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Miacids are extinct primitive carnivoramorphans within the family Miacidae that lived during the Paleocene and Eocene epochs, about 62–33 million years ago. Miacids existed for approximately 29 million years. Miacids are thought to have evolved into the modern carnivorous mammals of the order Carnivora. They were small carnivores, superficially marten-like or civet-like with long, little bodies and long tails. Some species were arboreal, while others lived on the ground.
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Chailicyon (1)
Eogale (1)
Gracilocyon (4)
Miacis (16)
Miocyon (2)
Oodectes (3)
Palaearctonyx (1)
Paroodectes (1)
Prodaphaenus (1)
Quercygale (3)
Uintacyon (7)
Vassacyon (3)
Vulpavus (8)
Xinyuictis (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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