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Hypena is a genus of moths in the Erebidae family. These non-migratory moths overwinter as pupae and almost never come to bait as adults.
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Hypena abalienalis (White-lined Hypena)
Hypena abalinealis
Hypena abjectalis
Hypena abscisalis
Hypena abscondalis
Hypena acclinalis
Hypena acmonalis
Hypena aculeifera
Hypena acutalis
Hypena additamenta
Hypena aenescens
Hypena affinialis
Hypena affinis
Hypena albertinalis
Hypena albicomma
Hypena albifascialis
Hypena albifusa
Hypena albiocellata
Hypena albirhomboidea
Hypena albisigna
Hypena albistriga
Hypena albizona
Hypena albofascia
Hypena alboplaga
Hypena albopunctalis
Hypena ambigua
Hypena amethystalis
Hypena amica
Hypena ammonia
Hypena ampullata
Hypena anda
Hypena andraca
Hypena andrapana
Hypena andria
Hypena androna
Hypena aneliopis
Hypena anemosa
Hypena angitia
Hypena angustalis
Hypena anicina
Hypena annulalis
Hypena antimima
Hypena anulalis
Hypena apiensis
Hypena appalachiensis
Hypena arenbergeri
Hypena argialis
Hypena aridoxa
Hypena assimilis
Hypena atomaria
Hypena baltimoralis (Baltimore Hypena)
Hypena bambusalis
Hypena belinda
Hypena belindana
Hypena benepartia
Hypena biangulata
Hypena biangulatoides
Hypena bicoloralis
Hypena bigrammica
Hypena bijugalis (Dimorphic Hypena)
Hypena binae
Hypena bipartita
Hypena bolivianalis
Hypena bonaberi
Hypena borneolivacea
Hypena brachyphylla
Hypena brevicella
Hypena brodescens
Hypena cachialis
Hypena caeruleanotata
Hypena caeruleopicta
Hypena californica
Hypena calistalis
Hypena callichlaena
Hypena calligraphalis
Hypena callilinea
Hypena callipona
Hypena camptogrammalis
Hypena carninalis
Hypena castanealis
Hypena castaneipalpis
Hypena castricalis
Hypena caurealis
Hypena celebensis
Hypena ceramensis
Hypena chaka
Hypena cherylae
Hypena chionosticha
Hypena chosenula
Hypena cinctipedalis
Hypena citata
Hypena claripennis
Hypena claxalis
Hypena cnephodelta
Hypena coatalis
Hypena coffealis
Hypena cognata
Hypena columbana
Hypena columbiata
Hypena commixtalis
Hypena commixtura
Hypena conditalis
Hypena confusa
Hypena conscitalis
Hypena conspersalis
Hypena corticia
Hypena costipunctata
Hypena covitalis
Hypena cowani
Hypena cracens
Hypena crambalis
Hypena crassalis (beautiful snout)
Hypena cremona
Hypena cruca
Hypena cryptica
Hypena cuprigrisea
Hypena cyanea
Hypena daria
Hypena dasialis
Hypena deceptalis (Deceptive Hypena)
Hypena decorata (Decorated Hypena)
Hypena degesalis
Hypena demeysti
Hypena demonalis
Hypena denticulata
Hypena depalpis
Hypena derasalis
Hypena desquamata
Hypena devexalis
Hypena diakonoffi
Hypena dichromialis
Hypena dicialis
Hypena directa
Hypena directualis
Hypena divecla
Hypena divergens
Hypena divisalis
Hypena dodra
Hypena drucealis
Hypena ducalis
Hypena ectoglauca
Hypena edictalis (Large Hypena)
Hypena eductalis (Red-footed Hypena)
Hypena effectalis
Hypena eleonorae
Hypena elfriedae
Hypena ella
Hypena elongalis
Hypena epigaea
Hypena erastrialis
Hypena erikae
Hypena etiennei
Hypena eucrossa
Hypena eugrapha
Hypena euphyes
Hypena euprepes
Hypena euryzostra
Hypena euthygramma
Hypena evamariae
Hypena evanalis
Hypena exceptalis
Hypena excurvata
Hypena exoletalis
Hypena exoticalis
Hypena extensa
Hypena externa
Hypena extremipalpis
Hypena fascifera
Hypena fecialis
Hypena fijiensis
Hypena finga
Hypena flammea
Hypena flavisceta
Hypena flexuosa
Hypena fluctuosana
Hypena franciscalis
Hypena frappieralis
Hypena freija
Hypena frigida
Hypena frustalis
Hypena fufialis
Hypena fuliginea
Hypena fuliginosa
Hypena fulvifasciata
Hypena fumidalis
Hypena furva
Hypena fuscipennis
Hypena fuscomaculalis
Hypena fusculalis
Hypena gaudialis
Hypena glumalis
Hypena gonospilalis
Hypena gozama
Hypena grandecomorensis
Hypena gravalis
Hypena griseapex
Hypena griseipennis
Hypena griseofasciata
Hypena griseolalis
Hypena griveaudi
Hypena gueenealis
Hypena gypsophila
Hypena gypsospila
Hypena hemiphaea
Hypena hemonalis
Hypena henloa
Hypena herbigrada
Hypena heuloa
Hypena hicetasalis
Hypena hoareae
Hypena hokkaidalis
Hypena holophaea
Hypena honeyi
Hypena humuli (Hop Vine Moth)
Hypena iconicalis
Hypena inapertalis
Hypena incisa
Hypena incognata
Hypena inconspicua
Hypena indentata
Hypena indicatalis
Hypena indistincta
Hypena inextensalis
Hypena innocua
Hypena inocua
Hypena insolita
Hypena interrupta
Hypena irregulinea
Hypena ischyra
Hypena isogona
Hypena isoplocalis
Hypena isosoceles
Hypena jocosalis
Hypena jonesalis
Hypena josefinae
Hypena jugalis
Hypena jussalis
Hypena kadunalis
Hypena kallipygae
Hypena kanshireiensis
Hypena kashmirica
Hypena kengkalis
Hypena kingdoni
Hypena klapperichi
Hypena kratochvili
Hypena labatalis
Hypena laceretalis
Hypena lacessalis
Hypena lactiferalis
Hypena laesalis
Hypena laetalimaior
Hypena laetalis
Hypena lanassa
Hypena latalis
Hypena lativitta
Hypena laxia
Hypena laysanensis (Laysan Dropseed Noctuid Moth) (Extinct)
Hypena lebonia
Hypena leniusculalis
Hypena leopardina
Hypena leucoprepa
Hypena leucoptera
Hypena leucospora
Hypena leucosticta
Hypena leucotaenia
Hypena leucozona
Hypena leuctra
Hypena levana
Hypena lichenalis
Hypena lignealis
Hypena limbopuncatata
Hypena limbopunctata
Hypena linguibursa
Hypena lipara
Hypena lisae
Hypena livia
Hypena lividalis
Hypena locusta
Hypena loedli
Hypena lollia
Hypena longfieldae
Hypena longipalpalis
Hypena longipennis
Hypena loxo
Hypena luxo
Hypena luzonensis
Hypena lyrcursalis
Hypena lyse
Hypena mactatalis
Hypena madagascarensis
Hypena madefactalis (Gray-edged Hypena)
Hypena mainty
Hypena mambara
Hypena manalis (Flowing-line Hypena)
Hypena mandarina
Hypena mandatalis
Hypena mariachristinae
Hypena marmoratalis
Hypena martinae
Hypena masurialis (Grey Snout)
Hypena mediana
Hypena medionigra
Hypena megaspila
Hypena melaleuca
Hypena melanica
Hypena melanistis
Hypena mesomelaena
Hypena microfuliginea
Hypena mimicalis
Hypena minahassalis
Hypena minor
Hypena minualis (Sooty Hypena)
Hypena minusculalis
Hypena miranda
Hypena modestoides
Hypena molpusalis
Hypena monikae
Hypena montana
Hypena morelosalis
Hypena multritricha
Hypena munda
Hypena munitalis
Hypena muscosa
Hypena muscosoides
Hypena mutilata
Hypena namaqualis
Hypena narratalis
Hypena nasutalis
Hypena nazus
Hypena nebulosa
Hypena neoplyta
Hypena nepa
Hypena nepana
Hypena newelli (Hilo Noctuid Moth) (Extinct)
Hypena nigrescens
Hypena nigrobasalis
Hypena nikkensis
Hypena nocturnalis
Hypena nuta
Hypena obditalis
Hypena obductalis
Hypena obesalis (paignton snout)
Hypena obfuscalis
Hypena obliqualis
Hypena obscurobasalis
Hypena obsitalis
Hypena obsoleta
Hypena obstupidalis
Hypena occatus
Hypena ochracea
Hypena ochradelpha
Hypena olivacea
Hypena olivaceorufa
Hypena olypea
Hypena ophiusinalis
Hypena ophiusoides
Hypena opulenta
Hypena ornata
Hypena oronalis
Hypena orthographa
Hypena otiata
Hypena ovalimacula
Hypena pacatalis
Hypena pacificalis
Hypena padelekorum
Hypena paliscia
Hypena palpalis
Hypena palparia (Variegated Snout-moth)
Hypena palpitralis
Hypena parancara
Hypena parva
Hypena parvigrisea
Hypena pelodes
Hypena penumbralis
Hypena perdticipennis
Hypena perexilis
Hypena perialis
Hypena peruvialis
Hypena peterseni
Hypena phecomalis
Hypena philippi
Hypena phricocyma
Hypena pictalis
Hypena pintica
Hypena plagiorhabda
Hypena plagiota (Lovegrass Noctuid Moth) (Extinct)
Hypena plebeius
Hypena pmpeterseni
Hypena poa
Hypena poecila
Hypena poliopera
Hypena polybealis
Hypena polycyma
Hypena porphyrophaes
Hypena porrectalis
Hypena porrectilis
Hypena praestans
Hypena prionodes
Hypena probokonora
Hypena proboscidalis (Snout)
Hypena propinqua
Hypena propinqualis
Hypena pullata
Hypena pulverulenta
Hypena puncticosta
Hypena quadralis
Hypena quaesitalis
Hypena quinqualis
Hypena radicalis
Hypena raiedi
Hypena ramstadtii (Ramstadt's Hypena)
Hypena rationalis
Hypena rectilineata
Hypena recurvata
Hypena regia
Hypena reginae
Hypena reichli
Hypena rhombalis
Hypena rhombaloides
Hypena rhynchophora
Hypena ricalis
Hypena rivula
Hypena rivuligera
Hypena robustalis
Hypena rostralis (Buttoned Snout)
Hypena rudolfi
Hypena rufirena
Hypena rusticalis
Hypena sabinis
Hypena sagitta
Hypena saltalis
Hypena sanctigeorgii
Hypena sanguinea
Hypena satsumalis
Hypena scabra (Black Snout)
Hypena schultzei
Hypena scotina
Hypena securalis
Hypena semlikiensis
Hypena senialis
Hypena senicula (Kaholuamano Noctuid Moth) (Extinct)
Hypena sieglinde
Hypena significalis
Hypena similata
Hypena simplex
Hypena sinuisigna
Hypena sinuosa
Hypena sokotralis
Hypena sordida
Hypena sordidula (Sordid Hypena)
Hypena spec
Hypena spodopa
Hypena squalida
Hypena squamea
Hypena steniptera
Hypena stresemanni
Hypena strigatus
Hypena strigifascia
Hypena strigifera
Hypena strigosa
Hypena striolalis
Hypena stygiana
Hypena styx
Hypena suavalis
Hypena subalbida
Hypena subapicalis
Hypena subcyanea
Hypena subidalis
Hypena sublividalis
Hypena subtilitalis
Hypena subviolacea
Hypena subvittalis
Hypena sylpha
Hypena synnaralis
Hypena taenialoides
Hypena taiwana
Hypena tamsi
Hypena telamonalis
Hypena telemonalis
Hypena tenebralis
Hypena tenebrosa
Hypena tepicalis
Hypena terriculalis
Hypena tetrasticta
Hypena themerodes
Hypena thermesialis
Hypena thermophoea
Hypena thomensis
Hypena tithonalis
Hypena tolmeta
Hypena toreuta
Hypena tortuosa
Hypena tossalis
Hypena toyi
Hypena transcissalis
Hypena transita
Hypena translaticius
Hypena transversalis
Hypena triangularis
Hypena trigonalis
Hypena triplicalis
Hypena tristalis
Hypena tristigma
Hypena tristis
Hypena tristrigatalis
Hypena tucumanalis
Hypena tumidicosta
Hypena turalis
Hypena tylistalis
Hypena umbralis
Hypena umbratilis
Hypena umbrifera
Hypena umbriferalis
Hypena umbripennis
Hypena uncipennis
Hypena undistrigata
Hypena uniformalis
Hypena uniformis
Hypena uruguayalis
Hypena uvalis
Hypena valvceralis
Hypena vanschuytbroecki
Hypena variabilis
Hypena varialis
Hypena variegata
Hypena variofuscocolorata
Hypena vega
Hypena veltalis
Hypena veronikae
Hypena verticalis
Hypena vestita
Hypena vetustalis
Hypena viettei
Hypena violealis
Hypena viridifascia
Hypena vitellinalis
Hypena vitula
Hypena walkeri
Hypena whiteleyi
Hypena xanthaspisalis
Hypena xenaresalis
Hypena yoshimalis
Hypena zapluta
Hypena zaplutagramma
Hypena zarabena
Hypena zilla
Hypena zyzzybae

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Species taxanomy provided by GBIF Secretariat (2022). GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. Checklist dataset accessed via on 2023-06-13; License: CC BY 4.0