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Branta (brent geese)

Synonyms: Nesochen

Wikipedia Abstract

The black geese of the genus Branta are waterfowl belonging to the true geese and swans subfamily Anserinae. They occur in the northern coastal regions of the Palearctic and all over North America, migrating to more southernly coasts in winter, and as resident birds in the Hawaiian Islands. Alone in the Southern Hemisphere, a self-sustaining feral population derived from introduced Canada geese is also found in New Zealand.
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Anser hypsibata
Branta bernicla (Brent Goose) (Attributes)
Branta canadensis (Canada Goose) (Attributes)
Branta dickeyi
Branta esmeralda
Branta howardae
Branta hutchinsii (Cackling Goose) (Attributes)
Branta hylobadistes
Branta leucopis
Branta leucopsis (Barnacle Goose) (Attributes)
Branta propinqua
Branta ruficollis (Red-breasted Goose) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Branta sandvicensis (Nene) (Attributes)
Branta woolfendeni

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