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Crateroscelis is a songbird genus of the Australasian "warbler" family (Acanthizidae). It was formerly placed in the Pardalotidae, which are now considered monotypic to genus. The common name of these birds is mouse-warblers. It contains the following species: \n* Rusty mouse-warbler, Crateroscelis murina \n* Bicoloured mouse-warbler, Crateroscelis nigrorufa \n* Mountain mouse-warbler, Crateroscelis robusta
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Crateroscelis montana
Crateroscelis murina (Rusty Mouse Warbler) (Attributes)
Crateroscelis nigrorufa (Bicolored Mouse Warbler) (Attributes)
Crateroscelis robusta (Mountain Mouse Warbler) (Attributes)
Crateroscelis sanfordi

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