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Eryonidae is a family of fossil decapod crustaceans which lived from the Upper Triassic to the Lower Cretaceous. It contains four genera: An aggregation of three unidentified eryonids was reported in 2012 inside a Late Jurassic ammonoid of the species Harpoceras falciferum; they represent the earliest evidence of gregarious behaviour in decapods. \n* Cycleryon Glaessner, 1965 \n* Eryon A. G. Desmarest, 1817 \n* Knebelia Van Straelen, 1922 \n* Rosenfeldia Garassino, Teruzzi & Dalla Vecchia, 1996
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Cycleryon (6)
Eryon (6)
Knebelia (2)
Rogeryon (1)
Rosenfeldia (2)
Soleryon (2)
Voulteryon (1)
Wrangelleryon (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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