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Synonyms: Copeognatha; Corrodentia; Psocina; Psocoptera

Wikipedia Abstract

Psocodea is a taxonomic group of insects comprising the bark lice, book lice and true lice. It was formerly considered a superorder, but is now generally considered by entomologists as an order. Despite the greatly differing appearance of lice, they are believed to have evolved from within the former order "Psocoptera", which contained the bark lice and book lice. Psocodea contains around 11,000 species, divided among seven suborders.
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Awightipsocus (3)
Cretapsocus (1)
Empheriopsis (1)
Latempheria (1)
Libanomphientomum (1)
Longiantennum (1)
Miotroctes (1)
Parapsyllipsocus (1)
Paropsocus (1)
Scocompus (1)
Sycopteron (1)
Wightimicropsocus (1)
Wightipsocus (3)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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