (Attributes)
Carex teinogyna (Attributes)
Carex tenax (wire sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tenebricans (Attributes)
Carex tenebrosa (Attributes)
Carex tenejapensis (Attributes)
Carex tenella
Carex tenelliformis (Attributes)
Carex tenera (quill sedge) (Attributes)
Carex teneriffae
Carex tenerrina
Carex tenuiculmis (Attributes)
Carex tenuiflora (sparseflower sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tenuiformis (Attributes)
Carex tenuinervis (Attributes)
Carex tenuior (Attributes)
Carex tenuipaniculata (Attributes)
Carex tenuis
Carex tenuispicula (Attributes)
Carex teres (Attributes)
Carex tereticaulis (Attributes)
Carex teretiuscula
Carex tessellata (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex testacea (Attributes)
Carex tetanica (rigid sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tetrastachya (Britton's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex texensis (Texas sedge) (Attributes)
Carex thailandica (Attributes)
Carex thanikaimoniana (Attributes)
Carex thibetica (Attributes)
Carex thinii
Carex thompsonii
Carex thomsonii (Attributes)
Carex thornei (Attributes)
Carex thouarsii (Attributes)
Carex thunbergii (Maui sedge) (Attributes)
Carex thurberi (Thurber's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex thuringia
Carex thymicola
Carex tianmushanica (Attributes)
Carex tianschanica (Attributes)
Carex tibetikobresia (Attributes)
Carex timida (Attributes)
Carex timmiana (Attributes)
Carex tincta (tinged sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tingnungii
Carex titovii (Attributes)
Carex toezensis (Attributes)
Carex tojquianensis (Attributes)
Carex tokarensis (Attributes)
Carex tokuii
Carex tolucensis (Attributes)
Carex tomentosa (downy-fruited sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tompkinsii (Thompkins' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tonsa (parachute sedge) (Attributes)
Carex toreadora (Endangered) (Attributes)
Carex torgesiana (Attributes)
Carex tornabenei (Attributes)
Carex toroensis (Attributes)
Carex torreyana
Carex torreyi (Torrey's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex torta (twisted sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tovarensis (Attributes)
Carex townsendii (Attributes)
Carex toyoshimae (Attributes)
Carex trachycarpa (Attributes)
Carex trachycystis (Attributes)
Carex trachyloma
Carex traiziscana (Attributes)
Carex transandina (Attributes)
Carex trautvetteriana (Attributes)
Carex traversii (Attributes)
Carex treverica (Attributes)
Carex triandra
Carex triangula
Carex triangularis (eastern fox sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tribuloides (blunt broom sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tricephala (Attributes)
Carex trichina (Attributes)
Carex trichocarpa (hairyfruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex trichodes (Attributes)
Carex trichophylla (Attributes)
Carex tricolor (Attributes)
Carex trifida (Attributes)
Carex trigonosperma (Attributes)
Carex trinervis (three-nerved sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tripartita
Carex triquetra (triangularfruit sedge) (Attributes)
Carex trisperma (Billings' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tristachya (Attributes)
Carex tristis (Attributes)
Carex trongii (Attributes)
Carex troodi (Troodos Mount Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex truncatigluma (Attributes)
Carex truncatirostris
Carex tsaiana (Attributes)
Carex tsaratananensis (Attributes)
Carex tsiangii (Attributes)
Carex tsoi (Attributes)
Carex tsushimensis (Attributes)
Carex tuberculata (Attributes)
Carex tubulosa (Attributes)
Carex tuckermanii (Tuckerman's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tumida (Attributes)
Carex tumidula (Attributes)
Carex tuminensis (Attributes)
Carex tumulicola (splitawn sedge) (Attributes)
Carex tungfangensis (Attributes)
Carex tunicata
Carex tunimanensis (Attributes)
Carex turbaria
Carex turbinata (turban sedge) (Attributes)
Carex turfosa (Attributes)
Carex turgescens (pine barren sedge) (Attributes)
Carex turkestanica (Attributes)
Carex turrita (Attributes)
Carex turuli (Attributes)
Carex turumiquirensis (Attributes)
Carex tweedieana
Carex typhina (cattail sedge) (Attributes)
Carex uda (Uda needle sedge) (Attributes)
Carex uechtritziana (Attributes)
Carex uhligii
Carex ulaviformis
Carex ulobasis (Attributes)
Carex ultra
Carex uluguruensis
Carex umbellata (parasol sedge) (Attributes)
Carex umbricola
Carex umbrosa (Attributes)
Carex umbrosiformis (Attributes)
Carex uncifolia (Attributes)
Carex uncinata (Hawai'i birdcatching sedge) (Attributes)
Carex unciniiformis
Carex uncinioides
Carex undulata
Carex ungavensis (Attributes)
Carex ungurensis (Attributes)
Carex unilateralis (lateral sedge) (Attributes)
Carex unisexualis (Attributes)
Carex urelytra (Attributes)
Carex ursina (bear sedge) (Attributes)
Carex uruguensis (Attributes)
Carex ussuriensis (Attributes)
Carex utahensis
Carex utriculata (Northwest Territory sedge) (Attributes)
Carex uzenensis (Attributes)
Carex vacillans (Attributes)
Carex vaginata (sheathed sedge) (Attributes)
Carex vaginosa
Carex valbrayi (Attributes)
Carex vallicola (Rusby's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex vallis
Carex vallis-pulchrae (Attributes)
Carex vallis-rosetta
Carex vallis-rosetto
Carex vancouverensis
Carex vanheurckii
Carex varia
Carex ventosa (Attributes)
Carex venusta (darkgreen sedge) (Attributes)
Carex vernacula (native sedge) (Attributes)
Carex verrucosa (warty sedge) (Attributes)
Carex verticillata (Attributes)
Carex vesca (Attributes)
Carex vesicaria (Blister Sedge)
Carex vesicata (blister sedge) (Attributes)
Carex vesiculosa (Attributes)
Carex vestita (velvet sedge) (Attributes)
Carex vexans (Florida hammock sedge) (Attributes)
Carex via-incaica
Carex viadrina (Attributes)
Carex vibhae
Carex vicinalis (Attributes)
Carex vidua
Carex vietnamica (Attributes)
Carex villacensis (Attributes)
Carex vimariensis (Attributes)
Carex virescens (ribbed sedge) (Attributes)
Carex virgata
Carex viridimarginata (Attributes)
Carex viridistellata
Carex vixdentata (Attributes)
Carex vizarronensis
Carex volckmannii
Carex volkmannii
Carex vratislaviensis (Attributes)
Carex vulcani (Attributes)
Carex vulgaris
Carex vulphoidea
Carex vulpina (True Fox Sedge) (Attributes)
Carex vulpinaris (Attributes)
Carex vulpinoidea (fox sedge) (Attributes)
Carex wahlenbergiana (Attributes)
Carex wahuensis (Herbst's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex wakatipu (Attributes)
Carex walasii (Attributes)
Carex walkeri (Attributes)
Carex wallichiana (Attributes)
Carex waponahkikensis (broom sedge) (Attributes)
Carex warmingii
Carex wawuensis (Attributes)
Carex wenshanensis (Attributes)
Carex werdermannii (Attributes)
Carex wheeleri
Carex whitneyi (Whitney's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex wichurai
Carex wiegandii (Wiegand's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex wightiana (Attributes)
Carex willdenowii (Willdenow's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex williamsii (Williams' sedge) (Attributes)
Carex winkelmannii (Attributes)
Carex winterbottomii (Attributes)
Carex wolteri (Attributes)
Carex woodii (pretty sedge) (Attributes)
Carex wootonii (Wooton's sedge) (Attributes)
Carex wui (Attributes)
Carex wutuensis (Attributes)
Carex wuyishanensis (Attributes)
Carex xanthathera
Carex xanthocarpa (Attributes)
Carex xerantica (whitescale sedge) (Attributes)
Carex xerophila
Carex xiphium (Attributes)
Carex xueyingiana
Carex yadongensis
Carex yajiangensis (Attributes)
Carex yakushimensis
Carex yamatsutana (Attributes)
Carex yandangshanica
Carex yangii
Carex yangshuoensis (Attributes)
Carex yasuii (Attributes)
Carex yonganensis (Attributes)
Carex ypsilandrifolia (Attributes)
Carex yuexiensis (Attributes)
Carex yulungshanensis (Attributes)
Carex yunlingensis (Attributes)
Carex yunnanensis (Attributes)
Carex yunyiana (Attributes)
Carex yushuensis (Attributes)
Carex zahnii (Attributes)
Carex zallichiana
Carex zanthosperma
Carex zekogensis (Attributes)
Carex zhejiangensis
Carex zhenkangensis (Attributes)
Carex zhonghaiensis (Attributes)
Carex zikae
Carex zizaniifolia (Attributes)
Carex zotovii
Carex zunyiensis (Attributes)

External References

Species taxanomy provided by GBIF Secretariat (2022). GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. Checklist dataset accessed via on 2023-06-13; License: CC BY 4.0