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Synonyms: Diptychus

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Uroptychus is a genus of squat lobsters in the family Chirostylidae found across the Indo-Pacific. The genus Uroptychus contains the following species: \n* Uroptychus acostalis Baba, 1988 \n* Uroptychus aguayoi Chace, 1939 \n* Uroptychus alcocki Ahyong & Poore, 2004 \n* Uroptychus alius Baba, 2005 \n* Uroptychus altus Baba, 2005 \n* Uroptychus amabilis Baba, 1979 \n* Uroptychus anacaena Baba & Lin, 2008 \n* Uroptychus anatonus Baba & Lin, 2008 \n* Uroptychus armatus (A. Milne-Edwards, 1880) \n* Uroptychus australis (Henderson, 1885) \n* Uroptychus babai Ahyong & Poore, 2004 \n* Uroptychus bacillimanus Alcock & Anderson, 1899 \n* Uroptychus bellus Faxon, 1893 \n* Uroptychus belos Ahyong & Poore, 2004 \n* Uroptychus bicavus Baba & de Saint Laurent, 1992 \n* Uroptychus bispinatus Baba, 1988 \n* Uroptychus bou
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Uroptychus abdominalis
Uroptychus acostalis
Uroptychus adiastaltus
Uroptychus adnatus
Uroptychus aguayoi
Uroptychus ahyongi
Uroptychus albus
Uroptychus alcocki
Uroptychus alius
Uroptychus alophus
Uroptychus alphonsei
Uroptychus altus
Uroptychus amabilis
Uroptychus anacaena
Uroptychus anatonus
Uroptychus angustus
Uroptychus annae
Uroptychus anomalus
Uroptychus anoploetron
Uroptychus aotearoa
Uroptychus armatus
Uroptychus articulatus
Uroptychus atlanticus
Uroptychus australis
Uroptychus babai
Uroptychus bacillimanus
Uroptychus baeomma
Uroptychus bardi
Uroptychus bathamae
Uroptychus belli
Uroptychus bellus
Uroptychus belos
Uroptychus benthaus
Uroptychus bertrandi
Uroptychus beryx
Uroptychus bicavus
Uroptychus bispinatus
Uroptychus boisselierae
Uroptychus bouvieri
Uroptychus brachycarpus
Uroptychus brachydactylus
Uroptychus brevipes
Uroptychus brevirostris
Uroptychus brevisquamatus
Uroptychus brucei
Uroptychus buantennatus
Uroptychus calcar
Uroptychus capillatus
Uroptychus cardus
Uroptychus cartesi
Uroptychus cavirostris
Uroptychus chacei
Uroptychus chathami
Uroptychus ciliatus
Uroptychus clarki
Uroptychus compressus
Uroptychus comptus
Uroptychus concolor
Uroptychus convexus
Uroptychus corbariae
Uroptychus crassior
Uroptychus crassipes
Uroptychus crosnieri
Uroptychus ctenodes
Uroptychus cylindropus
Uroptychus cyrano
Uroptychus defayeae
Uroptychus dejouanneti
Uroptychus dentatus
Uroptychus denticulifer
Uroptychus denticulisquama
Uroptychus depressus
Uroptychus diaphorus
Uroptychus disangulatus
Uroptychus dissitus
Uroptychus dualis
Uroptychus duplex
Uroptychus echinatus
Uroptychus edisonicus
Uroptychus elongatus
Uroptychus empheres
Uroptychus enriquei
Uroptychus ensirostris
Uroptychus eratus
Uroptychus exilis
Uroptychus faxianae
Uroptychus fenneri
Uroptychus flindersi
Uroptychus floccus
Uroptychus fornicatus
Uroptychus foulisi
Uroptychus fusimanus
Uroptychus glaber
Uroptychus gordonae
Uroptychus gracilimanus
Uroptychus grandior
Uroptychus granulatus
Uroptychus granulipes
Uroptychus hamatus
Uroptychus havre
Uroptychus helenae
Uroptychus hesperius
Uroptychus ihu
Uroptychus imparilis
Uroptychus inaequalis
Uroptychus inaequipes
Uroptychus inclinis
Uroptychus indicus
Uroptychus inermis
Uroptychus insignis
Uroptychus intermedius
Uroptychus jamaicensis
Uroptychus janiceae
Uroptychus japonicus
Uroptychus jawi
Uroptychus jiaolongae
Uroptychus joloensis
Uroptychus kaitara
Uroptychus kareenae
Uroptychus karubar
Uroptychus koningen
Uroptychus lacunatus
Uroptychus lanatus
Uroptychus laperousazi
Uroptychus latior
Uroptychus latirostris
Uroptychus latus
Uroptychus laurentae
Uroptychus leptus
Uroptychus levicrustus
Uroptychus lindae
Uroptychus litosus
Uroptychus liui
Uroptychus longicarpus
Uroptychus longicheles
Uroptychus longioculus
Uroptychus longior
Uroptychus longvae
Uroptychus lumarius
Uroptychus macquariae
Uroptychus macrolepis
Uroptychus magnipedalis
Uroptychus magnispinatus
Uroptychus maori
Uroptychus marcosi
Uroptychus marianicus
Uroptychus marissae
Uroptychus maroccanus
Uroptychus mauritius
Uroptychus megistos
Uroptychus mesodme
Uroptychus michaeli
Uroptychus micrommatus
Uroptychus minor
Uroptychus minutus
Uroptychus modicus
Uroptychus multispinosus
Uroptychus murrayi
Uroptychus nanophyes
Uroptychus naso
Uroptychus nebulosus
Uroptychus nieli
Uroptychus nigricapillis
Uroptychus nirvana
Uroptychus nitidus
Uroptychus norfolkanus
Uroptychus novaezealandiae
Uroptychus numerosus
Uroptychus obtusus
Uroptychus occidentalis
Uroptychus occultispinatus
Uroptychus onychodactylus
Uroptychus orientalis
Uroptychus oxymerus
Uroptychus paenultimus
Uroptychus paku
Uroptychus palmaris
Uroptychus paracrassior
Uroptychus paraplesius
Uroptychus parilis
Uroptychus parisus
Uroptychus pars
Uroptychus parvulus
Uroptychus patulus
Uroptychus pectoralis
Uroptychus pedanomastigus
Uroptychus perpendicularis
Uroptychus philippei
Uroptychus pilosus
Uroptychus pinocchio
Uroptychus plautus
Uroptychus plumella
Uroptychus politus
Uroptychus pollostadelphus
Uroptychus poorei
Uroptychus posticus
Uroptychus poupini
Uroptychus princeps
Uroptychus proberti
Uroptychus pronus
Uroptychus psilus
Uroptychus pubescens
Uroptychus quartanus
Uroptychus quinarius
Uroptychus rafai
Uroptychus raymondi
Uroptychus reedae
Uroptychus remotispinatus
Uroptychus ritchie
Uroptychus rubrovittatus
Uroptychus rugosus
Uroptychus rungapapa
Uroptychus rutua
Uroptychus sadie
Uroptychus sagamiae
Uroptychus salomon
Uroptychus sampadae
Uroptychus sarahae
Uroptychus scandens
Uroptychus seductus
Uroptychus senarius
Uroptychus senticarpus
Uroptychus septimus
Uroptychus setifer
Uroptychus setosidigitalis
Uroptychus setosipes
Uroptychus sexspinosus
Uroptychus shanei
Uroptychus sibogae
Uroptychus simiae
Uroptychus similis
Uroptychus singularis
Uroptychus siraji
Uroptychus smib
Uroptychus soyomaruae
Uroptychus spiniger
Uroptychus spinimanus
Uroptychus spinirostris
Uroptychus spinosior
Uroptychus spinosus
Uroptychus spinulosus
Uroptychus spinulus
Uroptychus squamifer
Uroptychus stenorhynchus
Uroptychus sternospinosus
Uroptychus strigosus
Uroptychus subsolanus
Uroptychus suluensis
Uroptychus tafeanus
Uroptychus taniwha
Uroptychus taranaki
Uroptychus taranui
Uroptychus taratara
Uroptychus tasmani
Uroptychus taylorae
Uroptychus terminalis
Uroptychus thermalis
Uroptychus toka
Uroptychus tomentosus
Uroptychus torrancei
Uroptychus tracey
Uroptychus transparens
Uroptychus triangularis
Uroptychus tridentatus
Uroptychus trispinatus
Uroptychus tuberculatus
Uroptychus tuerkayi
Uroptychus turgidus
Uroptychus uncifer
Uroptychus undecimspinosus
Uroptychus valdiviae
Uroptychus vandamae
Uroptychus vegrandis
Uroptychus vicinus
Uroptychus volsmar
Uroptychus vulcanus
Uroptychus webberi
Uroptychus wolffi
Uroptychus worrorra
Uroptychus xipholepis
Uroptychus yaldwyni
Uroptychus yokoyai
Uroptychus zeidleri
Uroptychus zezuensis
Uroptychus zigzag

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Species taxanomy provided by GBIF Secretariat (2022). GBIF Backbone Taxonomy. Checklist dataset accessed via on 2023-06-13; License: CC BY 4.0