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Hyla (treefrogs)


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The genus Hyla is a member of the family of tree frogs (Hylidae). They have a very broad distribution; species can be found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and across the Americas. There were more than 300 described species in this genus, but after a major revision of the Hylidae family most of these have been moved to new genera so the genus now only contains 33 species".
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Hyla annectans (Assam tree frog) (Attributes)
Hyla appendiculata
Hyla arborea (European tree frog) (Attributes)
Hyla baderi
Hyla carthaginiensis
Hyla chinensis (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Hyla europaea
Hyla felixarabica
Hyla femoralis (Pine Woods Treefrog) (Attributes)
Hyla hallowellii (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Hyla intermedia (Italian Tree Frog) (Attributes)
Hyla meridionalis (Mediterranean tree frog) (Attributes)
Hyla micans
Hyla miocenica
Hyla molleri (European Treefrog)
Hyla numidica
Hyla orientalis (Attributes)
Hyla perrini
Hyla sanchiangensis (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Hyla sarda (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Hyla savignyi (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Hyla simplex (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Hyla spec
Hyla tsinlingensis (Tree frog) (Attributes)
Hyla zhaopingensis (Tree frog)

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