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The Pulicidae are a flea family in the order Siphonaptera. Currently, this family has 181 species in 27 genera. Of these, 16 are known from North America. Like all 2,500 Siphonoptera, the Pulicidae are ectoparasites. These fleas are wingless, laterally flattened, and great jumpers. They must be able to jump quickly and at great relative heights in order to latch onto their host for feeding and for rapid escape from their host. They make incredible jumps using the protein, resilin. It charges the energy in their body, allowing more forceful and frequent jumps that would be possible relying on only their muscles. This also means that they can to jump frequently without exhausting their muscles. They mainly feed on mammal blood, and many Siphonoptera families, including Pulicidae, transmit di
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Actenopsylla (1)
Aphropsylla (3)
Archaeopsylla (2)
Atopopsyllus (1)
Cediopsylla (4)
Centetipsylla (1)
Ctenocephalides (Dog flea) (12)
Delopsylla (1)
Echidnophaga (Sticktight flea) (24)
Eospilopsyllus (1)
Euchoplopsyllus (3)
Hoplopsyllus (2)
Moeopsylla (1)
Nesolagobius (1)
Ornithopsylla (1)
Parapulex (2)
Pariodontis (2)
Procaviopsylla (6)
Pulex (Human flea) (10)
Pulicella (2)
Spilopsyllus (Rabbit flea) (1)
Synopsyllus (5)
Synosternus (7)
Xenopsylla (Oriental rat flea) (77)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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Species taxanomy provided by GBIF Secretariat (2022). GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. Checklist dataset accessed via on 2023-06-13; License: CC BY 4.0