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Elimia is a genus of freshwater snails with an operculum, aquatic gastropod mollusks in the family Pleuroceridae. Various species are found in creeks throughout much of the eastern and central United States and the Great Lakes region of Canada. They were formerly included in the genus Goniobasis, together with the western Juga species.
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Elimia acuta (Acute Elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia alabamensis (mud elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia albanyensis
Elimia ampla (Ample Elimia) (Critically Endangered)
Elimia annae
Elimia annettae (Lilyshoals Elimia) (Critically Endangered)
Elimia arachnoidea (Spider Elimia)
Elimia aterina (Coal Elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia athearni (Knobby Elimia)
Elimia bellacrenata (Princess Elimia) (Critically Endangered)
Elimia bellula (Walnut Elimia) (Endangered)
Elimia boykiniana (Flaxen Elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia brevis (short-spired elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia broccata
Elimia buffyae
Elimia bullula
Elimia caelatura (Rippled Elimia)
Elimia cahawbensis (Cahawba elimia)
Elimia cancellata
Elimia capillaris (spindle elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia carinifera
Elimia carinocostata (Fluted Elimia)
Elimia catenaria
Elimia catenoides
Elimia chiltonensis
Elimia christyi
Elimia clara
Elimia clausa (closed elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia clavaeformis (Club Elimia)
Elimia clenchi (Slackwater Elimia)
Elimia cochilaris
Elimia cochliaris
Elimia comalensis
Elimia comma
Elimia costifera
Elimia crenatella (lacy elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia curreyana
Elimia cylindracea
Elimia darwini
Elimia dickersoni
Elimia dickinsoni (Stately Elimia)
Elimia dislocata
Elimia dooleyensis
Elimia doolyensis
Elimia ebenum
Elimia edgariana
Elimia exusta
Elimia fascinans (banded elimia)
Elimia flava
Elimia floridensis
Elimia fusiformis (fusiform elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia gibbera (Shouldered Elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia glarea
Elimia godwini
Elimia hartmaniana (high-spired elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia haysiana (silt elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia hydei <Unverified Name> (Vulnerable)
Elimia hydeii
Elimia impressa (constricted elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia inclinans
Elimia induta
Elimia interrupta (Knotty Elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia interveniens (slowwater elimia)
Elimia jonesi (hearty elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia lachryma (Teardrop Elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia laeta (ribbed elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia laqueata
Elimia lecontiana
Elimia lewisiana
Elimia livescens (liver elimia)
Elimia macglameriana (Wrinkled Elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia melanoides (Critically Endangered)
Elimia mihalcikae
Elimia modesta (Coldwater Elimia)
Elimia mutabilis
Elimia nassula (round-rib elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia nitens
Elimia nodulifera
Elimia olivula (caper elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia ornata
Elimia packardi
Elimia paupercula
Elimia perstriata
Elimia pilsbryi (Rough-lined Elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia plicatastriata (Carved Elimia)
Elimia porrecta (Nymph Elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia potosiensis (pyramid elimia)
Elimia proxima (Sprite Elimia)
Elimia pupaeformis (Pupa Elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia pupoidea
Elimia pybasi <Unverified Name> (Vulnerable)
Elimia pybasii
Elimia pygmaea (pygmy elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia sacramentensis
Elimia schencki
Elimia semicarinata
Elimia shenandoa
Elimia showalterii
Elimia simplex (Smooth Elimia)
Elimia striatula (File Elimia)
Elimia strigosa (Brook Elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia subtortuosa
Elimia symmetrica
Elimia taitiana
Elimia tenera
Elimia teres (Elegant Elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia teretria
Elimia timida
Elimia trigemmata
Elimia troostiana (Mossy Elimia) (Critically Endangered)
Elimia ucheensis
Elimia vanhyningiana
Elimia vanuxemiana (Cobble Elimia) (Extinct)
Elimia varians (Puzzle Elimia) (Vulnerable)
Elimia variata (squat elimia)
Elimia viennaensis
Elimia virginica (Piedmont elimia)
Goniobasis borealis

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