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Hobbseus is a genus of crayfish in the family Cambaridae. It comprises seven species, six of which are endemic to Mississippi; H. prominens is the only species to range outside Mississippi, being also found in Alabama. Three of the seven species are listed as endangered (EN) on the IUCN Red List, while three are of uncertain status (DD) and one is of least concern (LC).
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Hobbseus attenuatus (Pearl riverlet crayfish)
Hobbseus cristatus (Crested Riverlet Crayfish)
Hobbseus orconectoides (Oktibbeha riverlet crayfish) (Endangered)
Hobbseus petilus (Tombigbee riverlet crayfish)
Hobbseus prominens (Prominence Riverlet Crayfish)
Hobbseus valleculus (Choctaw riverlet crayfish) (Endangered)
Hobbseus yalobushensis (Yalobusha riverlet crayfish) (Endangered)

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