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Echinorhynchus is a genus of acanthocephalan parasitic worms. They parasitize a wide variety of fishes from both marine and fresh waters. The intermediate host is usually a crustacean. \n* Echinorhynchus abyssicola Dollfus, 1931 \n* Echinorhynchus acanthotrias Linstow, 1883 \n* Echinorhynchus alcedinis Westrumb, 1821 \n* Echinorhynchus armoricanus Golvan, 1969 \n* Echinorhynchus astacifluviatilis Diesing, 1851 \n* Echinorhynchus attenuatus Linton, 1891 \n* Echinorhynchus baeri Kostylev, 1928 \n* Echinorhynchus bipennis Kaiser, 1893 \n* Echinorhynchus blenni Rudolphi, 1810 \n* Echinorhynchus briconi Machado, 1959 \n* Echinorhynchus calloti Golvan, 1969 \n* Echinorhynchus canyonensis Huffman and Kleiver, 1977 \n* Echinorhynchus cestodicola Linstow, 1905 \n* Echinorhynchus chierchiae Monticel
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Echinorhynchus abyssicola
Echinorhynchus alcedinis
Echinorhynchus amphipachus <Unverified Name>
Echinorhynchus amphipacus
Echinorhynchus armoricanus
Echinorhynchus astacifluviatilis
Echinorhynchus attenuatus
Echinorhynchus baeri
Echinorhynchus bipennis
Echinorhynchus blenni
Echinorhynchus bothniensis
Echinorhynchus brayi
Echinorhynchus briconi
Echinorhynchus calloti
Echinorhynchus canyonensis
Echinorhynchus cestodicola
Echinorhynchus cherchiae
Echinorhynchus cinctulus
Echinorhynchus cinctus <Unverified Name>
Echinorhynchus corrugatus
Echinorhynchus cotti
Echinorhynchus cryophilus
Echinorhynchus dendrocopi
Echinorhynchus depressus
Echinorhynchus diffuens
Echinorhynchus dissimilis
Echinorhynchus eperlani
Echinorhynchus gadi
Echinorhynchus galbulae
Echinorhynchus garzae
Echinorhynchus gazae
Echinorhynchus gomesi
Echinorhynchus gymnocyprii
Echinorhynchus hexacanthus
Echinorhynchus hexagrammi
Echinorhynchus hominis
Echinorhynchus indicus
Echinorhynchus inflexus
Echinorhynchus jucundus
Echinorhynchus kushiroensis
Echinorhynchus labri
Echinorhynchus lageniformis
Echinorhynchus lateralis
Echinorhynchus laurentianus
Echinorhynchus leidyi
Echinorhynchus lendix
Echinorhynchus lenok
Echinorhynchus lesteri
Echinorhynchus linstowii <Unverified Name>
Echinorhynchus longiproboscis
Echinorhynchus lotellae
Echinorhynchus magretti
Echinorhynchus malacocephali
Echinorhynchus melanoglaea <Unverified Name>
Echinorhynchus melanoglaeae
Echinorhynchus meyeri <Unverified Name>
Echinorhynchus monticelli
Echinorhynchus muraenolepisi
Echinorhynchus nardoi
Echinorhynchus nitzschi
Echinorhynchus oblitus
Echinorhynchus orestiae
Echinorhynchus orientalis
Echinorhynchus pachyacanthus
Echinorhynchus paranensis
Echinorhynchus parasiluri
Echinorhynchus pardi
Echinorhynchus pari
Echinorhynchus peleci
Echinorhynchus petrotschenkoi
Echinorhynchus platessae
Echinorhynchus platessoides
Echinorhynchus pleuronectis
Echinorhynchus pleuronectisplatessoides
Echinorhynchus praetextus
Echinorhynchus pseudosegmentatus
Echinorhynchus putorii
Echinorhynchus rhenanus
Echinorhynchus rythidodes <Unverified Name>
Echinorhynchus salmonis
Echinorhynchus salobrensis
Echinorhynchus sciaenae
Echinorhynchus scopis
Echinorhynchus scorpaenae
Echinorhynchus sebastolobi
Echinorhynchus serpentulus
Echinorhynchus sevani
Echinorhynchus sipunculus
Echinorhynchus solitarius
Echinorhynchus sphaericus <Unverified Name>
Echinorhynchus stellaris <Unverified Name>
Echinorhynchus stridulae
Echinorhynchus strigis
Echinorhynchus taeniaeforme
Echinorhynchus tardae
Echinorhynchus tenuicollis
Echinorhynchus theragrae
Echinorhynchus trachyrinci
Echinorhynchus truttae
Echinorhynchus urniger
Echinorhynchus veli
Echinorhynchus versicolor <Unverified Name>
Echinorhynchus yamagutii
Echinorhynchus zanchlorhynchi <Unverified Name>

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