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Hexapodidae is a family of crabs, the only family in the superfamily Hexapodoidea. It has traditionally been treated as a subfamily of the family Goneplacidae, and was originally described as a subfamily of Pinnotheridae. Its members can be distinguished from all other true crabs by the reduction of the thorax, such that only seven sternites are exposed, and only four pairs of pereiopods are present. Not counting the enlarged pair of claws, this leaves only six walking legs, from which the type genus Hexapus, and therefore the whole family, takes its name. Some anomuran "crabs", such as porcelain crabs and king crabs also have only four visible pairs of legs. With the exception of Stevea williamsi, from Mexico, all the extant members are found either in the Indo-Pacific oceans, or around t
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Hexalaughlia (2)
Hexapinus (6)
Hexaplax (3)
Hexapus (7)
Lambdophallus (1)
Latohexapus (1)
Mariaplax (19)
Paeduma (1)
Parahexapus (1)
Pseudohexapus (1)
Rayapinus (1)
Spiroplax (1)
Stevea (3)
Thaumastoplax (5)
Theoxapus (1)
Tritoplax (2)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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