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Fallicambarus is a genus of crayfish in the family Cambaridae. It includes 19 species, of which five are on the IUCN Red List as vulnerable species (VU), two as endangered species (EN) and one as a critically endangered species (CR). Only F. fodiens is widespread, occurring over a large part of the Central United States, and extending into Ontario; the other species are all restricted to three states or fewer from Texas to Florida.
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Fallicambarus devastator (Texas prairie crayfish)
Fallicambarus dissitus (Pine Hills Digger)
Fallicambarus harpi (Ouachita burrowing crayfish)
Fallicambarus houstonensis (Houston Burrowing Crayfish)
Fallicambarus jeanae (Daisy Burrowing Crayfish) (Vulnerable)
Fallicambarus kountzeae (Big Thicket Burrowing Crayfish)
Fallicambarus macneesei (Old Prairie Digger)
Fallicambarus petilicarpus (slenderwrist burrowing crayfish) (Endangered)
Fallicambarus schusteri
Fallicambarus strawni (saline burrowing crayfish)
Fallicambarus tenuis
Fallicambarus wallsi

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