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Synonyms: Pseudo-Coccus; Pseudoccus

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Pseudococcus is a genus of unarmoured scale insects in the family Pseudococcidae, the mealy bugs. There are more than 150 species of Pseudococcus.
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Pseudococcus aberrans (aberrant mealybug)
Pseudococcus acaena
Pseudococcus acirculus (Gila Bend mealybug)
Pseudococcus africanus
Pseudococcus agavis
Pseudococcus agropyri
Pseudococcus anestios
Pseudococcus aneurae
Pseudococcus angkorensis
Pseudococcus annonae
Pseudococcus antricolens
Pseudococcus apomicrocirculus (Mexican orchid mealybug)
Pseudococcus araucariarum
Pseudococcus aridorum
Pseudococcus atalestus
Pseudococcus aurantiacus <Unverified Name>
Pseudococcus bahiensis
Pseudococcus baliteus (aerial root mealybug)
Pseudococcus bambusicola
Pseudococcus bambusifolii
Pseudococcus barleriae
Pseudococcus beardsleyi
Pseudococcus bermudensis (Bermuda mealybug)
Pseudococcus bingervillensis
Pseudococcus brevicornis
Pseudococcus bryberia (Spanish moss mealybug)
Pseudococcus calceolariae (citrophilus mealybug)
Pseudococcus calchaquii
Pseudococcus callitris
Pseudococcus caricus
Pseudococcus carrietoniensis
Pseudococcus carthami
Pseudococcus casuarinae
Pseudococcus chaquensis
Pseudococcus chenopodii
Pseudococcus cimensis
Pseudococcus colliculosus
Pseudococcus colombiensis
Pseudococcus comstocki (Comstock mealybug)
Pseudococcus concavocerarii
Pseudococcus cribata
Pseudococcus cryptus (citriculus mealybug)
Pseudococcus cubaensis
Pseudococcus cunninghamii
Pseudococcus cuyoensis
Pseudococcus darwiniensis
Pseudococcus dasyliriae (sotol mealybug)
Pseudococcus daymananus
Pseudococcus debilis
Pseudococcus debregeasiae
Pseudococcus defluiteri
Pseudococcus dendrobiorum
Pseudococcus dispar (dispar mealybug)
Pseudococcus diversus (diverse mealybug)
Pseudococcus dolichomelos (false trochanter mealybug)
Pseudococcus donrileyi (Riley citrus mealybug)
Pseudococcus dorsospinosus
Pseudococcus dumetum
Pseudococcus dybasi
Pseudococcus dysmicus (western trochanter mealybug)
Pseudococcus edgeworthiae
Pseudococcus elisae (banana mealybug)
Pseudococcus elscholtriae
Pseudococcus epidendrus
Pseudococcus eremophilae
Pseudococcus eremosus
Pseudococcus eriocerei (Eriocereus mealybug)
Pseudococcus espeletiae
Pseudococcus eucalypticus
Pseudococcus farnesianae
Pseudococcus floriger
Pseudococcus formicarius
Pseudococcus galapagoensis (Galapogos mealybug)
Pseudococcus gallicola
Pseudococcus gilbertensis
Pseudococcus goodeniae
Pseudococcus gouxi
Pseudococcus graminivorus
Pseudococcus grayi
Pseudococcus hirsutus
Pseudococcus hypergaeus
Pseudococcus importatus (imported mealybug)
Pseudococcus insuetus
Pseudococcus insularis (island mealybug)
Pseudococcus jackbeardsleyi (banana mealybug)
Pseudococcus kawecki
Pseudococcus kikuyuensis
Pseudococcus kingii
Pseudococcus kosztarabi
Pseudococcus kozari
Pseudococcus kraussi
Pseudococcus kusaiensis
Pseudococcus lanatii
Pseudococcus landoi (Lando mealybug)
Pseudococcus lepelleyi
Pseudococcus linearis
Pseudococcus longipes
Pseudococcus longisetosus (long-setae mealybug)
Pseudococcus longispimus
Pseudococcus longispinus (long tailed mealybug)
Pseudococcus luciae
Pseudococcus lycopodii
Pseudococcus macrocirculus
Pseudococcus macswaini
Pseudococcus mandio (mandio mealybug)
Pseudococcus maritimus (grape mealybug)
Pseudococcus markharveyi (Banksia montana Mealybug) (Critically Endangered)
Pseudococcus marshallensis
Pseudococcus masakensis
Pseudococcus mascarensis
Pseudococcus megasetosus (large setae mealybug)
Pseudococcus mendiculus
Pseudococcus meridionalis
Pseudococcus microadonidum
Pseudococcus microcirculus (orchid mealybug)
Pseudococcus microosteoli
Pseudococcus mintaroicus
Pseudococcus moldavicus
Pseudococcus montanus
Pseudococcus monticola
Pseudococcus moribensis
Pseudococcus multiductus
Pseudococcus multiporus
Pseudococcus nakaharai (Nakahara mealybug)
Pseudococcus neomaritimus (Comstock mealybug)
Pseudococcus neomicrocirculus (Venezuela orchid mealybug)
Pseudococcus neuquenensis
Pseudococcus nitidus
Pseudococcus notabilis
Pseudococcus nudus
Pseudococcus occiduus
Pseudococcus occultus
Pseudococcus odermatti
Pseudococcus ogasawarensis
Pseudococcus onustus
Pseudococcus orchidicola
Pseudococcus pabulum
Pseudococcus pahanensis
Pseudococcus panamaensis
Pseudococcus peregrinabundus (foreign mealybug)
Pseudococcus perforatus
Pseudococcus pertusus (perforated mealybug)
Pseudococcus philippinicus <Unverified Name>
Pseudococcus pipturicolus
Pseudococcus pithecellobii (Ebony mealybug, ebony mealybug)
Pseudococcus pittospori
Pseudococcus portiludovici
Pseudococcus prunicolus (prune pseudococcus mealybug)
Pseudococcus pseudobscurus (false obscure mealybug)
Pseudococcus pseudocitriculus
Pseudococcus pseudofilamentosus
Pseudococcus pseudoperrisii
Pseudococcus puertoricensis (Puerto Rican mealybug)
Pseudococcus queenslandicus
Pseudococcus quinyambiensis
Pseudococcus rosangelae
Pseudococcus saccharicola (yellowish sugarcane mealybug)
Pseudococcus salazari
Pseudococcus savescui
Pseudococcus scatoterrae
Pseudococcus schusteri (Schuster Galapagos mealybug)
Pseudococcus scrobicularum
Pseudococcus similans
Pseudococcus simplex
Pseudococcus sociabilis (Hambleton mealybug)
Pseudococcus solani
Pseudococcus solenedyos (oral-rim mealybug)
Pseudococcus solomonensis
Pseudococcus sorghiellus (trochanter mealybug)
Pseudococcus spanocera (Florida trochanter mealybug)
Pseudococcus sparsus (eastern trochanter mealybug)
Pseudococcus spathoglottidis (ground orchid mealybug)
Pseudococcus swezeyi
Pseudococcus symoni
Pseudococcus syringae
Pseudococcus syzygii
Pseudococcus theobromae
Pseudococcus tirolensis
Pseudococcus transylvanicus
Pseudococcus trukensis
Pseudococcus tympanistus
Pseudococcus variabilis
Pseudococcus viburni (obscure mealybug)
Pseudococcus wachendorfiae
Pseudococcus xanthorrhoeae
Pseudococcus yapensis
Pseudococcus zahradniki
Pseudococcus zamiae
Pseudococcus zelandicus

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