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Synonyms: Austroastacus; Pseudengaeus

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Engaeus is a genus of freshwater crayfish found in Australia. Fifteen of the 35 species in the genus occur in Tasmania, where they are known as the Tasmanian land crayfish. The behaviour of these crayfish is notable as they live in burrows and construct large "chimneys" at the opening. All of the 35 species of Engaeus have been assessed for the IUCN Red List:
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Engaeus affinis
Engaeus australis (Lilly Pilly Burrowing Crayfish)
Engaeus cisternarius
Engaeus cunicularius
Engaeus curvisuturus
Engaeus cymus
Engaeus disjuncticus (Endangered)
Engaeus fossor
Engaeus fultoni
Engaeus granulatus (Central North Burrowing Crayfish) (Critically Endangered)
Engaeus hemicirratulus
Engaeus karnanga
Engaeus laevis
Engaeus lengana
Engaeus leptorhynchus
Engaeus lyelli
Engaeus mairener
Engaeus mallacoota (Mallacoota Burrowing Crayfish) (Critically Endangered)
Engaeus martigener (Furneaux Burrowing Crayfish) (Endangered)
Engaeus merosetosus
Engaeus nulloporius
Engaeus orientalis
Engaeus orramakunna (Mount Arthur Burrowing Crayfish)
Engaeus phyllocercus (Narracan Burrowing Crayfish) (Endangered)
Engaeus quadrimanus
Engaeus rostrogaleatus (Strzelecki Burrowing Crayfish) (Vulnerable)
Engaeus sericatus
Engaeus spinicaudatus (Scottsdale Burrowing Crayfish) (Critically Endangered)
Engaeus sternalis (Warragul Burrowing Crayfish) (Critically Endangered)
Engaeus strictifrons
Engaeus tayatea
Engaeus tuberculatus
Engaeus urostrictus (Vulnerable)
Engaeus victoriensis
Engaeus yabbimunna (Burnie Burrowing Crayfish) (Vulnerable)

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