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Distocambarus is a genus of freshwater crayfish endemic to the United States. It contains five species, two of which are on the IUCN Red List: \n* Distocambarus carlsoni Hobbs, 1983 \n* Distocambarus crockeri Hobbs & Carlson, 1983 \n* Distocambarus devexus (Hobbs, 1981) – Vulnerable \n* Distocambarus hunteri Fitzpatrick & Eversole, 1997 \n* Distocambarus youngineri Hobbs & Carlson, 1985 – Vulnerable
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Distocambarus carlsoni (mimic crayfish)
Distocambarus crockeri (Piedmont Prairie Burrowing Crayfish)
Distocambarus devexus (Broad River Burrowing Crayfish)
Distocambarus hunteri (Saluda Burrowing Crayfish) (Vulnerable)
Distocambarus youngineri (Newberry Burrowing Crayfish) (Vulnerable)

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