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Synonyms: Ommatostrephidae

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Ommastrephidae is a family of squid containing three subfamilies, 11 genera, and over 20 species. They are widely distributed globally and are extensively fished for food. One species, Todarodes pacificus, comprises around half of the world's cephalopod catch annually. Some members of Ommastrephidae (volplaning species) are known to have the ability to glide out of water, earning them the common name of "flying squid".
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Dosidicus (1)
Eucleoteuthis (1)
Hyaloteuthis (1)
Illex (Common short-finned squid) (4)
Martialia (1)
Nototodarus (3)
Ommastrephes (5)
Ornithoteuthis (2)
Sthenoteuthis (2)
Todarodes (5)
Todaropsis (1)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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