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Speleomantes, the European cave salamanders, is a genus of salamanders in the family Plethodontidae, commonly known as the lungless salamanders. It is one of two genera in the family to inhabit the Old World (the other being Karsenia), with the remaining 250 or so species being found in North, Central and South America. This genus is endemic to Italy and a few nearby areas (San Marino, Monaco, and eastern Provence).
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Speleomantes ambrosii (Ambrosi's Cave Salamander) (Attributes)
Speleomantes flavus (Stefani's Salamander) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Speleomantes genei <Unverified Name> (Vulnerable)
Speleomantes imperialis (Imperial Cave Salamander) (Attributes)
Speleomantes italicus (Italian cave salamander) (Attributes)
Speleomantes sarrabusensis (Sette Fratelli Cave Salamander) (Vulnerable) (Attributes)
Speleomantes strinatii (French Cave Salamander) (Attributes)
Speleomantes supramontis (Supramonte Cave Salamander) (Endangered) (Attributes)

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